Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 1)

Ankou – Hey you’re back!  I noticed that we seem to be in the lead.  Let’s keep that going shall we?
Addy – *chuckles* Sure. Just need to get your son to max everything right?
Ankou – That’s the plan.  Excuse me
Addy – Where are you going it’s like 3 am?

Ankou – Huh I swore there were lights here.
Addy – Oh you have to be kidding me.
Ankou – Hey what’s that up there?
Addy – Not sure you really want to know.

Ankou – Uh Oh. They’ve locked on.
Addy – Yep.  Seen it before.

Ankou – Crud.
Addy – Have a nice trip.  Don’t let them stick you with anything.

Armand – Whee Flying!
Shingo – Just like Daddy right now.
Armand – Yea!
Addy – *snickers*

Addy – Oh good you’re back.
Ankou – Why are you looking at me that way?
Addy – I was trying to decide how to delicately ask if you were probed.
Ankou – No, I was not.
Addy – Oh good.  No worries then.
Ankou – Why would there be worries?
Addy – Did T33’s people tell you what they wanted?
Ankou – I… don’t remember actually.
Addy – Oh boy.

Ankou – Argh.  I think I drank something I shouldn’t have earlier.
Addy – Wow. Okay.  Um, that’s going to be interesting.
Ankou – Yeah especially since that part of me hasn’t worked well since I turned.  Ugh it’s just uncomfortable.  Probably my weak stomach.
Addy – Oh it’s definitely your stomach.

Ankou – Well hello little girl.  What are you doing in my home?
Billy – Lorelei said to come over so we all did.
Ankou – Excuse  me.. You all did?
Billy – Yep the whole club!
Ankou – Oh Lorelei…

While Armand is read to by Ankou, the rest of the house works on little things.  Like making music while my pausing skills were on point.
Bob – Ahhh..
Shingo – That is not the kind of music we are writing today, Bob.
Bob – Better out than in I always say.

Armand – Guess what!
Addy – *gasp* Look at you top notch toddler.  You ready to go to the cake now?
Armand – Cake!

Anvi – Take a deep breath and blow really hard.
Armand – Pffbbbbbt.
Anvi – Good boy.
Addy – Don’t forget to put more candles on so we can throw it back in the fridge.
Anvi – Ew.
Addy – You don’t even eat. I don’t see the problem here.

Shingo – Happy Birthday buddy.
Armand – Thanks Shingo.  You’re my best friend.
Shingo – Aww.. You mean it?
Armand – Yep until I find someone better.
Shingo – I accept those terms.

Armand – Hey look! Is that a fire!?
Eliza – Where?!
Anvi – Now just take your horse headed one and think about moving it after that one..
Armand – *swaps pieces*

Eliza – I didn’t see anything.  You sure you saw a fire.
Armand – It could have been Uncle Bob farting again.  Sorry.
Anvi – You know I’m right here and saw the whole thing, right?
Eliza – Hey check out that bug on the desk over there.

Armand – What bug?
Eliza *swaps pieces back*
Anvi – Am I invisible? No I can still see me.

Caleb – Dude we can’t fight right now?
Ankou – What do you mean we can’t fight?
Caleb – I mean it’s physically impossible for a pregnant person to fight.
Ankou – *just laughs* I didn’t know you could get pregnant.
Caleb – You’re not serious..

This is what it looks like when Lorelei sends the League of Adventurers home before school.  Max is so sad that he can’t skip!  And this great beast of a man is also a Bear.  He showed up on Artie’s trip to Granite Falls and stalked Ruby.

Ankou – Oh man. The cramps are coming back.
Addy – Right because when I cramp there are sparks coming out my stomach.

Ankou – Why is this happening? I’m not supposed to be the type of vampire that sparkles!
Addy – *snorts*  You’ll figure it out.

Caleb – Really?
Ankou – What? Sometimes you just need a pick me up.

Lorelei – Okay adventurers let’s take a quick stop over by this nebula really quick.
Redhead – Watch out for that snarlag, captain!
Lorelei – I see it, Mr. Warp.
Billy – Hey Lucas, can I join you.
Lorelei has finished all 4 childhood aspirations so she spends her days hanging out with all the kids of the League of Adventurers in their own floor I made beneath Ankou’s house.

This is the first fire I’ve had since the fatal fire of the Homeless Challenge.. And yes only the drinks caught on fire.
Anvi White – Do I smell fruit burning?
Addy – You do.. Could you maybe handle that please?
Anvi White – What in tarnation is going on around here?

Elsa – C’mon Max.  You’re totally the one that made the llama fall.
Max – Of course a Bjergsen would say that.
Elsa – What’s that supposed to mean?
Lorelei – *internally: No one is even noticing that I’m floating*

All of the above actually happened as it’s written. The person I was chatting with at the time of the house switch can confirm.  I loaded into the house and next thing I knew he was going upstairs to get abducted. I could not have planned this better if had wanted to.  I don’t know what he did to incur the wrath of the aliens but I’m glad we’re all here for the ride!  Haha


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