Fourth in the Four

Yes.  Another Grim Dynasty.  At the time of this writing, I have attempted three previous versions of an immortal dynasty with my favorite pain in the neck Sim, Artie Grim.  The first two failed for various reasons while the third went on to complete and be inducted into the hall of fame.   There is much of that story still waiting to be written in the form of the life states dynasty race that I started.. eons ago.  Will I go back to that challenge?  Maybe one day.  For now I’m enjoying bringing Artie into TS4 with a new goal as to why he’s putting himself through the turmoil of trying to make it eight generations without any screw ups.

What is that new goal?  I’m certainly not allowed to tell.  Though you can be sure that most of it was the fact that he felt the world had forgotten about him and there was also someone he wanted back into his life.  Who?  All will be revealed eventually.

Patience young padawans and enjoy the ride!


Here are some links that go with the story.  At this moment all of these links lead back to Carl and Pam’s Sims Forum.  Eventually I plan to actually put them on this thing.  We shall see.

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