Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33 (Part 3)

Addy – Peekaboo.
R-T33 – What happened?
Addy – Nothing you need to worry about.  Time for the toddler to learn things and for you to go to work.  Call the nanny in on your way out!
What really happened is he wouldn’t put her down so I had to reset them both and this is the hilarious result.

Ay-L4 –  *giggles
Addy – No no no no no no..ewww.
Potty Mouth – I sanitize myself.
Addy – Yes but still.  C’mon Ayla.. Let’s go meet the Nanny.  He’s a friend of mine. Shingo help!
and yes stuck in her alien nappy with her adorable flip flops until Daddy comes home from work

Shingo (we love Shingo) – *pulls out basic needs cards* This is a toilet.  This is where big girls and boys sit to go potty.  It is not for playing.
Ay-L4 – *just stares*
Shingo – If you want to play in the water, we go in this.. This is a bathtub.  And if you’re a good little girl, we add bubbles!

Shingo – And when the little girl looked up at the moon in the sky, she knew she wanted to keep the moon forever.
Ay-L4 – Silly.
Shingo – That is silly isn’t it?

R-T33 – Aww my little podling is already asleep.
Addy – Yeah they sleep a lot at this age.
R-T33 – Is the nanny teaching her what she needs to know?
Addy – Shingo is teaching what a normal Sim toddler would learn.  If you want her to learn things about the Techs, that is on you.
R-T33 – Understood.   Why is her hair not different?
Addy – Because everyone was at work and we couldn’t use a mirror.  Maybe we should do that.
R-T33 – Yes and it might be good to perfect her disguise.
Addy – Yeah I’ll do the first one.  After that she can do it.

Addy – Oh no Bells.. You don’t want him to have your cake.
Naoki – I want the cake.
Addy – No you don’t.
Naoki – I’m having this cake!

Naoki – What was that?!
Addy – Bells I told you you didn’t want him to have the cake.  That’s undead meat walking.
Naoki – I didn’t think she would eat me.
Addy – You should read up on cowplants. Oh and milk her please.

Addy – Hey look at you!  Maxing Rocket Science.
R-T33 – *grunts* Yeah.  And now.. *huff* to finish this last.. Upgrade.. *huff* Then Ay-L4 can visit Sixam.

R-T33 – Emilie I finished.. Oh would you look at how big you are getting once more.  Hello our new special offspring.
Addy – Why are we having a second child again?
Emilie – I wanted one.
Addy – Well that explains it.
Emilie – Oooh.
Addy – Oooh?

R-T33 – The baby is coming! The baby is coming!  Why are you not panicking, child caretaker? The baby is coming!
Shingo – Silly fathers.

Emilie – You sure I can’t just go to the hospitalllll.
Addy – This is faster.
Emilie – Doesn’t feel like it.

Emilie – Well hello my little blue offspring.
Addy – It must have been reaaaally uncomfortable.  You’re still glowing orange.
Emilie – It’s okay.  She is worth it.

Addy – Adorable. What did we go with for a name?
Emilie – Chiana after a cousin of mine.
Addy – I wonder how Ayla’s going to take the news.
Emilie – I’m sure it won’t be a problem

New hair for Ay-L4 and PJs! Which means I remembered my sacred vow of new clothes
Addy – Ayla.. What are you doing sweetie?
Ay-L4 – No.
Addy – Yes.  Maybe.
Ay-L4 – Bath!
Addy – Well go ask someone silly.

Ay-L4 – Bath pleeeeaaase?
Naoki – Well since you asked so cutely.. And stink so much.

Like me.. Ay-L4 loves her Uncle Naoki

Ay-L4 – Play now!
Naoki – But you just got in.
Ay-L4 – Play!
Naoki – Lunch
Ay-L4 – Play!
Addy – Lunch and story time.
Ay-L4 – Yay.

Ay-L4 – Oooh. Ishy..
Naoki – And then the puppy looked for his ball over by the swings but there was no ball.  All he could find was a little bird sadly on the seat.  “What’s wrong” said Violet.  Can you guess what’s wrong with the bird?
Ay-L4 – Hungry!
Naoki – No.  “I want to swing because I cannot fly but I’m too small,” said the bird.  So the puppy jumped up and gave the swing a push which made the bird tweet with happiness.
Ay-L4 – Silly.

Naoki – Did you know.. You have a disguise you can put on so people don’t know you’re a.. Well you know.. An alien.
Ay-L4 – Really?
Naoki – You should try it.  If it’s like my dark form, you just have to think about it.  Now think really hard when you’re done eating and think about your disguise.

Ay-L4 – Did I do it Chair Bear?
Naoki – See that’s much better.
Ay-L4 – Feel silly.

Ay-L4 – Unca Naoki.. Why?
Shingo – Don’t watch Ayla.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go see Aunt Maaike.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go!
Maaike – *yells* C’mere Ayla we have blocks for you in here.

Addy – What are you doing out here.. Again.
Artie – You’re gonna be back with me soon right?
Addy – Why miss me? Or worried you’ll lose.
Artie – You gotta get him out of his bassinet, Addy.  He’s driving me nuts.
Addy – I’ll be there later.. Sheesh. And you were already nuts.

You see the green cloud?  That’s not her glowing.. That’s her stinking because nowhere I put Chiana allows Ayla to have a bath!
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – That’s good sweetie.  Now find the triangle.
Ay-L4 – Trangle.
Shingo – Triangle.
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – Okay how about we play after I try to change your diaper.
Ay-L4 – Play!

Ay-L4 – Wheee
Shingo – I see the moon, do you see the moon.
Addy – Me too.
Ay-L4 – Silly!

R-T33 – Let me guess. It is time for you to change houses.
Addy – Yes but I will return in two weeks to finish Ayla’s toddler training and age up Chiana.
R-T33 – Then we shall see you then.
Addy – good luck with two kids without me! *evil giggle*

Status Update – Week 2 for Grimtech Alien Bloodline

R-T33 Grimtech – Founder
– Aspirations: Soulmate [√] / Computer Whiz [ ] (64/100 hours left)
– Career: Tech Guru (Pro Gamer) – Level 7
– Skills:  Rocket Science 10 / Video Gaming 9 / Programming 9
– Alien Powers Regained: Antiseptic [√] / Hardly Hungry [ ] / Never Weary [ ] / Steel Bladder [√]
– Fully Upgraded:  Rocket Ship [√] or Wormhole [ ]
– Portrait: Normal [ ] / Disguise [ ]
– Alien Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Ay-L4 Grimtech – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 2
– Thinking: 4
– Imagination: 2
– Movement: 2
– Communication: 2
– Days until age up: 5


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