Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 3)

Ankou – Ohhhhhh.
Addy – Really?  Well we know what that means.
Ankou – Ohhhh.
Addy – Oh give it up the pain isn’t that bad you sissy.

Ankou – Darling, I think it is time for us to head to the hospital.
Pink Anvi – What do you mean it’s time?
Addy – He finally believes us and want the baby out now.
Ankou – I am in a considerable amount of discomfort.  Shall we?
Pink Anvi – The baby’s coming!  Wait.. Why are you having a baby?
Addy – *facepalm*

Doctor – Let’s see here. Oh I see this is.. Um.  Well this is something special isn’t it
Ankou – You can say it.  I was impregnated by an alien.  Now please do make the pain stop.
Doctor – Right.

Pink Anvi – That is not a baby! Put it back!
Ankou – Is that what I think it is?
Doctor – Oops sorry. Was a little high on that.  I’ll just tuck that back in.
Ankou – Where you got it from preferably.

Doctor – Oh.. Well it’s a boy!
Ankou – Was that really inside me all this time?
Addy – Yes, he was.

Doctor – Another smooth and successful delivery!
Pink Anvi – *growl* If I were you, I would rethink your desire to continue practicing medicine!

Ankou – He is kind of cute.
Addy – What are we going to name him?
Ankou – *coos at the screaming child*  How about Thomas?
Addy – That’s a great name.

Pink Anvi – *flinches a little* Ehh.  It really is one of them isn’t it?
Addy – Yes, I do believe so.
Pink Anvi – And that voice..
Addy – It will grow on you.
Pink Anvi – No.  I don’t think it will.

Gill – Not even a vamper and I’d take a bite outta that.
Sofia – Ankou, the help is staring.
Ankou – It’s just Gill.  He spends too much time in an incense fog.
Gill – Huh? Oh yeah, get the saffron started and let’s go.

Anvi White – Look you disgusting walking pile of annoyance and filth, if you’re not going to make him stop crying then get out of my way.
Lucas – Don’t worry little guy I won’t let her make you mad.
Anvi White – You’re the one making him cry.  Move!

Addy – Why yes Lilith just come on in.
Lilith – Oh.. Um.  Bye!
In my game, if a vampire is coming into the house and you try to talk to them.. They run away. I’m okay with that.

Armand – Father says you are by far one of the sweetest individuals he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Sofia – Your father is a smooth talker.
Armand – Yes but he’s old and for a little while longer we shall be the same age.  How about we enjoy our youth together?
Sofia – I’m sorry it’s hard to take this seriously while there is a sparkle on your shoulder.
Armand – That’s because we’re in a Good Schools lot.  I promise I am not one of those vampires.
Sofia – Oh good.

Armand – Hellooooooo!  What is with this uniform huh?
Addy – Oh hush.  You’ve hit level 3 so you can quit if you don’t like it.
Armand – Oh then I will do that.  Wearing blue on blue is too blah.
Addy – Oh I’ll have to let your father know you think so.
Armand – You don’t have to.

Lorelei seemed bored with all of her toys so we’ve moved on to puppet shows for the Adventurers!

Addy – Hello Vlad.
Vlad – Goodbye.. *turns and walks away*
Addy – *just shakes head* You’d think they would realize it’s almost all vampires here.

Addy – Wow where has the time gone?
Ankou – 48 hours of skilling, working and painting..
Addy – Apparently but you forgot schoolwork and frog breeding.
Ankou – Ahh yes. That too.  C’mon Thomas. It’s time to show us how cute you are.

Thomas – Eee!
Ankou – No flying off just yet, little one.
Addy – Sadly, I don’t think this one will ever fly like the other.
Ankou – And that is acceptable, because no matter what they were planning with him, he is still mine.

Yes this is the kind of heathens we are.  This is how you keep them in line!

Thomas – Hug!
Gill – Aww, thanks little guy.  The Gillman needed that.
Addy – Pardon him, he apparently doesn’t know a stranger.
Gill – It’s okay, man.  I like it.

Thomas – *babbles in his cute very alien voice*
Gill – Whoa.. You’re an alien, lil man.
Addy – Really?  Well don’t go spreading it around.
Gill – Oh no.. Course not.

Armand – Uncle Bob are you quite finished?
Bob – One more time, buddy.
Armand – Why are we doing four at a time again?Bob – So you can continue to do your requirements while I put my creative mojo to work.
Armand – If I must.
Addy – You must.
Creative mojo = 4777 on the highest.. Which isn’t bad!

Ankou – Thomas, you can continue to make that face at me all you want but you are tired and it is story time.
Thomas – No sleep!
Ankou – We shall see.
Addy – Thomas if you take a nap we can go to the park tonight before Addy has to go away for two weeks.
Thomas – Park?
Ankou – Only if you sleep!
Thomas – Ni ni!

Addy – Again with the shirt and pants
Artie – It’s quite comfy. Is that the one that used my tub?
Pink Anvi – I am the one that used your tub and made a big mess all over your floor.
Artie – I thought so.  Nice combat boots.
Pink Anvi – They’re not combat boots.. They’re *censored*
Addy – Anvi..
Pink Anvi – Got my point across didn’t I?
Artie – You’re lucky I know the forum rules or I’d dare you to try!

Addy – Emilie.. Are you here to remind me it’s almost time?
Emilie – Maybe.
Addy – Well thank you for at least working on the right skill set while I’m not there.
Emilie – It’s the least I can do. So did they bring the child?
Addy – Ahh.  Here to check out Thomas then huh?
Emilie – I do have a small child of my own to think about.  Two spares might find happiness.
Addy – We shall see.  Alright time to say goodbye to everyone.  Go home so you can be there when I show up.

Artie – And what do you think you’re doing?
Thomas – Run!
Artie – That’s right little guy.  Run while you can.
Addy – He’s not a vamp.
Artie – I thought he was Ankou’s.
Addy – He is.  Ankou was abducted.
Artie – Why didn’t I think of that?!
Addy – I’m sure you might have eventually.  Say bye bye Thomas.
Thomas & Artie – Bye Bye Thomas.
Addy – Time to go check on T33 and Ay-L4.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grimfang Vampire Bloodline

Ankou Grimfang – Founder
– Vampire Aspiration: Good Vampire (Need 4 days of asking for permission to drink)
– Career: Mixologist – Level 10
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mixology 10 / Charisma 8
– Vampire Rank: Grand Master
– Tier 5 Powers: Immortal Pleasure / Tamed Thirst
– Garden: Plasma Fruit [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Sixam Mosquito Trap [√] / Deathflower [√] / Dragonfruit [√] / Cowplant [√]
– Portrait: Normal [√] §5597 / Dark Form [√] §8006
– Vampire Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Armand Grimfang – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Toddler Skills: Top Notch Toddler
– Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid [√] / Social Butterfly [√] > Aged up Wednesday 10 AM
– Part Time Job:  Retail – Level 3 (Friday)
– High School Grade: A (Friday)
– Aspiration: Curator (Unique) [√] / Vampire Something Not done yet
– Unique Skills: Logic 8 /
– Other Skills:  Vampire Lore 4 / Charisma 3
– Vampire Rank: Minor Vampire (2/5)
– Portrait: Normal [√] §9635 / Dark Form [√] §4777
– Good Friends:  Ankou [√] / Billy Jang [√] / Shingo Suzuki [√] / ?? []


4 thoughts on “Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 3)

  1. Wow, Thomas looks a lot like Artie’s boy as a toddler. They have the same mouth, but my memory might be remembering wrong.
    How is the puppet theater working for your kids? I guess we’ll find out when Thomas ages up.
    By the way, is that Thomas with the accent on the first or second syllable?

    What did Artie mean? Why didn’t he think of Ankou having been abducted or why didn’t he think of trying to get pregnant by abduction as well?

    Excellent job getting so close to done with Ankou’s Good Vampire aspiration!

    • – He does but then again Artie & Ankou are very similar in face so that could be part of it? Since the mother of Thomas is a virtual unknown. I may try to get her to visit next time I’m there.
      – The puppet theatre worked for a bit but then I realized I should probably just have Lorelei finish some more skills. I’m horrible I know.
      – First syllable.
      – Have Ankou abducted or something to make him slow down since he was in the lead kind of thing. He doesn’t want to be pregnant.. I want him to be but he doesn’t want to be.

  2. Yeah, Thomas looks suave and devious like Artie and the doppelgangers. While Armand has full lips! I don’t remember anyone having noticeably full lips except for Airica and I guess some of the old life states dynasty kids (I can’t remember any faces right now though).

    Anvi doesn’t mess around with medical malpractice. I just noticed that one of those surgery arms is holding glue! Very sound practice there. 😛

    • I can only assume they are like a hybrid between Ankou’s lips and Pink Anvi’s.

      And yes one of the arms is like half laser, half whisk and the other is glue and half claw machine LOL. Only in Sims right?

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