Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 3)

Addy – Oh boy.  What are you doing?
Abe – Down.
Addy – I see that.  Be careful.
I swear between wild + stairs his movement skill zoomed across that skill bar

Abe – Fly!!
Mariko – Wow you got some height in those weird little shoes of yours.
Shingo – Hold on Abe!
Mariko – View isn’t bad either.
Addy – *clears throat*

Artie – Addy, Do you hear that giggle?
Addy – Yes I do believe I do.
Artie – I wonder where it’s coming from.
Addy – No idea.
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – See this isn’t so hard.
Addy – I’m gonna tell Aria you said that.
Artie – Go ahead but why am I doing this again?
Addy – Herbs and Mascot learning.
Artie – Right right.  Aha!  Got ’em.

Artie – Ow ow ow ow ow. That hurt!
Addy – *laughs loudly*
Artie – Not funny.
Addy – It is.. I can’t wait to tell Aria you got stung for being cocky.
Artie – I’m going home.
Addy – Not until you go touch that bush over there and grab a few of those flowers. Chop chop.

Addy – Eric! No!
Eric – It’s just cake!
Addy – Fine… But only once.
Sadly this is the last time you may see Eric in the dynasty. My game locked on one of his actions so he stood still for an hour in the kitchen. When I resetSim him he became a tombstone.  I am desperately hoping he shows back up as a ghost or asks for a date!

Alice – Oh.  I guess that serum wasn’t ready after all.
Addy – That’s okay she wasn’t doing anything at the moment.
Alice – *whistles and walks away*
yes I know that’s Eric’s butt in the back. So you did see him one more time.

Artie – This is a penguin. It’s black and white and when you were a tux they call it a penguin suit because it’s the same colors. I don’t know what it sounds like but it likes to dance funny.
Abe – Dance!
Artie – Yes. Just like you.
Abe- Dance Now!
Artie – How about a nap first?
Abe – Fine.

Random shot of Emilie hanging out across the road.

Artie – See… And now you just add a little hand motion or a bootie shake and this is dancing.
Abe – Hmm.

Artie – One day son. This will all be ours.
Abe – The trolley?
Artie – No not the trolley.  I mean the land.
Abe – Oh.. Want Trolley.
Artie – Help me win this kid and I’ll buy you one.
Abe – Okay!

No to the trolley and not the curtains either!

Abe – Dance!   *throws his whole body into it*
Ruby – My son is so cute.
Alice – He is but he needs clothes before the party starts.
Ruby – I have just the thing.

Abe – Penguin!
Addy – Hah.  Yes, it’s a penguin suit but you’re adorable.
Abe – Yep!

Abe – You and Me Tom.  We gon’ to beat the aly-ins.  *starts running around making laser noises with the back of the toy*
Mandatory toddler cuteness

Ruby – It’s okay to blow them out.  It won’t hurt.
Alice – You sure?
Ruby – Fairly certain.
Olivia – C’mon Mom it just tickles.
I just realized in shame you guys never saw Olivia’s makeover haha

Alice – Yeah okay that wasn’t so bad.
Olivia – Dad is sure to come back when he realizes he missed it, Mom.  Don’t worry.
Alice – I’m giving him two cakes.
Addy – *snickers* Alright.  Everyone go mingle let’s get gold while the birthday boy makes a new cake since someone took a slice!
Artie – Having to make my own cake is ridiculous.

Ruby – Dear Mom.  I know you don’t think I should have Mikey Gulligan’s baby iguana when he moves, but here’s why I should.  If I don’t take it, he goes to Stinky and Stinky’s dog, Lurch, will eat it. You don’t want that to happen. Do you? Signed, Your sensitive Son, Alex.
Abe – *Giggles*
Ruby – Dear Alex, I’m glad you’re so compassionate, but I doubt that Stinky’s mother will let Lurch get into the iguana’s cage.  Nice try though, Love Mom.
Abe – Aww.
Ruby – He thought that would work huh?
Abe – Yeah she should let him!
Ruby – Let’s keep reading there’s more.

Addy – I can’t believe you people.
Artie – I was hungry.
Addy – You were supposed to finish baking a cake so you could blow out candles.
Artie – Maybe I don’t want to.
Addy – Then fine… Age up sad and alone with no cake probably right when I swap houses back to you. I’m gone.
Artie – Wait.  Fine.

Artie – And now I can officially say I’ve aged to perfection.
Addy – *groans*
Artie – Hey I bet someone will laugh.
Addy – Maybe.  But I’m leaving you now.  Time to be with the blue guy.
Artie – Goodbye… We won’t miss you.
Addy – You forget your son is a toddler.
Artie – Trust me I haven’t forgotten but it will be better than when he was in the bassinet.
Addy – Says you.  Goodbye for now.

I almost stayed extra time to push for top notch right then but decided not to.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grim Reaper Bloodline

Artie Grim – Founder
– Aspiration: Soulmate [√] / Mansion Baron [√] / Public Enemy [√] / Bodybuilder [√]
– Career: Criminal – Level 8
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mischief 10 / Fitness 10 / Handiness 6 / Wellness 8
– Gold Parties: House Party, Dinner Party, Birthday Party
– Reward Traits: Carefree [√] | Connections [√] | Professional Slacker [√] | Frugal [√]
– Hunter Garden: Garlic [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Plasma Fruit [√]
– Vampires Cured: Genji H / A. Al Arabi / Neelish S
– Portrait:  Yes: §
– Heir?  [√]

Abraham Grim – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 3
– Thinking: 5
– Imagination: 4
– Movement: 5
– Communication: 4
– Days until age up: 2

– gives up keeping the hidden agenda hidden-


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