Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 3)

Ankou – Ohhhhhh.
Addy – Really?  Well we know what that means.
Ankou – Ohhhh.
Addy – Oh give it up the pain isn’t that bad you sissy.

Ankou – Darling, I think it is time for us to head to the hospital.
Pink Anvi – What do you mean it’s time?
Addy – He finally believes us and want the baby out now.
Ankou – I am in a considerable amount of discomfort.  Shall we?
Pink Anvi – The baby’s coming!  Wait.. Why are you having a baby?
Addy – *facepalm*

Doctor – Let’s see here. Oh I see this is.. Um.  Well this is something special isn’t it
Ankou – You can say it.  I was impregnated by an alien.  Now please do make the pain stop.
Doctor – Right.

Pink Anvi – That is not a baby! Put it back!
Ankou – Is that what I think it is?
Doctor – Oops sorry. Was a little high on that.  I’ll just tuck that back in.
Ankou – Where you got it from preferably.

Doctor – Oh.. Well it’s a boy!
Ankou – Was that really inside me all this time?
Addy – Yes, he was.

Doctor – Another smooth and successful delivery!
Pink Anvi – *growl* If I were you, I would rethink your desire to continue practicing medicine!

Ankou – He is kind of cute.
Addy – What are we going to name him?
Ankou – *coos at the screaming child*  How about Thomas?
Addy – That’s a great name.

Pink Anvi – *flinches a little* Ehh.  It really is one of them isn’t it?
Addy – Yes, I do believe so.
Pink Anvi – And that voice..
Addy – It will grow on you.
Pink Anvi – No.  I don’t think it will.

Gill – Not even a vamper and I’d take a bite outta that.
Sofia – Ankou, the help is staring.
Ankou – It’s just Gill.  He spends too much time in an incense fog.
Gill – Huh? Oh yeah, get the saffron started and let’s go.

Anvi White – Look you disgusting walking pile of annoyance and filth, if you’re not going to make him stop crying then get out of my way.
Lucas – Don’t worry little guy I won’t let her make you mad.
Anvi White – You’re the one making him cry.  Move!

Addy – Why yes Lilith just come on in.
Lilith – Oh.. Um.  Bye!
In my game, if a vampire is coming into the house and you try to talk to them.. They run away. I’m okay with that.

Armand – Father says you are by far one of the sweetest individuals he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Sofia – Your father is a smooth talker.
Armand – Yes but he’s old and for a little while longer we shall be the same age.  How about we enjoy our youth together?
Sofia – I’m sorry it’s hard to take this seriously while there is a sparkle on your shoulder.
Armand – That’s because we’re in a Good Schools lot.  I promise I am not one of those vampires.
Sofia – Oh good.

Armand – Hellooooooo!  What is with this uniform huh?
Addy – Oh hush.  You’ve hit level 3 so you can quit if you don’t like it.
Armand – Oh then I will do that.  Wearing blue on blue is too blah.
Addy – Oh I’ll have to let your father know you think so.
Armand – You don’t have to.

Lorelei seemed bored with all of her toys so we’ve moved on to puppet shows for the Adventurers!

Addy – Hello Vlad.
Vlad – Goodbye.. *turns and walks away*
Addy – *just shakes head* You’d think they would realize it’s almost all vampires here.

Addy – Wow where has the time gone?
Ankou – 48 hours of skilling, working and painting..
Addy – Apparently but you forgot schoolwork and frog breeding.
Ankou – Ahh yes. That too.  C’mon Thomas. It’s time to show us how cute you are.

Thomas – Eee!
Ankou – No flying off just yet, little one.
Addy – Sadly, I don’t think this one will ever fly like the other.
Ankou – And that is acceptable, because no matter what they were planning with him, he is still mine.

Yes this is the kind of heathens we are.  This is how you keep them in line!

Thomas – Hug!
Gill – Aww, thanks little guy.  The Gillman needed that.
Addy – Pardon him, he apparently doesn’t know a stranger.
Gill – It’s okay, man.  I like it.

Thomas – *babbles in his cute very alien voice*
Gill – Whoa.. You’re an alien, lil man.
Addy – Really?  Well don’t go spreading it around.
Gill – Oh no.. Course not.

Armand – Uncle Bob are you quite finished?
Bob – One more time, buddy.
Armand – Why are we doing four at a time again?Bob – So you can continue to do your requirements while I put my creative mojo to work.
Armand – If I must.
Addy – You must.
Creative mojo = 4777 on the highest.. Which isn’t bad!

Ankou – Thomas, you can continue to make that face at me all you want but you are tired and it is story time.
Thomas – No sleep!
Ankou – We shall see.
Addy – Thomas if you take a nap we can go to the park tonight before Addy has to go away for two weeks.
Thomas – Park?
Ankou – Only if you sleep!
Thomas – Ni ni!

Addy – Again with the shirt and pants
Artie – It’s quite comfy. Is that the one that used my tub?
Pink Anvi – I am the one that used your tub and made a big mess all over your floor.
Artie – I thought so.  Nice combat boots.
Pink Anvi – They’re not combat boots.. They’re *censored*
Addy – Anvi..
Pink Anvi – Got my point across didn’t I?
Artie – You’re lucky I know the forum rules or I’d dare you to try!

Addy – Emilie.. Are you here to remind me it’s almost time?
Emilie – Maybe.
Addy – Well thank you for at least working on the right skill set while I’m not there.
Emilie – It’s the least I can do. So did they bring the child?
Addy – Ahh.  Here to check out Thomas then huh?
Emilie – I do have a small child of my own to think about.  Two spares might find happiness.
Addy – We shall see.  Alright time to say goodbye to everyone.  Go home so you can be there when I show up.

Artie – And what do you think you’re doing?
Thomas – Run!
Artie – That’s right little guy.  Run while you can.
Addy – He’s not a vamp.
Artie – I thought he was Ankou’s.
Addy – He is.  Ankou was abducted.
Artie – Why didn’t I think of that?!
Addy – I’m sure you might have eventually.  Say bye bye Thomas.
Thomas & Artie – Bye Bye Thomas.
Addy – Time to go check on T33 and Ay-L4.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grimfang Vampire Bloodline

Ankou Grimfang – Founder
– Vampire Aspiration: Good Vampire (Need 4 days of asking for permission to drink)
– Career: Mixologist – Level 10
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mixology 10 / Charisma 8
– Vampire Rank: Grand Master
– Tier 5 Powers: Immortal Pleasure / Tamed Thirst
– Garden: Plasma Fruit [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Sixam Mosquito Trap [√] / Deathflower [√] / Dragonfruit [√] / Cowplant [√]
– Portrait: Normal [√] §5597 / Dark Form [√] §8006
– Vampire Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Armand Grimfang – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Toddler Skills: Top Notch Toddler
– Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid [√] / Social Butterfly [√] > Aged up Wednesday 10 AM
– Part Time Job:  Retail – Level 3 (Friday)
– High School Grade: A (Friday)
– Aspiration: Curator (Unique) [√] / Vampire Something Not done yet
– Unique Skills: Logic 8 /
– Other Skills:  Vampire Lore 4 / Charisma 3
– Vampire Rank: Minor Vampire (2/5)
– Portrait: Normal [√] §9635 / Dark Form [√] §4777
– Good Friends:  Ankou [√] / Billy Jang [√] / Shingo Suzuki [√] / ?? []


Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 2)

Ricanote:  Just wanted to say sorry for the long pause before updates.  Life got hectic and I was spending a lot more time with my RP group than I was anything else.  I haven’t even really been playing Sims sadly.  Well, I’ve played a little.  I started a simblr.  I’m not sure it will do well but at the time I really wanted to do it. Haha.

Ankou – Ahh nothing like a nap to make you feel better.
Addy – You know why you’ve been so hungry and tired lately. Don’t you?
Ankou – Yes, because of all the work and stress that goes into trying to win a rival dynasty.
Addy – So we’re not going to talk about the belly.
Ankou – It is gas.

Armand – I don’t want to finish Whiz Kid!  I don’t want to go to school!
Pink Anvi – You will and you will like it.
Armand – But I already did Social Butterfly. That means I can use the cake
Pink Anvi – And now you will finish Whiz Kid.  It will be good for you when you got into Business.
Armand – *just stares*
Pink Anvi – *stares back*  Now play so I can mentor you.

Billie – Elsa how come you’re not doing your homework?
Elsa – Because I’m the leader of the club and I don’t have to if I don’t want to.
Lorelei – Actually I was thinking about that.  Elsa, I think you should give the club to me.
Elsa – Umm… What are you talking about?
Ginger kid – That’s not a bad idea.
Max – Hey I’m all for it.
Lucas – *internally: I’m just going to draw on my homework book and hope no one asks me anything.*

Addy – Your back hurting?
Ankou – A little but I’ve learned that walking a certain way seems to help.
Addy – Uh huh. Hey, you smell that?
Ankou – Yes… What is it?

Two fires!  Two!  In one week.  Ankou’s pregnancy is causing sparks with the incense burner apparently. Or something!
Bob – There I think we got it.
Eliza – I told you not to fart so close to the incense.
Bob – I didn’t! Anvi White was using it to write.
Anvi White – It just happens.  Now let’s replace the bar and clean up the floor and get back to work.

Bob – I think it’s trying to contact the mothership.
Ankou – Ah! It’s happening again.
Bob – You know it’s a baby, right?
Ankou – Vampires and aliens cannot have hybrid children.

Ankou – See, there is nothing to -oof.
Bob – Oh yeah that’s totally not a baby in there.  That’s a parasite fighting to free itself.
Ankou – No one likes sass, Bob.
Bob – Oh yes they do.

Armand – Blow out already!  *blows too hard*
Addy – Careful you don’t pop your eyes out!

Addy – Well aren’t you handsome.
Armand – Of course, I am.
Addy – Well you certainly grew into your attitude.
Armand – What’s that?
Addy – Nothing.  Let’s see what a teenager has to do.  An A in high school which will be much easier since you’re starting at a B and level 3 in a job. So if I were you I would actually get one sooner than later.  And then two unique skills, one unique aspiration, two portraits, 3 good friends outside the house, enemies of the other two bloodlines and seven museum items.
Armand – Easy.
Addy – Easy he says.

Armand – I don’t think I like this as much as you said I would.  It’s beginning to hurt.
Addy – Oh crud! I forgot you’re like a full-fledged vamp now.  Get in the house before you fry.
Armand – Oh right. After I grab the crystal.
Addy – Hurry and go take a nap to regain that lost energy.

Little father/son training
Ankou- Like this…
Armand – You’re making my head feel weird.
Ankou – You should never do anything halfway, even training.

Armand – Hello! I was wondering if I could get your assistance with a matter.
Librarian – Well hello young man.  What can I help you with?
Armand – I need you to be my friend.
Librarian – Come again?
Armand – We should be friends and then I have a favor to ask.

Armand – *makes enjoyment noises of his first vein*
Addy – *ignores that part* Oh right.. We forgot to change your dark form.  We should do that.  The tanktop and curly hair just doesn’t do it for me.
Armand – *muffled* one more minute.
Addy – Fine but it’s finally night out so you are burning moonlight hours we could be at the Park finishing your aspiration.

Addy – Holy Pam what do you think you’re wearing?!
Artie – Pajamas apparently.
Addy – Why?!
Artie – You act like I know how this all works.  I don’t know it’s what I showed up in.
Addy – *narrows her eyes* You better still have a job when I get back.
Artie – I can feel your glare but I can’t answer that.

Anvi White – So.. You’ve become a total bum now, is that it?
Artie – And you realize that you’re not a founder or an heir.. right?
Anvi White – I would not threaten me if I were you..
Artie – Oh honey.  You have no idea who you’re talking to.  I can tell.

Emilie – I don’t think you want to do that.
Lorelei – How do you know? I haven’t even touched one yet.
Emilie – It’s a noob mistake that’s why.
Ankou – Do not speak to her Lorelei. She is the wife of an enemy.
Emilie – Am I? Or am I the aunt of the new family member?
Ankou – *growls*

Addy – I don’t understand how you’re breaking into the park but okay.
Vlad – Shh.
Addy – It’s not like you’re hidden.
Vlad – Will you just let me do this?
Addy – Fine.. Sorry.  Hey Armand! Rocks are forming, time to go.
Vlad – *growls* I’m just going home.

Armand – This is not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.
Addy – Oh I don’t know.  It’s kind of interesting in that whole ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ kind of way.
Armand – I’m not sure that makes up for the getting on my knees.
Addy – Hey, in all the other households they  have to walk from rock to rock.  You fly.  Suck it up buttercup.

Ankou – You are a vampire!
Maki Sasaki – Guilty!
Ankou – I think you should meet my son.
Addy – Really?
Ankou – She’s beautiful and a vampire.  There’s nothing wrong with a little pre-screening.
Maki – Oh.. You’re watched vampires.
Ankou – We are, yes.  And there’s more if you’re interested.
Maki – Mayhaps, let’s chat.
Addy – Or we could go home since Armand has managed to finish two tiers of Curator tonight and we just need to go home.
Ankou – Come visit.  It’s the graveyard in Newcrest.
Maki – I just might.

Ankou – Ah!  That’s way brighter than before!
Addy – Not as much room in there anymore.
Ankou – There should not have been room in there before.
Addy – Welcome to being a Sim.

I leave you with this image.. Because it makes me laugh.  Anvi White has been struggling to find her purpose within the household on occasionally but she very happily sacrificed her dignity.. No.. her moodlets for the good of the Grimfangs lol

I made the mistake with my first child, and I think a lot of RDC players may do it, of holding onto them too long as a child.  So used to getting that A that when you finish that first aspiration in like 24 hrs, you almost feel like you should go for more.  No.. It’s a race and you shouldn’t go for more unless you really think it will help, which to be honest it might not. This is what I keep trying to tell myself so Armand’s lead may be falling a little behind mostly because of that.  Whoops

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 1)

Ankou – Hey you’re back!  I noticed that we seem to be in the lead.  Let’s keep that going shall we?
Addy – *chuckles* Sure. Just need to get your son to max everything right?
Ankou – That’s the plan.  Excuse me
Addy – Where are you going it’s like 3 am?

Ankou – Huh I swore there were lights here.
Addy – Oh you have to be kidding me.
Ankou – Hey what’s that up there?
Addy – Not sure you really want to know.

Ankou – Uh Oh. They’ve locked on.
Addy – Yep.  Seen it before.

Ankou – Crud.
Addy – Have a nice trip.  Don’t let them stick you with anything.

Armand – Whee Flying!
Shingo – Just like Daddy right now.
Armand – Yea!
Addy – *snickers*

Addy – Oh good you’re back.
Ankou – Why are you looking at me that way?
Addy – I was trying to decide how to delicately ask if you were probed.
Ankou – No, I was not.
Addy – Oh good.  No worries then.
Ankou – Why would there be worries?
Addy – Did T33’s people tell you what they wanted?
Ankou – I… don’t remember actually.
Addy – Oh boy.

Ankou – Argh.  I think I drank something I shouldn’t have earlier.
Addy – Wow. Okay.  Um, that’s going to be interesting.
Ankou – Yeah especially since that part of me hasn’t worked well since I turned.  Ugh it’s just uncomfortable.  Probably my weak stomach.
Addy – Oh it’s definitely your stomach.

Ankou – Well hello little girl.  What are you doing in my home?
Billy – Lorelei said to come over so we all did.
Ankou – Excuse  me.. You all did?
Billy – Yep the whole club!
Ankou – Oh Lorelei…

While Armand is read to by Ankou, the rest of the house works on little things.  Like making music while my pausing skills were on point.
Bob – Ahhh..
Shingo – That is not the kind of music we are writing today, Bob.
Bob – Better out than in I always say.

Armand – Guess what!
Addy – *gasp* Look at you top notch toddler.  You ready to go to the cake now?
Armand – Cake!

Anvi – Take a deep breath and blow really hard.
Armand – Pffbbbbbt.
Anvi – Good boy.
Addy – Don’t forget to put more candles on so we can throw it back in the fridge.
Anvi – Ew.
Addy – You don’t even eat. I don’t see the problem here.

Shingo – Happy Birthday buddy.
Armand – Thanks Shingo.  You’re my best friend.
Shingo – Aww.. You mean it?
Armand – Yep until I find someone better.
Shingo – I accept those terms.

Armand – Hey look! Is that a fire!?
Eliza – Where?!
Anvi – Now just take your horse headed one and think about moving it after that one..
Armand – *swaps pieces*

Eliza – I didn’t see anything.  You sure you saw a fire.
Armand – It could have been Uncle Bob farting again.  Sorry.
Anvi – You know I’m right here and saw the whole thing, right?
Eliza – Hey check out that bug on the desk over there.

Armand – What bug?
Eliza *swaps pieces back*
Anvi – Am I invisible? No I can still see me.

Caleb – Dude we can’t fight right now?
Ankou – What do you mean we can’t fight?
Caleb – I mean it’s physically impossible for a pregnant person to fight.
Ankou – *just laughs* I didn’t know you could get pregnant.
Caleb – You’re not serious..

This is what it looks like when Lorelei sends the League of Adventurers home before school.  Max is so sad that he can’t skip!  And this great beast of a man is also a Bear.  He showed up on Artie’s trip to Granite Falls and stalked Ruby.

Ankou – Oh man. The cramps are coming back.
Addy – Right because when I cramp there are sparks coming out my stomach.

Ankou – Why is this happening? I’m not supposed to be the type of vampire that sparkles!
Addy – *snorts*  You’ll figure it out.

Caleb – Really?
Ankou – What? Sometimes you just need a pick me up.

Lorelei – Okay adventurers let’s take a quick stop over by this nebula really quick.
Redhead – Watch out for that snarlag, captain!
Lorelei – I see it, Mr. Warp.
Billy – Hey Lucas, can I join you.
Lorelei has finished all 4 childhood aspirations so she spends her days hanging out with all the kids of the League of Adventurers in their own floor I made beneath Ankou’s house.

This is the first fire I’ve had since the fatal fire of the Homeless Challenge.. And yes only the drinks caught on fire.
Anvi White – Do I smell fruit burning?
Addy – You do.. Could you maybe handle that please?
Anvi White – What in tarnation is going on around here?

Elsa – C’mon Max.  You’re totally the one that made the llama fall.
Max – Of course a Bjergsen would say that.
Elsa – What’s that supposed to mean?
Lorelei – *internally: No one is even noticing that I’m floating*

All of the above actually happened as it’s written. The person I was chatting with at the time of the house switch can confirm.  I loaded into the house and next thing I knew he was going upstairs to get abducted. I could not have planned this better if had wanted to.  I don’t know what he did to incur the wrath of the aliens but I’m glad we’re all here for the ride!  Haha

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 3)

Addy – Oh boy.  What are you doing?
Abe – Down.
Addy – I see that.  Be careful.
I swear between wild + stairs his movement skill zoomed across that skill bar

Abe – Fly!!
Mariko – Wow you got some height in those weird little shoes of yours.
Shingo – Hold on Abe!
Mariko – View isn’t bad either.
Addy – *clears throat*

Artie – Addy, Do you hear that giggle?
Addy – Yes I do believe I do.
Artie – I wonder where it’s coming from.
Addy – No idea.
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – See this isn’t so hard.
Addy – I’m gonna tell Aria you said that.
Artie – Go ahead but why am I doing this again?
Addy – Herbs and Mascot learning.
Artie – Right right.  Aha!  Got ’em.

Artie – Ow ow ow ow ow. That hurt!
Addy – *laughs loudly*
Artie – Not funny.
Addy – It is.. I can’t wait to tell Aria you got stung for being cocky.
Artie – I’m going home.
Addy – Not until you go touch that bush over there and grab a few of those flowers. Chop chop.

Addy – Eric! No!
Eric – It’s just cake!
Addy – Fine… But only once.
Sadly this is the last time you may see Eric in the dynasty. My game locked on one of his actions so he stood still for an hour in the kitchen. When I resetSim him he became a tombstone.  I am desperately hoping he shows back up as a ghost or asks for a date!

Alice – Oh.  I guess that serum wasn’t ready after all.
Addy – That’s okay she wasn’t doing anything at the moment.
Alice – *whistles and walks away*
yes I know that’s Eric’s butt in the back. So you did see him one more time.

Artie – This is a penguin. It’s black and white and when you were a tux they call it a penguin suit because it’s the same colors. I don’t know what it sounds like but it likes to dance funny.
Abe – Dance!
Artie – Yes. Just like you.
Abe- Dance Now!
Artie – How about a nap first?
Abe – Fine.

Random shot of Emilie hanging out across the road.

Artie – See… And now you just add a little hand motion or a bootie shake and this is dancing.
Abe – Hmm.

Artie – One day son. This will all be ours.
Abe – The trolley?
Artie – No not the trolley.  I mean the land.
Abe – Oh.. Want Trolley.
Artie – Help me win this kid and I’ll buy you one.
Abe – Okay!

No to the trolley and not the curtains either!

Abe – Dance!   *throws his whole body into it*
Ruby – My son is so cute.
Alice – He is but he needs clothes before the party starts.
Ruby – I have just the thing.

Abe – Penguin!
Addy – Hah.  Yes, it’s a penguin suit but you’re adorable.
Abe – Yep!

Abe – You and Me Tom.  We gon’ to beat the aly-ins.  *starts running around making laser noises with the back of the toy*
Mandatory toddler cuteness

Ruby – It’s okay to blow them out.  It won’t hurt.
Alice – You sure?
Ruby – Fairly certain.
Olivia – C’mon Mom it just tickles.
I just realized in shame you guys never saw Olivia’s makeover haha

Alice – Yeah okay that wasn’t so bad.
Olivia – Dad is sure to come back when he realizes he missed it, Mom.  Don’t worry.
Alice – I’m giving him two cakes.
Addy – *snickers* Alright.  Everyone go mingle let’s get gold while the birthday boy makes a new cake since someone took a slice!
Artie – Having to make my own cake is ridiculous.

Ruby – Dear Mom.  I know you don’t think I should have Mikey Gulligan’s baby iguana when he moves, but here’s why I should.  If I don’t take it, he goes to Stinky and Stinky’s dog, Lurch, will eat it. You don’t want that to happen. Do you? Signed, Your sensitive Son, Alex.
Abe – *Giggles*
Ruby – Dear Alex, I’m glad you’re so compassionate, but I doubt that Stinky’s mother will let Lurch get into the iguana’s cage.  Nice try though, Love Mom.
Abe – Aww.
Ruby – He thought that would work huh?
Abe – Yeah she should let him!
Ruby – Let’s keep reading there’s more.

Addy – I can’t believe you people.
Artie – I was hungry.
Addy – You were supposed to finish baking a cake so you could blow out candles.
Artie – Maybe I don’t want to.
Addy – Then fine… Age up sad and alone with no cake probably right when I swap houses back to you. I’m gone.
Artie – Wait.  Fine.

Artie – And now I can officially say I’ve aged to perfection.
Addy – *groans*
Artie – Hey I bet someone will laugh.
Addy – Maybe.  But I’m leaving you now.  Time to be with the blue guy.
Artie – Goodbye… We won’t miss you.
Addy – You forget your son is a toddler.
Artie – Trust me I haven’t forgotten but it will be better than when he was in the bassinet.
Addy – Says you.  Goodbye for now.

I almost stayed extra time to push for top notch right then but decided not to.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grim Reaper Bloodline

Artie Grim – Founder
– Aspiration: Soulmate [√] / Mansion Baron [√] / Public Enemy [√] / Bodybuilder [√]
– Career: Criminal – Level 8
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mischief 10 / Fitness 10 / Handiness 6 / Wellness 8
– Gold Parties: House Party, Dinner Party, Birthday Party
– Reward Traits: Carefree [√] | Connections [√] | Professional Slacker [√] | Frugal [√]
– Hunter Garden: Garlic [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Plasma Fruit [√]
– Vampires Cured: Genji H / A. Al Arabi / Neelish S
– Portrait:  Yes: §
– Heir?  [√]

Abraham Grim – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 3
– Thinking: 5
– Imagination: 4
– Movement: 5
– Communication: 4
– Days until age up: 2

– gives up keeping the hidden agenda hidden-

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 2)

obligatory Artie on dooty duty
Artie – Now just let it flow…
Abe – *starts to go*
Artie – It’s okay to watch for now buddy but eventually you’ll have to just trust your own judgment that you’re aiming in the right spot.

Ruby – Well hey little guy.  What are you doing to my blackberry bush?
Abe – Play!
Addy – I think he’s pretending to pull weeks and harvest like you are.
Ruby – So cute.

Addy – Oh no Abe. You can’t play with that.
Abe – Aww… Why?
Addy – Because it’s got an edge.  Why not put that back down?
The Grim line starts earlier and earlier on finding their weapons of choice..?

Addy – Oh well this a familiar feeling.
Artie – It is.. I’m trying to meditate and you’re blabbering about.
Addy – So what are you doing?
Artie – I’m done all the requirements I can other than my job and I can’t learn new skills just in case…so…
Addy – So you’re bored and decided to just meditate.
Artie – Exactly.
Addy – Good. Keep staying out of trouble while I focus on Abe.
Artie – That’s right you focus on Abe.  I’ll meditate

Ruby – And the little dinosaur ran so far that he didn’t know where he was anymore. He called out for his mother but she didn’t answer so the little dinosaur began to cry.
Abe – *internally: I don’t believe this is the end otherwise he’s a wimp.*
Ruby – When he finally stopped crying the little dinosaur noticed that he had left footprints in the dirt. So he started to follow his tracks back the way he had come.  Past the trees with the big green leaves, past the…
Abe – *internally: Yeah I knew that wasn’t going to be the end.*

Addy – Hey Abe you ready… Huh.
Ruby – What happened?
Addy – I think he ate his lunch and decided to take a nap.
Ruby – Well we can’t have that.  C’mon little man it’s bath time.
He literally woke up, ate his grilled cheese and then took a nap! I did not ask him to nap!

Abe – *splashing the bubbles*
Ruby – Hey little guy careful with the bubbles.
Addy – At least you can actually wash him.
Abe – *giggles and splashes again*
Ruby – This is your last warning Abraham Grim.
Abe – *laughs*
Ruby – *takes him out* I’m going to go get your clothes and a new shirt for me.  Here sit in the towel and play with ducky to dry off.

Ruby – Abraham! Get back here! You have to put on clothes!
Abe – No Pants! *gleefully laughing as he streaks*
Addy – Ahh… I see the Grim is strong with this one.

Ruby – I’ve got you now.
Abe – Noooo!
Ruby – If you put on clothes, Daddy will play with you.
Artie (behind bonsai) – I will?
Addy – Yes. You will.
Artie – Okay, let’s play buddy.
Ruby – After he puts on pants.
Artie- Guess that means I should too.
Addy – *facepalm*
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – You’ll have to be vigilant little hunters.  There could be vampires anywhere.
Abe – *gasp*  Look!
Artie – Let’s go get ’em!

Abe – Whee!
Artie – That’s Daddy’s fierce little hunter.
Abe – Again!
Artie – Okay! Time to launch you in the spaceship!

Ruby – Don’t even think about taking a bite…
Cowplant – *feigns innocence and makes a sad growl*
Abe – *just keeps running around for fun and gets away from the giant udders*
Ruby – Good Cowplant. Wanna treat?
Cowplant – *starts drooling and shaking excitedly*

Ruby – Abe… Are you awake?
Abe – *almost asleep while eating* Yes
Ruby – Tired from playing with Daddy?
Abe – *nods* Yes.
Ruby – Okay I’ll stop reading while you finish your sandwich.

Abe – Whee! Faster!
Ruby – This is the fast way.
Abe – Faster!
Ruby – Running around the house to go upstairs is the fast way buddy but Mommy can only run so fast with you.

Ruby – Sweet dreams, little man.
Addy – It’s always odd to see a cute little kid and realize he’s actually a spawn of Artie.
Ruby – Aren’t you his great great great granddaughter?
Addy – it’s a weird story.  If you actually say my grandfather is my mother’s father of body since her mind was from something else.. Then yes I’m related to Artie.  But if you consider the watcher being put into Sim form as a breach of the bloodline then I’m not.
Ruby – Umm.
Addy – I did say it’s a weird story.
Ruby – No kidding.  Time to get back to work before I ask what’s on my mind.
Addy – You can.
Ruby – No it’s best I don’t. Not sure I really want to know.
Addy – Fair enough.

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 1)

Addy – Just once I’d like to switch households to find you guys not crying over a grave or in your case.. Gloating.
Artie – We were sworn enemies.  I’m allowed to be happy he’s dead.
Alice – *just keeps crying over Dennis*

Addy – Umm.. I don’t remember bringing you with me.
Pink Anvi – Someone invited me over so I would tutor Olivia in Logic.
Addy – How does that translate to you randomly taking a mud bath in Artie’s bedroom.
Pink Anvi – You’re killing the vibe, Adrasteia.
Addy – When you’re found in here, you’re lucky Artie can’t cure you.
Pink Anvi – He is the enemy.. And doing things that he can’t retaliate for is part of the game isn’t it?
Addy – So glad I’m not in the ‘game’

Ruby – I hear some of the readers are upset that we’re not getting married. Did you want to comment on that?
Artie – You knew what you were getting into and you haven’t exactly asked me have you Ruby?
Ruby – You’re right.. I haven’t and don’t plan to but you know.. We could do other stuff. *whispers*
Artie – Oh yea?  Well that I can definitely help you out with.
Artie would like to point out that he’s so awesome there were two of him in this image.

Pink Anvi – Um.  Shingo. You’re on my boot, you’re touching my thigh and I can’t see Olivia.
Shingo – So Olivia, How’s your day going?
Pink Anvi – I’m very grateful for all the teaching you’ve done my son but I’m going to bite you without permission.
Shingo – Sorry! I can’t reach the other seat to chat with her that way for some reason.
Addy – Just settle down children let me go into build mode and I’ll be back.
I seriously need to remember to take this man in the dresser.  Pale skin is great but pink glasses, red tank and tan camo.. Not my favorite choices he’s made

Artie – So why don’t you crawl in first?
Ruby – Why you chicken?
Artie – No I want to smack your butt as you pass.
Ruby – Boy you really do know how to show a girl how to fill that fun bar.
Artie – What can I say? I’m just a helpful kind of guy.
Ruby – *laughs as she jumps in*

Dinner Party = Gold.  2 down 1 more to go
Kenjo – So decided to cook for us yourself, huh Artie?
Artie – Yeah I mean I can’t max the skill but a salad here or there might be okay.
Kenjo – And there’s no poison?
Artie – We don’t have poison in the Sims.  Though I might have put ear wax on a few leaves by accident but I gave them all to Bob the Vampire Helper.
Bob – *chokes*
Olivia – He’s joking.
Artie – Maybe I am.. Maybe I ain’t.

Mariko – Doesn’t this guy kind of look like Artie?
Shingo – Nah, no facial hair.
Mariko – I could swear there’s a slight resemblance.
Addy – It’s the hair.  He had that same tux and hair when he was young in Lunar Lakes.
Mariko – So I’m not off?
Addy – No, you’re not but he was never allowed in the movies.
Mariko – Why?
Addy – The glow got in the way.
Mariko – huh?
Addy – Nevermind.

Addy – Oh man.  Who was in that?
Ruby – Hey is Artie’s cowplant okay?

Addy – How is that rolling away?  I don’t even know what part that is and I have two of these things.
Artie – That’s part of the boosters I think.
Addy – You didn’t do this did you?
Artie – Would I do that?
Addy – Yes. Hey! Any survivors.

Alice – Well any crash you can walk away from right?
Addy – Yes but now you have to build it again.. Chop chop.
Alice – Sure, anything but painting.

Artie – Who is a cute little nooboo.  Yes you are.. Yes you are.
Addy – Big bad criminal element.. Made an idiot in front of a baby.
Artie – Shush you.
Addy – We ready to age this little guy up.
Artie – I’ve never been more ready for anything..*still using that baby voice*

Artie – Well hello Abraham.  What a handsome little fellow he is.
Addy – He totally breaks your streak too.
Artie – That’s okay.  He has my eyes.
Addy – Your Smile too.
No idea why he’s giving the goofy smile.  But he breaks Artie’s streak of first born always being red! The first born Grim in every game where Artie has been red has always been red TS3 (where red was cool) and now with the CC.  Go Abe!

Mariko was upset at how often Shingo got shown so she refuses to let Shingo be the Nanny of choice for Artie’s house.  Also mandatory potty shot.
Mariko – Do you have to go yet?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Do you feel like you should?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Well you’re staying a little longer til you do okay?

Abe – Ew.
Mariko – Yes.. You did a big ew.
Abe – *just stares like he’s daring her to clean it up*
Addy – Everyone is home let’s get you new clothes big boy.

Artie – Don’t worry, my little hunter.  You’ll have a good first night’s sleep in your toddler bed and then when you wake up we can go downstairs again and have some fun.. Okay?
Addy – Yep and Daddy will finish upgrading the fireplace for you too.
Artie – I.. Yes I will.  I forgot I have to do that for Boss.
Addy – So did I.

Addy – No no no.  No running out there!  The people walking around can see you!
Abe – *giggles and continues to streak in fun wild child fashion*
Addy – Get back here.  A little help would be nice!  Someone come dress this kid!

And extra family shot to show off The family skin tones. 
Artie – And then MaxisMan stopped the villain.
Abe – Yay!
Artie – Wait.. I’m not sure I should be reading this book.
Ruby – Why?
Artie – Because I want to rewrite the ending.
Ruby – It’s MaxisMan Saves the Day so you can’t change that.
Artie – Yes.. You’re right.  I need to write a whole new book. MaxisMan Gets Mashed.
Abe – No.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33 (Part 3)

Addy – Peekaboo.
R-T33 – What happened?
Addy – Nothing you need to worry about.  Time for the toddler to learn things and for you to go to work.  Call the nanny in on your way out!
What really happened is he wouldn’t put her down so I had to reset them both and this is the hilarious result.

Ay-L4 –  *giggles
Addy – No no no no no no..ewww.
Potty Mouth – I sanitize myself.
Addy – Yes but still.  C’mon Ayla.. Let’s go meet the Nanny.  He’s a friend of mine. Shingo help!
and yes stuck in her alien nappy with her adorable flip flops until Daddy comes home from work

Shingo (we love Shingo) – *pulls out basic needs cards* This is a toilet.  This is where big girls and boys sit to go potty.  It is not for playing.
Ay-L4 – *just stares*
Shingo – If you want to play in the water, we go in this.. This is a bathtub.  And if you’re a good little girl, we add bubbles!

Shingo – And when the little girl looked up at the moon in the sky, she knew she wanted to keep the moon forever.
Ay-L4 – Silly.
Shingo – That is silly isn’t it?

R-T33 – Aww my little podling is already asleep.
Addy – Yeah they sleep a lot at this age.
R-T33 – Is the nanny teaching her what she needs to know?
Addy – Shingo is teaching what a normal Sim toddler would learn.  If you want her to learn things about the Techs, that is on you.
R-T33 – Understood.   Why is her hair not different?
Addy – Because everyone was at work and we couldn’t use a mirror.  Maybe we should do that.
R-T33 – Yes and it might be good to perfect her disguise.
Addy – Yeah I’ll do the first one.  After that she can do it.

Addy – Oh no Bells.. You don’t want him to have your cake.
Naoki – I want the cake.
Addy – No you don’t.
Naoki – I’m having this cake!

Naoki – What was that?!
Addy – Bells I told you you didn’t want him to have the cake.  That’s undead meat walking.
Naoki – I didn’t think she would eat me.
Addy – You should read up on cowplants. Oh and milk her please.

Addy – Hey look at you!  Maxing Rocket Science.
R-T33 – *grunts* Yeah.  And now.. *huff* to finish this last.. Upgrade.. *huff* Then Ay-L4 can visit Sixam.

R-T33 – Emilie I finished.. Oh would you look at how big you are getting once more.  Hello our new special offspring.
Addy – Why are we having a second child again?
Emilie – I wanted one.
Addy – Well that explains it.
Emilie – Oooh.
Addy – Oooh?

R-T33 – The baby is coming! The baby is coming!  Why are you not panicking, child caretaker? The baby is coming!
Shingo – Silly fathers.

Emilie – You sure I can’t just go to the hospitalllll.
Addy – This is faster.
Emilie – Doesn’t feel like it.

Emilie – Well hello my little blue offspring.
Addy – It must have been reaaaally uncomfortable.  You’re still glowing orange.
Emilie – It’s okay.  She is worth it.

Addy – Adorable. What did we go with for a name?
Emilie – Chiana after a cousin of mine.
Addy – I wonder how Ayla’s going to take the news.
Emilie – I’m sure it won’t be a problem

New hair for Ay-L4 and PJs! Which means I remembered my sacred vow of new clothes
Addy – Ayla.. What are you doing sweetie?
Ay-L4 – No.
Addy – Yes.  Maybe.
Ay-L4 – Bath!
Addy – Well go ask someone silly.

Ay-L4 – Bath pleeeeaaase?
Naoki – Well since you asked so cutely.. And stink so much.

Like me.. Ay-L4 loves her Uncle Naoki

Ay-L4 – Play now!
Naoki – But you just got in.
Ay-L4 – Play!
Naoki – Lunch
Ay-L4 – Play!
Addy – Lunch and story time.
Ay-L4 – Yay.

Ay-L4 – Oooh. Ishy..
Naoki – And then the puppy looked for his ball over by the swings but there was no ball.  All he could find was a little bird sadly on the seat.  “What’s wrong” said Violet.  Can you guess what’s wrong with the bird?
Ay-L4 – Hungry!
Naoki – No.  “I want to swing because I cannot fly but I’m too small,” said the bird.  So the puppy jumped up and gave the swing a push which made the bird tweet with happiness.
Ay-L4 – Silly.

Naoki – Did you know.. You have a disguise you can put on so people don’t know you’re a.. Well you know.. An alien.
Ay-L4 – Really?
Naoki – You should try it.  If it’s like my dark form, you just have to think about it.  Now think really hard when you’re done eating and think about your disguise.

Ay-L4 – Did I do it Chair Bear?
Naoki – See that’s much better.
Ay-L4 – Feel silly.

Ay-L4 – Unca Naoki.. Why?
Shingo – Don’t watch Ayla.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go see Aunt Maaike.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go!
Maaike – *yells* C’mere Ayla we have blocks for you in here.

Addy – What are you doing out here.. Again.
Artie – You’re gonna be back with me soon right?
Addy – Why miss me? Or worried you’ll lose.
Artie – You gotta get him out of his bassinet, Addy.  He’s driving me nuts.
Addy – I’ll be there later.. Sheesh. And you were already nuts.

You see the green cloud?  That’s not her glowing.. That’s her stinking because nowhere I put Chiana allows Ayla to have a bath!
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – That’s good sweetie.  Now find the triangle.
Ay-L4 – Trangle.
Shingo – Triangle.
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – Okay how about we play after I try to change your diaper.
Ay-L4 – Play!

Ay-L4 – Wheee
Shingo – I see the moon, do you see the moon.
Addy – Me too.
Ay-L4 – Silly!

R-T33 – Let me guess. It is time for you to change houses.
Addy – Yes but I will return in two weeks to finish Ayla’s toddler training and age up Chiana.
R-T33 – Then we shall see you then.
Addy – good luck with two kids without me! *evil giggle*

Status Update – Week 2 for Grimtech Alien Bloodline

R-T33 Grimtech – Founder
– Aspirations: Soulmate [√] / Computer Whiz [ ] (64/100 hours left)
– Career: Tech Guru (Pro Gamer) – Level 7
– Skills:  Rocket Science 10 / Video Gaming 9 / Programming 9
– Alien Powers Regained: Antiseptic [√] / Hardly Hungry [ ] / Never Weary [ ] / Steel Bladder [√]
– Fully Upgraded:  Rocket Ship [√] or Wormhole [ ]
– Portrait: Normal [ ] / Disguise [ ]
– Alien Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Ay-L4 Grimtech – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 2
– Thinking: 4
– Imagination: 2
– Movement: 2
– Communication: 2
– Days until age up: 5