Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33 (Part 2)

Emilie – Oh!  I see what you mean now.
Addy – That’s one way to change a girl’s glow.  Time to go tell T33 that it’s time to leave.
Emilie – I don’t want you at the hospital.
Addy – Any reason why not?
Emilie – This way T33 doesn’t lose the massage he’s getting now.
Addy – You’re such a cute dynasty wife.  Worried about moodlets.

Emilie – My sweet coronary companion.. I have something to tell you. It’s time.
R-T33 – *muffled by table* You will have to speak up.
Emilie – I happen to see your auditory tunnels so I know you can hear me.  It’s time.
Gill – You can’t talk to a pregnant lady like that man.  She’ll mess up all my good work.
Emilie – Shh.  Did you hear me T33? It’s time.

Gill – You’re kind of tense, man.  Take a deep breath of this aroma and maybe that will help.
R-T33 – The time has come.  The time has come!  Why are you making her breathe in such fumes when the baby is coming?!
Emilie – It is a very pleasant aroma.
Gill – Saffron man.  It’s awesome.

R-T33 – What is wrong with you strangely haired therapist? The baby is coming!
Gill – You gotta chill, man, or you’re gonna undo all my hard work.
R-T33 – Work!  How can I think about work if the baby is coming.
Addy – Alright Alright.  Go.. Hospital.. Have baby.. Come back.

Emilie – Yay! The pain is gone.
R-T33 – That was far messier than I had anticipated.
Addy – I know that machine shoots glue everywhere!
Emilie – Time for the baby’s first meal.
Addy – Yes, let’s do that.

Emilie – My sweet coronary companion.  Aren’t you going to give me a moment and go to work?
R-T33 – No.
Addy – T33…

R-T33 – Just one more cuddle and then I will head to work.
Addy – Yes because until you reach level 10.  That little dear can’t leave the house.  The race is on my friend.
R-T33 – You know how to spoil the game.
Emilie – Alright I’ll give you one more minute but then it’s my turn.

R-T33 – I will be back this evening my little lavender lady.
Addy – Considering she’s one of you guys. She’s really cute.  Must be all Emilie.
R-T33 – While she seems to have the skin tone of my mate.  I think I see duplicates of my ocular membranes.
Addy – Yeah she’s cute.  Put her down and go to work.
R-T33 – Right.. The race.  Goodbye little one.
Emilie – Don’t forget me.

Naoki – Oh she’s so…. Cute?
Addy – I heard that.
Naoki – I know I know.  She’s an alien but at the same time I think I was expecting.  Something more Simlish.
Addy – I think she’s adorable.

Addy – Naoki (and forum) meet Ay-L4 Grimtech.  I’m going to call her Ayla  (like Aayla Secura for you SW nerds out there ;))
Naoki – May she be as pretty as her mother.
Addy – Yes.. And less conniving than her father.
Naoki – Oh excuse me.  Stomach issues.
Addy – Uh huh.

Addy – Oh.. Apparently the time for you had nothing to do with the baby.
Emilie – Yes. We decided before Ay-L4 was born that we would have a second offspring to help with some of the household duties.  And while it may not come in handy for Ay-L4. There might be a spot for a well-trained extra in third house.
Addy – You’re absolutely right.

Addy – What are you doing? Stalking the house?
Artie – *mouth full* Heard there was a baby.
Addy – Yes Gen 2 has been born.
Artie – Good to know.. Good burger too.
Addy – Go home.

Gill – I did not push that button.
Maaike – Oh.. Sorry about that.
Gill – That really messed up my groove.
Addy – Would mess up mine too.

Emilie – She seems a little darker than I am.
Addy – She does but she’s still very cute and adorable.
Emilie – I agree. Perhaps she will have a brother that will resemble her.
Addy – Or a sister.  Since we’re not influencing babies.
Emilie-  This is true.  Hopefully the aliens that we meet on Sixam with Ay-L4 is older will provide us with the mate she will need.
Addy – And if it doesn’t, I’ve learned my lesson.

I’m ashamed I forgot to put the walls up!
Addy – What in the world are you two wearing?
R-T33 – This is my new outfit.. Yo.
Ulrike – Please make him stop using that word.
R-T33 – Why… yo.
Ulrike – I’m going to go paint.
R-T33 – I do not comprehend the problem.
Addy – Don’t say it.  It sounds odd coming from you is all.  Leave it to the children.

Naoki – Oh I really don’t feel so good.
Addy – Yes and we know why. You’ve eaten an entire 8 servings of fruit today!
Naoki – No, something’s wrong.
Addy – Ut Oh.

Naoki – What’s happening?
Addy – It’s that time.
Naoki – Oh no am I dying?
Addy – Yes.. But in the way of your choice.

Naoki – Ahhh!
Addy – Ugh.  Need to change the hair.  But the eyes are nice.

Naoki – *hisses all over the place*
Addy – Yeah yeah.. You’re a vamp.  I just left that house.  Change back and hit the mirror.
Naoki – I’m hungry.
Addy – After you go to the mirror.

Naoki – *moans a little while eating*
Tyrone – Hey.. Careful there buddy.
Naoki – Sorry you’re just.. So good. And I was.. So hungry.
Addy – Excuse the baby vamp.  You’re his first.

Addy – So.. Naoki changed.
R-T33 – Today was the day that it was expected.
Addy – That’s true.  And congratulations only one more upgrade to go.
R-T33 – Then we will be able to travel to Sixam with Ay-L4.
Addy – You excited to see it?
R-T33 – I have traveled to Sixam before, Adrasteia.  This will not be my first time.
Addy – Bah.. Nevermind go back to your torch.

Emilie – And you will always be my first.
Addy – Yep nothing can change that.
Emilie – Tomorrow she will be my first toddler.
Addy – But not mine and even though we’ll only have a few days with her I’m sure it will be fine.
Emilie – I concur but I will miss these days of simplicity.
Addy – I won’t.  We had to put her by the door so people could take a soak in the tub!

I thought about ending it right here.. But I’m not
R-T33 – Is my little fang flower ready to toddle?
Addy – We got the notice.  Do the magic bassinet!
R-T33 – I cannot wait!

Ay-L4 -*squeals!*
R-T33 – They grow rather exponentially don’t they?
Addy – Wait til she starts doing requirements to move out.
R-T33 – I may not be prepared.
Addy – No one ever is.

I do leave you with this picture though.  Cute little Ay-L4 learning to walk those first few steps.  That diaper has to go but she still cute!


Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33

Emilie – My sweet, it seems that our watcher has returned and you know what that means, don’t you?
R-T33 – It means that we can finally finish the mating ritual that we began just before she left us.
Emilie – Yes, we can.  Shall we?
R-T33 – Lead the way my tender little glow orb.

Addy – Where are you two going?
R-T33 – Can’t talk.. Following Emilie.
Addy – Okay you and ‘glow orb’ have fun.

Lots of fun apparently..

Not Pictured: The other 4 times she sat on this toilet with no confetti
Emilie – Yes!
Addy – Finally!

Emilie – T33. I have good news.  It worked!
R-T33 – You’re sure this time?
Emilie – Yes!  There was confetti.
R-T33 – These Sim customs get weirder every day.
Emilie – I think I need to quit my job though so I’m going to go make friends.
R-T33 – *scowls a little* Do not forget there are some that are not allowed by the meeting.
Emilie – Don’t worry.  I won’t forget.

Ulrike – You’re an alien.
Emilie – Yes I am.  How nice of you to notice as is my mate and our child will be too.
Ulrike – That’s interesting.
Emilie – I understand that you and your roommate are very creative.  I was wondering if you would like to become watched Sims in my household and pursue your creative endeavors with us.
Ulrike – Yes.  Yes we would.
Emilie – Don’t want to ask her?
Ulrike – Nope, she gets no say.

Addy – Don’t make that face at me.
Artie – When are you coming back.. Abraham is needy and stuck in a bassinet.  I’d like my sleep back please.
Addy – End of the week.  Just go to the gym or something, it’s only Sunday.

Emilie – This reminds me of the nebula where I grew up.
Addy – Reminds me of my daughter getting a hold of the markers on the living room wall.
Emilie – What do you mean?
Addy – Nothing.  Keep going.  Need a snack?  How’s the back?
Emilie – I am in good health and doing quite well today.  My nausea seems to be over.
Addy – Good!  Someone needs to clean the toilet.

Naoki – I’m on to you.
Maaike – I don’t know what you mean.
Naoki – You’re trying to take my place as the most valuable helper around here.  But I won’t let you.
Maaike – I just moved in because my roommate said I had to.
Naoki – You can’t fool me.
Addy – Naoki.. Leave the girl alone.  I have a job for you.
Naoki – Sure thing.   *mumbles* I’m watching you.

Emilie – Whew.  This is starting to become a little harder on my back.
Addy – You’re doing fine, Mama.  It will all be over soon.
Emilie – Promise?
Addy – Sure!

Maaike – This place is kind of nice.  It has nice atmosphere.  I bet I could use this setting for my next book.
Ulrike – This place is a dump.  All the plants are half dead, the sun doesn’t even shine here.
Emilie – My scans show none of the life forms that I was sent to retrieve.
Ulrike – Wait.. Why are we here?
Emilie – Naoki asked me to come with the two of you.
Addy – Okay change of plans.  Not sure what you’re supposed to be looking for but we have to go head home soon.  People need to paint and write.

Addy – Hey why are you over here?
Naoki – Just visiting my co-worker Eliza.
Addy – Uh huh. I don’t buy that.
Naoki – Oh look they let me in.

Naoki – *waves* Greetings that is a nice shirt you have there.
Anvi White – What do you want?
Naoki – Well I have a proposition for you.
Anvi White – And why should I help you?  You’re with the enemy.
Naoki – Let’s take a short trip back to my side of Newcrest and I’ll show you.
Anvi White – Only because we’re the living old folks in this challenge.. For now.

Anvi White – I have considered your proposal and I agree with your terms.  Not that you and I can directly change anything but I still consider it a boon.
Naoki – I was thinking that you would see the logic in the plan.
Anvi White – It ties you to me and while at this moment there is no advantage.. One day there might be.

Naoki – So.. How do we begin?
Anvi White – You mean you thought of this plan but you don’t know?
Naoki – I was saving my research for later?
Anvi White – That’s actually smart.  Here I will show you.

Anvi White – That’s it.  Drink deep of the essence that is my being.
Dude Jang (can’t remember name) – Wait is he drinking from a vampire?
Anvi White – You can stop now.
Naoki – Mmm
Anvi White – *pushes him away* I said you could stop.
Addy – I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
Dude Jang – Me either!

Addy – I mean why is there a giant pink raccoon in our neighborhood?  And why is it named the same thing as that big boned teenage vampire that hangs by Ankou’s house?
Naoki – Obviously a scavenger hoping for a part.
Addy – She’s no Caleb or Shota in jogging shorts.  Don’t know why she would think this would help.

R-T33 – I can feel the offspring inside of the organ of your pelvic cavity moving.
Emilie – Yes, your child is quite the kicker.
Addy – Wait til that organ tries to push the baby out with sparkles.

R-T33 – I do believe if I manipulate your muscles in this fashion that it will help relieve some of the tension and discomfort.
Emilie – Oh yeah.. That’s the spot.  Don’t stop.
R-T33 – I am happy to have pleased you, mate.

Addy – Look at you all glowy.  Where you headed?
R-T33 – MarianT, First of her name, Queen of the Rivals and Mother of Rotation, explained further within the updated rules compendium that I am the one that finishes all of the upgrades on the rocket of my own household. So I am unable to continue to ask Naoki for his efforts in this endeavor.  Therefore I must go visit the stars where I truly belong anyway.  I shall return.
Addy – Could’ve just said you were going on a quick trip.
R-T33 – I am going on a quick trip.

Naoki – Oh man I don’t feel so good.
Addy – Perhaps it’s the fruit salad you’ve been eating so much of.  No wait.  I know what it is.  You drank a vampire’s plasma!
Naoki – No yelling.. It hurts.
Addy – Just tell me why?
Naoki – I don’t want to die.
Addy – Oh.. Um.  Darn I can’t argue that. Carry on and sorry for yelling.

Ulrike – It’s my first masterpiece.
Addy – It’s… special.  Especially considering the house you’re in.
Ulrike – It’s a masterpiece because in a way it’s a part of me.
Addy – Maybe next time still go for masterpiece but not so deep.  I mean the aliens you live with aren’t exactly going to abduct you.  Trust me but they can still be offended.
Ulrike – I think Emilie will like it.
Addy – It’s T33 I worry about.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (3)

Anvi White – *plays something slow and mournful*
Addy – That is one thing that can be said for this house.
Ankou – What’s that?
Addy – It’s always filled with interesting music.

Armand – Splash!
Ankou – Ahh!  No.  No Splash Daddy. Now he is all wet.
Armand – Like me!

Ankou – What are you doing, Armand?
Armand – Hugging Queenie
Ankou – Did she do something worthy of a hug?
Armand – She say she wuvs me.
Addy – That is a good reason for a hug.

Ankou – By lunchtime Max is STARVING. “Scrumptious Lice Rice – I can’t wait!” He slurps it SUPER fast before the lice crawl off his plate.*
Armand – Silly Max.
*excerpt from Spider Sandwiches!

I like how he practically had to crawl onto the batbear’s lap to hug him
Armand – And then Max ate a spidy sammich!
Addy – Telling Bearcula about your book?
Armand – Uh huh.
Ankou – Hey Armand.. Do you want to play?
Armand – Bye Bear!

Armand – Plane!
Ankou – Oh trust me son.  One day I shall teach you a better way to fly.
Armand – Bat!

Addy – I didn’t realize that vampires could get sick.  I’ll order some meds for you.
Anvi White – Is it as bad as I think it is?
Addy – Some spots for now.  Best to cure it before you infect someone else.

Armand – *laughs as he streaks through the house*
Ankou – Naked baby!  I’m gonna get you.
Addy – Hey get back in there.  No one wants to see that.

Pink Anvi – Something feels a little strange.
Addy – No.  Something looks a little strange.
Pink Anvi – It’s the pants isn’t it?  I was thinking they were odd.
Addy – Yeah it’s definitely the pants.  Get inside before you burn!

Shingo – One cat in one hat. One big red bow tie. One fish in one owl One teacup Up high.
Armand – One One One.
Shingo – That’s right.
Ankou – We’re hitting up the spice festival really quick then we’ll be back.
Shingo – We’ll be here doing flash cards.

How the mighty have fallen.
Ankou – No UFO plants.. Time to head home even though I would very much enjoy a night off, the little one needs more training.
Anvi White – Wait.  I’m doing the curry challenge.

Ankou – Are you still wearing the spice challenge shirt?
Anvi White – Yeah so?
Ankou – Just wondering.  I couldn’t believe you kept us waiting while you tried curry. What are you up to?
Anvi White – I’m working on a little present that I’m hoping will do wonders compared to Rally the Troops.
Ankou – I look forward to seeing it.
Addy – Me too

Addy – Almost there!
Ankou – Yep now if only I could get faster promotions.
Addy – Be careful what you wish for.
Ankou – that’s what I should do.  I should wish for it!
Addy – Oh I wouldn’t.  Too risky but at least you’re finally in the mixology branch.
Ankou – I know I just feel like I’m failing.
Addy – You’re doing fine, but for now it’s time to go.  Armand technically qualifies for childhood but I don’t want to age him up before the switch.
Ankou – Good call.  We’ll start our next week with a birthday then.
Addy – Or we aim for top notch toddler.
Anvi White – Let’s see how close the competition is then.
Addy – Smart.

Status Update – Week 2 for Grimfang Vampire Bloodline

Ankou Grimfang – Founder
– Aspiration: Good Vampire (Need 14 days of asking for permission to drink)
– Career: Mixologist – Level 6
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mixology 9 / Charisma 5
– Vampire Rank: Grand Master
– Tier 5 Powers: Immortal Pleasure / Tamed Thirst
– Garden: Plasma Fruit [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Sixam Mosquito Trap [√] / Deathflower [√] / Dragonfruit [√] / Cowplant [√]
– Portrait: Normal [√] / Dark Form [ ]
– Vampire Mate? [√] / Heir?  [√]

Armand Grimfang – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: Max
– Thinking: Max
– Imagination: Max
– Movement: 4
– Communication: 4
– Days until age up: 2

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (2)

Ankou – This shape has four sides all just the same. I can guess this shape and I can say its name. It’s a square!
Armand – Nom nom nom.
Ankou – This shape has three sides and looks like an arrow.  One end is wide and the other is narrow. It’s a triangle!
Addy – Don’t forget Ankou.  What goes in has to come out.  Might want to do some training in that regard.
Ankou – Oh.. Right.

Ankou – Don’t strain too much, Armand.  You might hurt something.
Armand – *grunts*
Addy – Whew.  So glad we’re all out of diaper stage here.

Armand – Papa!  I potty!
Ankou – I know. What a big boy you are.
Armand – Messy.
Ankou – It is okay you made a mess.  That happens sometimes.
Armand – *comforted* Okay

Bob – Three little babies danced in the den.
Armand – Dance!
Bob – Four big owls hooted in the yard.
Armand – Hoo Hoo!

Shingo the Nanny – You’re doing a really good job, Lorelei.  You’re almost there.
Addy – Actually, you’re there.  Congratulations on your first level 10 skill sweetheart.
Lorelei – I haven’t even been to school yet!
Addy – I know.  What would you like to try next?
Lorelei – Chess!
Shingo – That’s a fun one but I’m not much help.
Addy – I think we have that covered.

For some reason everyone likes to sit over here on the baby’s bed.
Bob – And while the owls flew away, the babies laid down for a nap.
Armand – Eggs gone too.
Pink Anvi – *tries to not slurp*
Bob – Maybe you should try to sleep sweetheart.
Armand – Okay

Addy – Whatcha doing?
Lorelei – This is the quietest room in the house.  I won’t wake him.  He’s too cute for that.
Addy – He is kind of cute.
Lorelei – Am I being groomed to be his wife?
Addy – What?
Lorelei – I was doing some reading and apparently sometimes kids get brought into dynasty houses to be dynasty wives.  Is that true?
Addy – Well yes but you can’t be Armand’s wife unless you choose to become a vampire.  Do you want to be a vampire?
Lorelei – I don’t know.
Addy – Then neither do I.

Addy – Look you painted your signature color.
Pink Anvi – This painting does kind of speak to me.

Ankou – So what do you want to do today big boy?
Armand – Up Up!
Lorelei – Hey buddy you want to go dancing with me?Addy – We should try to finish some potty training.  The sooner that’s done the better for everyone.

Armand – Unca Bob!
Bob – Hey little guy.  You having fun watching everyone?
Armand – Big fun. Bye Bye now.
Addy – We need to teach him to talk.

Armand – Dance!
Ankou – Look at you my big boy.
Lorelei – Think he’ll do more than bounce?
Ankou – When he’s ready.
Addy – So parenting is a drink in each hand kind of job now huh?
Ankou – I’m preparing for work.  One is a Plasma Jane and the other a Prose & Prop.
Addy – Ahh.

Armand – Whee!
Shingo – There you go big boy.
The sparkles match his pants

Shingo – Hey.. Where did he go?
Armand – *giggles*
Addy – Sneaky monkey is sneaky.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (1)

Addy – Slacking without me, hm?
Ankou – Ahh you have returned!
Addy – I take it you missed me?
Ankou – Of course I did but it’s time to get back on track, is it not?

The first few days back with Ankou’s brood was random skilling and baby care…
Pink Anvi – You’re Mummy’s little prince. Yes you are.

Lots of Baby care…
Eliza – You’re just so cute I could eat you up.  Yes I could.

Even Anvi White got in on it..
Addy – I thought you hated children.
Anvi White – Who could hate this little angel?  He’s just so precious and smells so good.
Addy – No nibbles.
Anvi White – Vampires do not nibble on their own kind.

She took care of him more than most of the others actually..
Anvi White – Here comes the milk train.
Armand – *squeal*

Addy – Ugh.  That looks.. Wow.
Ankou – *Inhales deep* It smells divine. Plasma Fruit Salad.
Addy – That explains a lot actually.

Bob – I do believe it’s a masterpiece.
Addy – So it says but I’m not sure why it’s a masterpiece.
Bob – Because I painted it thinking of the way my wife was before we moved in here.
Addy – Wow.  Okay then.  Keep going.
Bob – Actually I have a small idea then I’ll get back to painting.

Addy – You’re looking pleased with yourself.
Eliza – Guess who just got promoted.. Again.  I’m good what can I say.
Addy – Hm.  Can you make anything fun yet?
Eliza – Definitely.
Addy – We should work on that one day. For now.. Garden watering time.

Bob – Here you go, how’s this offer?
Eliza – Bob, what are you doing?
Bob – Oh uhh.. Making a wish?
Eliza – A wish for what?
Bob – I want a child, Eliza.

Eliza – There are other ways to get children.  Some that are even more fun, remember?
Bob – Boy do I?  So.. Do you wanna?
Eliza – I am open for negotiations down in our bedroom.  Yes.
Bob – Let’s go. *grabs her hand*

My ability to pause at great moments has not lessened over time.

Bob – Eliza I don’t want to disagree anymore.  Maybe we should just relax.
Eliza – Actually, I’ve decided that you were right.
Bob – I was?
Eliza – We’ll go with your plan with a slight change.
Bob – Sure.. What change?

Bob – Welcome to your new home, sweetie.
Lorelei – Oh thank you for adopting me Daddy!
Addy – And who is this?

Lorelei – Is that mother’s voice?
Bob – No that’s Addy, our watcher.
Lorelei – I’m a watched Sim too!
Addy – Sometimes.  Welcome to the household, Lorelei.

Addy – When you’re done playing with everyone walking by, we have someone new for you to meet.
Ankou – But this is entertaining.
Addy – I’m sure it is but Bob has just adopted a daughter and I thought you would be interested to come greet her.
Ankou – I’ll be there right after Sofia lets me have a small sip.
Addy – Alright and next time leave poor Naoki alone.

Lorelei – And I love to draw.  It’s one of my favorite things to do!
Bob – Really?  Then I think you’ll enjoy the kitchen–
Eliza – Ahem *clears throat* Bob.  Who is this?
Bob – Oh.. Whoops.  Eliza I would like you to meet our daughter, Lorelei. Lorelei, this is your mother and my wife, Eliza.

Lorelei – Oh thank you thank you!
Eliza – Oh careful, you might choke me sweetheart. And You’re welcome.  I’m happy to finally meet you.
Bob – Don’t stress your ankles too much dear.  They look a little odd. I’m going back inside to get the drawing table ready.
Lorelei – A drawing table!  Yay!

Ankou – I can’t believe it, it’s time.
Addy – Yes.. Finally.  Come on little one.  Let’s see what a handsome fellow you turn into.

I thought about ending this update here, but decided against it.

Armand – Whee!
Addy/Ankou – He’s blue!
Addy – And he’s adorable.

Ankou – That’s Papa’s big boy.
Armand – Papa!
Ankou – Oh they grow so fast.
Addy – Well you know it’s a Sims thing.  Now the real fun begins for us all.

except for Shingo.. He’s the local Nanny and currently trying to teach Pink Anvi how to play violin. And she’s exceptionally bad at it.
Addy – Anvi.. Your son has become a toddler.  You might want to come see him before we put him to bed.

Ankou – Hold on tight little one and close your eyes.
Anvi White – Don’t drop him.
Addy – Are you sure it’s safe to turn into a bat with your child in your arms?
Anvi White – Only if you don’t drop them.

How much blue could I fit into one picture? LOTS
Ankou – Good night tomb, Good night goon.  Good night Martians taking over the moon. Good night bones and the black lagoon.  Good night mummies. Good night tummies Goodnight claws And good night jaws.
Addy – What are you reading him?
Armand – Shh!
Ankou – Good night moans and good night groans. Goodnight goo and good night to the old werewolf hollering Boo.  Goodnight You.. Get under there.  Good night monsters.. Everywhere.

Addy – And good night little fangling.  You have much skilling to do when you wake up.
Ankou – No pressure or anything.
Addy – None at all, Mr. I need to finish becoming a Grand Master.
Ankou – Going.. Going. Wait..what does it mean a vampire is breaking in?

Addy – Caleb, Are you really sneaking around another vampire’s house?
Caleb – Oh.. Uh.  Guess I am.  I think I have the wrong address.
Addy – Well since you’re here.  Maybe you should fight with Ankou some.
Caleb – Sure why not.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (5)

It’s always creepy watching Artie have a good time from a distance, but his dinner party was a gold medal event! Two more to go.

Addy – What are you doing?
Ruby – Going upstairs.
Addy – You’re walking around the house to go upstairs?
Ruby – This way I’m avoiding all the people in the kitchen from the party.
Addy  – Yeah.. Probably a good idea.  Though I think a lot of them are hanging out front now.  Trying to get a second gold party.
Ruby – We should tell Artie though maybe.
Addy – Maybe.

Ruby – Oooh this hurts more than I thought it would.
Addy – Just remember to breathe.  That will help.
Ruby – whooo Whoo whoo.  Sure it does.  Just get it out.
Addy – You’re doing fine.
Ruby – Where’s Artie?
Addy – He’s coming had to extract himself from Ulrike.

Addy – It’s a boy!
Ruby – Oh good.. The pain’s gone.
Addy – Do we have a name for him?
Ruby – I think Artie said he had a small list of ideas but I don’t remember what we chose.

Ruby – Oh you’re such a cute little thing aren’t you?
Artie – *belated panicking* Oh my pixels. The baby.. The baby’s coming!
Addy – You know.. I am very aware of how many kids you’ve had.  You’d think after the last batch you’d be used to this.
Artie – Ahh!
Ruby – Isn’t Daddy just the silliest thing?
Addy – Yes.. Yes he is.

Kenjo – So hey Artie.  Didn’t your wife just give birth upstairs?
Artie – Not my wife but yes, I have a cute little boy now.
Kenjo – Wow congrats man.  I mean I feel sorry for the kid being yours but that’s still huge.
Artie – You just reminded me why I don’t like you.
Gym Trainer Sidney – Sometimes you’re not that smart.

Artie – Oh Alice.  That’s the stuff.  I need this to be really good okay.  I want my promotion before Addy abandons us tonight.
Addy – You are such a drama queen.
Masseuse Gil – Excuse me.  You guys are in my way.

Ruby – You’re just a little sweetie, aren’t you?
Addy – He does seem unusually good for a Grim.  And he reminds me of Ankou’s child which I’ll be going back to tonight.
Ruby – But that’s okay, we’ll take care of little Abe while you’re away.
Addy – I know you will.  And then we’ll have some toddler training!  Which I’m not sure how I feel about.
Ruby – Me either but hey that’s what Nannies are for.
Addy – Exactly.

No matter what we did we couldn’t get the birthday party to register things happening so Olivia had fun without a birthday party.
Addy – Happy Birthday sweetie!

Addy – Oh look at you! So pretty.  I almost like that hair.
Olivia – So it’s that bad huh?
Addy – Not what I said at all!

Addy – Naturally the first thing you want to do is take a selfie.
This face is how I look with selfies too.  Glad it’s not just me.”

Artie – And soon we’ll see just what color you are after we’re done being abandoned by the watcher.  And that’s okay isn’t it my prince?
Abe – *gurgles*
Addy – You’re lucky I don’t make you lose somehow.

Artie – We both know she’d never do that huh?
Abe – *coos*
Artie – Yeah because we’re family and family doesn’t do that.  We only backstab everyone else. Yeah.. No one else is safe but family is. *bouncing him*
Addy – Yeah, I’m going to get you..  In two weeks.  I’m off to go check on the other infant.
Artie – Say bye Addy.. Come back with lots of experience how to make you smart super fast!

Status Update – Week 2 for Grim Reaper Bloodline

Artie Grim – Founder
– Aspiration: Soulmate √ / Mansion Baron √ / Public Enemy (Need Level 8 Criminal Career)
– Career: Criminal – Level 7
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mischief 10 / Fitness 10 / Handiness 6
– Rocket Ship Upgades: Thrusters, Cargo Bay
– Gold Parties: House Party
– Reward Traits: Carefree √ | Connections √ | Professional Slacker √ | Frugal √
– Portrait:  In the works
– Heir?  √

Abraham Grim – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
Hidden Agenda:
 – Garden: Garlic [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Plasma Fruit [√]
 – Vampires Cured: Genji H / A. Al Arabi / Neelish S
 – Aspiration: Bodybuilder √ 

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (4)

Addy – What’s going on? Oh!
Alice – Olivia just keep making those potions okay?
Olivia – Okay..
Neelish – I didn’t even know him and I find this sad.
Artie – Wow this is a great day.
Reaper – Where’s the door?

Eric – I can’t believe he’s gone.
Olivia – Can I look yet?
Artie – *clapping* Good show!  Good Show!

Olivia – Granpa? Why is he laying there?
Artie – *maniacal laughter* Because he finally croaked.
Alice & Eric – *groan as they cry*
Reaper Bob – *looking to the 4th wall* It’s like these people don’t know him at all huh?

Artie – Hey Bob.. Don’t you dare break my TV.
Reaper Bob – Would I do that?  I just want to catch this one show. You know Sheila won’t let me watch it at home.
Artie – Okay but then you gotta go.
Reaper Bob – Thanks man.
Ruby Do – I know it’s crazy and I’m pregnant!
Neelish – Really? That’s amazing.  You’re not even fat.
Artie – Hey Neelish.  Let’s go upstairs so I can talk to you about why I invited you over.  Before the old man died.

Neelish – So why are we hanging out in the little girl’s room?
Artie – Well there’s something I wanted us to do but it’s best we do it where no one can see us and you won’t fry and run away.
Neelish – What’s that?

Artie – C’mon Neelish.  I know the rumors are flying and we both know there’s really only one reason why a man like me would want to hang out with a disgusting agent of chaos such as yourself.  I mean I’m a criminal and a generally really bad person, but you’re a bloodsucking low-life.
Neelish – Wait what?

Neelish – Not the garlic!
Artie – *bops him on the head with it*

Neelish – Ahh!  This feels so weird.
Artie – Floating is weird but you get used to it after about seven levels of wellness

Artie – Now get off my property and don’t you ever talk to my girl again!
Neelish – Okay jerk.  I’m gone.

Ruby – I heard you fighting Neelish.
Artie – Yep.
Ruby – Don’t you think you were rude?
Artie – Yep.
Ruby – You’re still wearing your suit.
Artie – Yep.

Ruby – Don’t you think you should sweat in something else?
Artie – Eh.. Maybe.  But I haven’t slipped in these shoes yet.

Addy – For a moment I didn’t think that you were showing but now I see.
Ruby – Yeah I suddenly feel like if I lean too forward I’ll fall over.
Addy – That happens sometimes.  You’ll be okay. What you doing out here?
Ruby – With Dennis gone, someone needs to water the plants and what not and I can’t exactly get my job at the gym back.
Addy – Nope but that’s okay too.  Anything you want just let me know.

Kenjo – Why did you invite me over if you’re just going to be all schizo?
Artie – Because I’m abusing your willingness to come over to max out my mischief skill.
Kenjo – You’re not a nice person.
Artie – Have I ever claimed that I was?

Troll (Lara something I think) – That’s it Artie.  You’re doing it.  Just keep that pace going.
Artie – I’m so close I can feel it!

Troll – You did it Artie. Congratulations on maxing fitness.
Artie – Good I can go and not come back to see your mug again.
Troll – What was that?
Artie – *louder* I think Marcus is going to bust the bag again.
Troll – He better not.

Addy – It’s so weird to see you in the garden..
Artie – I know I know but I have to maintain it right?
Addy – Yes but do you really think no one has figured out the hidden agenda you’ve got going?
Artie – It’s not that hidden.  Just think of it as.. Upping my awesome level.
Addy – Uh huh.