Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 2)

Ricanote:  Just wanted to say sorry for the long pause before updates.  Life got hectic and I was spending a lot more time with my RP group than I was anything else.  I haven’t even really been playing Sims sadly.  Well, I’ve played a little.  I started a simblr.  I’m not sure it will do well but at the time I really wanted to do it. Haha.

Ankou – Ahh nothing like a nap to make you feel better.
Addy – You know why you’ve been so hungry and tired lately. Don’t you?
Ankou – Yes, because of all the work and stress that goes into trying to win a rival dynasty.
Addy – So we’re not going to talk about the belly.
Ankou – It is gas.

Armand – I don’t want to finish Whiz Kid!  I don’t want to go to school!
Pink Anvi – You will and you will like it.
Armand – But I already did Social Butterfly. That means I can use the cake
Pink Anvi – And now you will finish Whiz Kid.  It will be good for you when you got into Business.
Armand – *just stares*
Pink Anvi – *stares back*  Now play so I can mentor you.

Billie – Elsa how come you’re not doing your homework?
Elsa – Because I’m the leader of the club and I don’t have to if I don’t want to.
Lorelei – Actually I was thinking about that.  Elsa, I think you should give the club to me.
Elsa – Umm… What are you talking about?
Ginger kid – That’s not a bad idea.
Max – Hey I’m all for it.
Lucas – *internally: I’m just going to draw on my homework book and hope no one asks me anything.*

Addy – Your back hurting?
Ankou – A little but I’ve learned that walking a certain way seems to help.
Addy – Uh huh. Hey, you smell that?
Ankou – Yes… What is it?

Two fires!  Two!  In one week.  Ankou’s pregnancy is causing sparks with the incense burner apparently. Or something!
Bob – There I think we got it.
Eliza – I told you not to fart so close to the incense.
Bob – I didn’t! Anvi White was using it to write.
Anvi White – It just happens.  Now let’s replace the bar and clean up the floor and get back to work.

Bob – I think it’s trying to contact the mothership.
Ankou – Ah! It’s happening again.
Bob – You know it’s a baby, right?
Ankou – Vampires and aliens cannot have hybrid children.

Ankou – See, there is nothing to -oof.
Bob – Oh yeah that’s totally not a baby in there.  That’s a parasite fighting to free itself.
Ankou – No one likes sass, Bob.
Bob – Oh yes they do.

Armand – Blow out already!  *blows too hard*
Addy – Careful you don’t pop your eyes out!

Addy – Well aren’t you handsome.
Armand – Of course, I am.
Addy – Well you certainly grew into your attitude.
Armand – What’s that?
Addy – Nothing.  Let’s see what a teenager has to do.  An A in high school which will be much easier since you’re starting at a B and level 3 in a job. So if I were you I would actually get one sooner than later.  And then two unique skills, one unique aspiration, two portraits, 3 good friends outside the house, enemies of the other two bloodlines and seven museum items.
Armand – Easy.
Addy – Easy he says.

Armand – I don’t think I like this as much as you said I would.  It’s beginning to hurt.
Addy – Oh crud! I forgot you’re like a full-fledged vamp now.  Get in the house before you fry.
Armand – Oh right. After I grab the crystal.
Addy – Hurry and go take a nap to regain that lost energy.

Little father/son training
Ankou- Like this…
Armand – You’re making my head feel weird.
Ankou – You should never do anything halfway, even training.

Armand – Hello! I was wondering if I could get your assistance with a matter.
Librarian – Well hello young man.  What can I help you with?
Armand – I need you to be my friend.
Librarian – Come again?
Armand – We should be friends and then I have a favor to ask.

Armand – *makes enjoyment noises of his first vein*
Addy – *ignores that part* Oh right.. We forgot to change your dark form.  We should do that.  The tanktop and curly hair just doesn’t do it for me.
Armand – *muffled* one more minute.
Addy – Fine but it’s finally night out so you are burning moonlight hours we could be at the Park finishing your aspiration.

Addy – Holy Pam what do you think you’re wearing?!
Artie – Pajamas apparently.
Addy – Why?!
Artie – You act like I know how this all works.  I don’t know it’s what I showed up in.
Addy – *narrows her eyes* You better still have a job when I get back.
Artie – I can feel your glare but I can’t answer that.

Anvi White – So.. You’ve become a total bum now, is that it?
Artie – And you realize that you’re not a founder or an heir.. right?
Anvi White – I would not threaten me if I were you..
Artie – Oh honey.  You have no idea who you’re talking to.  I can tell.

Emilie – I don’t think you want to do that.
Lorelei – How do you know? I haven’t even touched one yet.
Emilie – It’s a noob mistake that’s why.
Ankou – Do not speak to her Lorelei. She is the wife of an enemy.
Emilie – Am I? Or am I the aunt of the new family member?
Ankou – *growls*

Addy – I don’t understand how you’re breaking into the park but okay.
Vlad – Shh.
Addy – It’s not like you’re hidden.
Vlad – Will you just let me do this?
Addy – Fine.. Sorry.  Hey Armand! Rocks are forming, time to go.
Vlad – *growls* I’m just going home.

Armand – This is not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.
Addy – Oh I don’t know.  It’s kind of interesting in that whole ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ kind of way.
Armand – I’m not sure that makes up for the getting on my knees.
Addy – Hey, in all the other households they  have to walk from rock to rock.  You fly.  Suck it up buttercup.

Ankou – You are a vampire!
Maki Sasaki – Guilty!
Ankou – I think you should meet my son.
Addy – Really?
Ankou – She’s beautiful and a vampire.  There’s nothing wrong with a little pre-screening.
Maki – Oh.. You’re watched vampires.
Ankou – We are, yes.  And there’s more if you’re interested.
Maki – Mayhaps, let’s chat.
Addy – Or we could go home since Armand has managed to finish two tiers of Curator tonight and we just need to go home.
Ankou – Come visit.  It’s the graveyard in Newcrest.
Maki – I just might.

Ankou – Ah!  That’s way brighter than before!
Addy – Not as much room in there anymore.
Ankou – There should not have been room in there before.
Addy – Welcome to being a Sim.

I leave you with this image.. Because it makes me laugh.  Anvi White has been struggling to find her purpose within the household on occasionally but she very happily sacrificed her dignity.. No.. her moodlets for the good of the Grimfangs lol

I made the mistake with my first child, and I think a lot of RDC players may do it, of holding onto them too long as a child.  So used to getting that A that when you finish that first aspiration in like 24 hrs, you almost feel like you should go for more.  No.. It’s a race and you shouldn’t go for more unless you really think it will help, which to be honest it might not. This is what I keep trying to tell myself so Armand’s lead may be falling a little behind mostly because of that.  Whoops


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