Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 2)

obligatory Artie on dooty duty
Artie – Now just let it flow…
Abe – *starts to go*
Artie – It’s okay to watch for now buddy but eventually you’ll have to just trust your own judgment that you’re aiming in the right spot.

Ruby – Well hey little guy.  What are you doing to my blackberry bush?
Abe – Play!
Addy – I think he’s pretending to pull weeks and harvest like you are.
Ruby – So cute.

Addy – Oh no Abe. You can’t play with that.
Abe – Aww… Why?
Addy – Because it’s got an edge.  Why not put that back down?
The Grim line starts earlier and earlier on finding their weapons of choice..?

Addy – Oh well this a familiar feeling.
Artie – It is.. I’m trying to meditate and you’re blabbering about.
Addy – So what are you doing?
Artie – I’m done all the requirements I can other than my job and I can’t learn new skills just in case…so…
Addy – So you’re bored and decided to just meditate.
Artie – Exactly.
Addy – Good. Keep staying out of trouble while I focus on Abe.
Artie – That’s right you focus on Abe.  I’ll meditate

Ruby – And the little dinosaur ran so far that he didn’t know where he was anymore. He called out for his mother but she didn’t answer so the little dinosaur began to cry.
Abe – *internally: I don’t believe this is the end otherwise he’s a wimp.*
Ruby – When he finally stopped crying the little dinosaur noticed that he had left footprints in the dirt. So he started to follow his tracks back the way he had come.  Past the trees with the big green leaves, past the…
Abe – *internally: Yeah I knew that wasn’t going to be the end.*

Addy – Hey Abe you ready… Huh.
Ruby – What happened?
Addy – I think he ate his lunch and decided to take a nap.
Ruby – Well we can’t have that.  C’mon little man it’s bath time.
He literally woke up, ate his grilled cheese and then took a nap! I did not ask him to nap!

Abe – *splashing the bubbles*
Ruby – Hey little guy careful with the bubbles.
Addy – At least you can actually wash him.
Abe – *giggles and splashes again*
Ruby – This is your last warning Abraham Grim.
Abe – *laughs*
Ruby – *takes him out* I’m going to go get your clothes and a new shirt for me.  Here sit in the towel and play with ducky to dry off.

Ruby – Abraham! Get back here! You have to put on clothes!
Abe – No Pants! *gleefully laughing as he streaks*
Addy – Ahh… I see the Grim is strong with this one.

Ruby – I’ve got you now.
Abe – Noooo!
Ruby – If you put on clothes, Daddy will play with you.
Artie (behind bonsai) – I will?
Addy – Yes. You will.
Artie – Okay, let’s play buddy.
Ruby – After he puts on pants.
Artie- Guess that means I should too.
Addy – *facepalm*
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – You’ll have to be vigilant little hunters.  There could be vampires anywhere.
Abe – *gasp*  Look!
Artie – Let’s go get ’em!

Abe – Whee!
Artie – That’s Daddy’s fierce little hunter.
Abe – Again!
Artie – Okay! Time to launch you in the spaceship!

Ruby – Don’t even think about taking a bite…
Cowplant – *feigns innocence and makes a sad growl*
Abe – *just keeps running around for fun and gets away from the giant udders*
Ruby – Good Cowplant. Wanna treat?
Cowplant – *starts drooling and shaking excitedly*

Ruby – Abe… Are you awake?
Abe – *almost asleep while eating* Yes
Ruby – Tired from playing with Daddy?
Abe – *nods* Yes.
Ruby – Okay I’ll stop reading while you finish your sandwich.

Abe – Whee! Faster!
Ruby – This is the fast way.
Abe – Faster!
Ruby – Running around the house to go upstairs is the fast way buddy but Mommy can only run so fast with you.

Ruby – Sweet dreams, little man.
Addy – It’s always odd to see a cute little kid and realize he’s actually a spawn of Artie.
Ruby – Aren’t you his great great great granddaughter?
Addy – it’s a weird story.  If you actually say my grandfather is my mother’s father of body since her mind was from something else.. Then yes I’m related to Artie.  But if you consider the watcher being put into Sim form as a breach of the bloodline then I’m not.
Ruby – Umm.
Addy – I did say it’s a weird story.
Ruby – No kidding.  Time to get back to work before I ask what’s on my mind.
Addy – You can.
Ruby – No it’s best I don’t. Not sure I really want to know.
Addy – Fair enough.


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