House of Steel

The House of Steel Immortal Dynasty was the first Dynasty that I attempted to write a story with.   The place I chose to do it was on Carl & Pam’s Sims 3 Forum where the Immortal Dynasty rules can be found.   I remember pouring over some of the stories already written by other members.  As a Sims 3 fan, I was more than willing to take on the challenge to see if it was something I could do.  The act of writing out a story while doing the challenge was the part that appealed to my creative side.  I’ve always wanted to write something and this was the first thing I was actively able to get started.   While writing the story I became an active member of the forum and eventually became a moderator.  I started several stories after this one as new challenges come around but this one was my first.   Having it fail due to bugs that I couldn’t get past was the worst part.  It would have been one thing if something had happened in game as that would have actually helped the story.  The bugs couldn’t be fixed though no matter what was tried.

The House of Steel spans a play period of March 2011 to December 2011.  During this time, Sims 3 actually had story progression that allowed for the townies to marry and have children.  It meant the town around you was living, too.  I miss that part of Sims 3.  I know there are mods that fix that but they weren’t allowed for the Dynasty Hall of Fame and really that was my end goal.   I hope you enjoy the story and maybe just maybe having this here will remind me I owe the Steel family a happy ending.

Chapter Links for the House of Steel  (for easy looking)

The BeginningHappily Married
Playing with Pepper
Agnes Hinting
Even More Birthdays!
Do the birthdays ever stop?
Big News for Jamie & Sage
Babies Becoming Teenagers
Three Teens and a Promotion
The Big Bash
Life as We Know It
The Talk
Pepper Takes the Wheel
Saving Shantel
Grim’s First Visit
Life Goes On
The Next Step
Honeymoon in China
Birth of Generation 3
Hormones, Birthdays, & A New Gallery
Is Grim mean or nice?
Children Grow Too Fast
Coriander’s Childhood
Party for Pepper’s Boys
Pepper-Mint Party
Back to China
Tastes Like Fish
The House Tour (finally)
Mike’s Unexpected Surprise
Getting Old
Nooboos Come & Nooboos Go
Second Honeymoon for Shantel
Daily Routine, Interrupted
Who You Gonna Call?
Shantel Goes to Egypt
Pepper away, Cori does play
Another Requirement Down
Coriander’s Plan
House Rebuild
A Week of Sadness
Cycle of Life
Full House Again
Toddler Thyme
Coriander’s Last Birthday
Tastes Like Jell-O
Unexpected Twist
Let the hormones begin!
Number 51
Thyme’s A-Changin’
Graduation Thymes Two
First Thyme Trying
Vacation Thyme
Just a Matter of Thyme
Unexpected Change


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