Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 1)

Addy – Just once I’d like to switch households to find you guys not crying over a grave or in your case.. Gloating.
Artie – We were sworn enemies.  I’m allowed to be happy he’s dead.
Alice – *just keeps crying over Dennis*

Addy – Umm.. I don’t remember bringing you with me.
Pink Anvi – Someone invited me over so I would tutor Olivia in Logic.
Addy – How does that translate to you randomly taking a mud bath in Artie’s bedroom.
Pink Anvi – You’re killing the vibe, Adrasteia.
Addy – When you’re found in here, you’re lucky Artie can’t cure you.
Pink Anvi – He is the enemy.. And doing things that he can’t retaliate for is part of the game isn’t it?
Addy – So glad I’m not in the ‘game’

Ruby – I hear some of the readers are upset that we’re not getting married. Did you want to comment on that?
Artie – You knew what you were getting into and you haven’t exactly asked me have you Ruby?
Ruby – You’re right.. I haven’t and don’t plan to but you know.. We could do other stuff. *whispers*
Artie – Oh yea?  Well that I can definitely help you out with.
Artie would like to point out that he’s so awesome there were two of him in this image.

Pink Anvi – Um.  Shingo. You’re on my boot, you’re touching my thigh and I can’t see Olivia.
Shingo – So Olivia, How’s your day going?
Pink Anvi – I’m very grateful for all the teaching you’ve done my son but I’m going to bite you without permission.
Shingo – Sorry! I can’t reach the other seat to chat with her that way for some reason.
Addy – Just settle down children let me go into build mode and I’ll be back.
I seriously need to remember to take this man in the dresser.  Pale skin is great but pink glasses, red tank and tan camo.. Not my favorite choices he’s made

Artie – So why don’t you crawl in first?
Ruby – Why you chicken?
Artie – No I want to smack your butt as you pass.
Ruby – Boy you really do know how to show a girl how to fill that fun bar.
Artie – What can I say? I’m just a helpful kind of guy.
Ruby – *laughs as she jumps in*

Dinner Party = Gold.  2 down 1 more to go
Kenjo – So decided to cook for us yourself, huh Artie?
Artie – Yeah I mean I can’t max the skill but a salad here or there might be okay.
Kenjo – And there’s no poison?
Artie – We don’t have poison in the Sims.  Though I might have put ear wax on a few leaves by accident but I gave them all to Bob the Vampire Helper.
Bob – *chokes*
Olivia – He’s joking.
Artie – Maybe I am.. Maybe I ain’t.

Mariko – Doesn’t this guy kind of look like Artie?
Shingo – Nah, no facial hair.
Mariko – I could swear there’s a slight resemblance.
Addy – It’s the hair.  He had that same tux and hair when he was young in Lunar Lakes.
Mariko – So I’m not off?
Addy – No, you’re not but he was never allowed in the movies.
Mariko – Why?
Addy – The glow got in the way.
Mariko – huh?
Addy – Nevermind.

Addy – Oh man.  Who was in that?
Ruby – Hey is Artie’s cowplant okay?

Addy – How is that rolling away?  I don’t even know what part that is and I have two of these things.
Artie – That’s part of the boosters I think.
Addy – You didn’t do this did you?
Artie – Would I do that?
Addy – Yes. Hey! Any survivors.

Alice – Well any crash you can walk away from right?
Addy – Yes but now you have to build it again.. Chop chop.
Alice – Sure, anything but painting.

Artie – Who is a cute little nooboo.  Yes you are.. Yes you are.
Addy – Big bad criminal element.. Made an idiot in front of a baby.
Artie – Shush you.
Addy – We ready to age this little guy up.
Artie – I’ve never been more ready for anything..*still using that baby voice*

Artie – Well hello Abraham.  What a handsome little fellow he is.
Addy – He totally breaks your streak too.
Artie – That’s okay.  He has my eyes.
Addy – Your Smile too.
No idea why he’s giving the goofy smile.  But he breaks Artie’s streak of first born always being red! The first born Grim in every game where Artie has been red has always been red TS3 (where red was cool) and now with the CC.  Go Abe!

Mariko was upset at how often Shingo got shown so she refuses to let Shingo be the Nanny of choice for Artie’s house.  Also mandatory potty shot.
Mariko – Do you have to go yet?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Do you feel like you should?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Well you’re staying a little longer til you do okay?

Abe – Ew.
Mariko – Yes.. You did a big ew.
Abe – *just stares like he’s daring her to clean it up*
Addy – Everyone is home let’s get you new clothes big boy.

Artie – Don’t worry, my little hunter.  You’ll have a good first night’s sleep in your toddler bed and then when you wake up we can go downstairs again and have some fun.. Okay?
Addy – Yep and Daddy will finish upgrading the fireplace for you too.
Artie – I.. Yes I will.  I forgot I have to do that for Boss.
Addy – So did I.

Addy – No no no.  No running out there!  The people walking around can see you!
Abe – *giggles and continues to streak in fun wild child fashion*
Addy – Get back here.  A little help would be nice!  Someone come dress this kid!

And extra family shot to show off The family skin tones. 
Artie – And then MaxisMan stopped the villain.
Abe – Yay!
Artie – Wait.. I’m not sure I should be reading this book.
Ruby – Why?
Artie – Because I want to rewrite the ending.
Ruby – It’s MaxisMan Saves the Day so you can’t change that.
Artie – Yes.. You’re right.  I need to write a whole new book. MaxisMan Gets Mashed.
Abe – No.


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