Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 3)

Ankou – Ohhhhhh.
Addy – Really?  Well we know what that means.
Ankou – Ohhhh.
Addy – Oh give it up the pain isn’t that bad you sissy.

Ankou – Darling, I think it is time for us to head to the hospital.
Pink Anvi – What do you mean it’s time?
Addy – He finally believes us and want the baby out now.
Ankou – I am in a considerable amount of discomfort.  Shall we?
Pink Anvi – The baby’s coming!  Wait.. Why are you having a baby?
Addy – *facepalm*

Doctor – Let’s see here. Oh I see this is.. Um.  Well this is something special isn’t it
Ankou – You can say it.  I was impregnated by an alien.  Now please do make the pain stop.
Doctor – Right.

Pink Anvi – That is not a baby! Put it back!
Ankou – Is that what I think it is?
Doctor – Oops sorry. Was a little high on that.  I’ll just tuck that back in.
Ankou – Where you got it from preferably.

Doctor – Oh.. Well it’s a boy!
Ankou – Was that really inside me all this time?
Addy – Yes, he was.

Doctor – Another smooth and successful delivery!
Pink Anvi – *growl* If I were you, I would rethink your desire to continue practicing medicine!

Ankou – He is kind of cute.
Addy – What are we going to name him?
Ankou – *coos at the screaming child*  How about Thomas?
Addy – That’s a great name.

Pink Anvi – *flinches a little* Ehh.  It really is one of them isn’t it?
Addy – Yes, I do believe so.
Pink Anvi – And that voice..
Addy – It will grow on you.
Pink Anvi – No.  I don’t think it will.

Gill – Not even a vamper and I’d take a bite outta that.
Sofia – Ankou, the help is staring.
Ankou – It’s just Gill.  He spends too much time in an incense fog.
Gill – Huh? Oh yeah, get the saffron started and let’s go.

Anvi White – Look you disgusting walking pile of annoyance and filth, if you’re not going to make him stop crying then get out of my way.
Lucas – Don’t worry little guy I won’t let her make you mad.
Anvi White – You’re the one making him cry.  Move!

Addy – Why yes Lilith just come on in.
Lilith – Oh.. Um.  Bye!
In my game, if a vampire is coming into the house and you try to talk to them.. They run away. I’m okay with that.

Armand – Father says you are by far one of the sweetest individuals he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Sofia – Your father is a smooth talker.
Armand – Yes but he’s old and for a little while longer we shall be the same age.  How about we enjoy our youth together?
Sofia – I’m sorry it’s hard to take this seriously while there is a sparkle on your shoulder.
Armand – That’s because we’re in a Good Schools lot.  I promise I am not one of those vampires.
Sofia – Oh good.

Armand – Hellooooooo!  What is with this uniform huh?
Addy – Oh hush.  You’ve hit level 3 so you can quit if you don’t like it.
Armand – Oh then I will do that.  Wearing blue on blue is too blah.
Addy – Oh I’ll have to let your father know you think so.
Armand – You don’t have to.

Lorelei seemed bored with all of her toys so we’ve moved on to puppet shows for the Adventurers!

Addy – Hello Vlad.
Vlad – Goodbye.. *turns and walks away*
Addy – *just shakes head* You’d think they would realize it’s almost all vampires here.

Addy – Wow where has the time gone?
Ankou – 48 hours of skilling, working and painting..
Addy – Apparently but you forgot schoolwork and frog breeding.
Ankou – Ahh yes. That too.  C’mon Thomas. It’s time to show us how cute you are.

Thomas – Eee!
Ankou – No flying off just yet, little one.
Addy – Sadly, I don’t think this one will ever fly like the other.
Ankou – And that is acceptable, because no matter what they were planning with him, he is still mine.

Yes this is the kind of heathens we are.  This is how you keep them in line!

Thomas – Hug!
Gill – Aww, thanks little guy.  The Gillman needed that.
Addy – Pardon him, he apparently doesn’t know a stranger.
Gill – It’s okay, man.  I like it.

Thomas – *babbles in his cute very alien voice*
Gill – Whoa.. You’re an alien, lil man.
Addy – Really?  Well don’t go spreading it around.
Gill – Oh no.. Course not.

Armand – Uncle Bob are you quite finished?
Bob – One more time, buddy.
Armand – Why are we doing four at a time again?Bob – So you can continue to do your requirements while I put my creative mojo to work.
Armand – If I must.
Addy – You must.
Creative mojo = 4777 on the highest.. Which isn’t bad!

Ankou – Thomas, you can continue to make that face at me all you want but you are tired and it is story time.
Thomas – No sleep!
Ankou – We shall see.
Addy – Thomas if you take a nap we can go to the park tonight before Addy has to go away for two weeks.
Thomas – Park?
Ankou – Only if you sleep!
Thomas – Ni ni!

Addy – Again with the shirt and pants
Artie – It’s quite comfy. Is that the one that used my tub?
Pink Anvi – I am the one that used your tub and made a big mess all over your floor.
Artie – I thought so.  Nice combat boots.
Pink Anvi – They’re not combat boots.. They’re *censored*
Addy – Anvi..
Pink Anvi – Got my point across didn’t I?
Artie – You’re lucky I know the forum rules or I’d dare you to try!

Addy – Emilie.. Are you here to remind me it’s almost time?
Emilie – Maybe.
Addy – Well thank you for at least working on the right skill set while I’m not there.
Emilie – It’s the least I can do. So did they bring the child?
Addy – Ahh.  Here to check out Thomas then huh?
Emilie – I do have a small child of my own to think about.  Two spares might find happiness.
Addy – We shall see.  Alright time to say goodbye to everyone.  Go home so you can be there when I show up.

Artie – And what do you think you’re doing?
Thomas – Run!
Artie – That’s right little guy.  Run while you can.
Addy – He’s not a vamp.
Artie – I thought he was Ankou’s.
Addy – He is.  Ankou was abducted.
Artie – Why didn’t I think of that?!
Addy – I’m sure you might have eventually.  Say bye bye Thomas.
Thomas & Artie – Bye Bye Thomas.
Addy – Time to go check on T33 and Ay-L4.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grimfang Vampire Bloodline

Ankou Grimfang – Founder
– Vampire Aspiration: Good Vampire (Need 4 days of asking for permission to drink)
– Career: Mixologist – Level 10
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mixology 10 / Charisma 8
– Vampire Rank: Grand Master
– Tier 5 Powers: Immortal Pleasure / Tamed Thirst
– Garden: Plasma Fruit [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Sixam Mosquito Trap [√] / Deathflower [√] / Dragonfruit [√] / Cowplant [√]
– Portrait: Normal [√] §5597 / Dark Form [√] §8006
– Vampire Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Armand Grimfang – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Toddler Skills: Top Notch Toddler
– Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid [√] / Social Butterfly [√] > Aged up Wednesday 10 AM
– Part Time Job:  Retail – Level 3 (Friday)
– High School Grade: A (Friday)
– Aspiration: Curator (Unique) [√] / Vampire Something Not done yet
– Unique Skills: Logic 8 /
– Other Skills:  Vampire Lore 4 / Charisma 3
– Vampire Rank: Minor Vampire (2/5)
– Portrait: Normal [√] §9635 / Dark Form [√] §4777
– Good Friends:  Ankou [√] / Billy Jang [√] / Shingo Suzuki [√] / ?? []


Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 2)

Ricanote:  Just wanted to say sorry for the long pause before updates.  Life got hectic and I was spending a lot more time with my RP group than I was anything else.  I haven’t even really been playing Sims sadly.  Well, I’ve played a little.  I started a simblr.  I’m not sure it will do well but at the time I really wanted to do it. Haha.

Ankou – Ahh nothing like a nap to make you feel better.
Addy – You know why you’ve been so hungry and tired lately. Don’t you?
Ankou – Yes, because of all the work and stress that goes into trying to win a rival dynasty.
Addy – So we’re not going to talk about the belly.
Ankou – It is gas.

Armand – I don’t want to finish Whiz Kid!  I don’t want to go to school!
Pink Anvi – You will and you will like it.
Armand – But I already did Social Butterfly. That means I can use the cake
Pink Anvi – And now you will finish Whiz Kid.  It will be good for you when you got into Business.
Armand – *just stares*
Pink Anvi – *stares back*  Now play so I can mentor you.

Billie – Elsa how come you’re not doing your homework?
Elsa – Because I’m the leader of the club and I don’t have to if I don’t want to.
Lorelei – Actually I was thinking about that.  Elsa, I think you should give the club to me.
Elsa – Umm… What are you talking about?
Ginger kid – That’s not a bad idea.
Max – Hey I’m all for it.
Lucas – *internally: I’m just going to draw on my homework book and hope no one asks me anything.*

Addy – Your back hurting?
Ankou – A little but I’ve learned that walking a certain way seems to help.
Addy – Uh huh. Hey, you smell that?
Ankou – Yes… What is it?

Two fires!  Two!  In one week.  Ankou’s pregnancy is causing sparks with the incense burner apparently. Or something!
Bob – There I think we got it.
Eliza – I told you not to fart so close to the incense.
Bob – I didn’t! Anvi White was using it to write.
Anvi White – It just happens.  Now let’s replace the bar and clean up the floor and get back to work.

Bob – I think it’s trying to contact the mothership.
Ankou – Ah! It’s happening again.
Bob – You know it’s a baby, right?
Ankou – Vampires and aliens cannot have hybrid children.

Ankou – See, there is nothing to -oof.
Bob – Oh yeah that’s totally not a baby in there.  That’s a parasite fighting to free itself.
Ankou – No one likes sass, Bob.
Bob – Oh yes they do.

Armand – Blow out already!  *blows too hard*
Addy – Careful you don’t pop your eyes out!

Addy – Well aren’t you handsome.
Armand – Of course, I am.
Addy – Well you certainly grew into your attitude.
Armand – What’s that?
Addy – Nothing.  Let’s see what a teenager has to do.  An A in high school which will be much easier since you’re starting at a B and level 3 in a job. So if I were you I would actually get one sooner than later.  And then two unique skills, one unique aspiration, two portraits, 3 good friends outside the house, enemies of the other two bloodlines and seven museum items.
Armand – Easy.
Addy – Easy he says.

Armand – I don’t think I like this as much as you said I would.  It’s beginning to hurt.
Addy – Oh crud! I forgot you’re like a full-fledged vamp now.  Get in the house before you fry.
Armand – Oh right. After I grab the crystal.
Addy – Hurry and go take a nap to regain that lost energy.

Little father/son training
Ankou- Like this…
Armand – You’re making my head feel weird.
Ankou – You should never do anything halfway, even training.

Armand – Hello! I was wondering if I could get your assistance with a matter.
Librarian – Well hello young man.  What can I help you with?
Armand – I need you to be my friend.
Librarian – Come again?
Armand – We should be friends and then I have a favor to ask.

Armand – *makes enjoyment noises of his first vein*
Addy – *ignores that part* Oh right.. We forgot to change your dark form.  We should do that.  The tanktop and curly hair just doesn’t do it for me.
Armand – *muffled* one more minute.
Addy – Fine but it’s finally night out so you are burning moonlight hours we could be at the Park finishing your aspiration.

Addy – Holy Pam what do you think you’re wearing?!
Artie – Pajamas apparently.
Addy – Why?!
Artie – You act like I know how this all works.  I don’t know it’s what I showed up in.
Addy – *narrows her eyes* You better still have a job when I get back.
Artie – I can feel your glare but I can’t answer that.

Anvi White – So.. You’ve become a total bum now, is that it?
Artie – And you realize that you’re not a founder or an heir.. right?
Anvi White – I would not threaten me if I were you..
Artie – Oh honey.  You have no idea who you’re talking to.  I can tell.

Emilie – I don’t think you want to do that.
Lorelei – How do you know? I haven’t even touched one yet.
Emilie – It’s a noob mistake that’s why.
Ankou – Do not speak to her Lorelei. She is the wife of an enemy.
Emilie – Am I? Or am I the aunt of the new family member?
Ankou – *growls*

Addy – I don’t understand how you’re breaking into the park but okay.
Vlad – Shh.
Addy – It’s not like you’re hidden.
Vlad – Will you just let me do this?
Addy – Fine.. Sorry.  Hey Armand! Rocks are forming, time to go.
Vlad – *growls* I’m just going home.

Armand – This is not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.
Addy – Oh I don’t know.  It’s kind of interesting in that whole ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ kind of way.
Armand – I’m not sure that makes up for the getting on my knees.
Addy – Hey, in all the other households they  have to walk from rock to rock.  You fly.  Suck it up buttercup.

Ankou – You are a vampire!
Maki Sasaki – Guilty!
Ankou – I think you should meet my son.
Addy – Really?
Ankou – She’s beautiful and a vampire.  There’s nothing wrong with a little pre-screening.
Maki – Oh.. You’re watched vampires.
Ankou – We are, yes.  And there’s more if you’re interested.
Maki – Mayhaps, let’s chat.
Addy – Or we could go home since Armand has managed to finish two tiers of Curator tonight and we just need to go home.
Ankou – Come visit.  It’s the graveyard in Newcrest.
Maki – I just might.

Ankou – Ah!  That’s way brighter than before!
Addy – Not as much room in there anymore.
Ankou – There should not have been room in there before.
Addy – Welcome to being a Sim.

I leave you with this image.. Because it makes me laugh.  Anvi White has been struggling to find her purpose within the household on occasionally but she very happily sacrificed her dignity.. No.. her moodlets for the good of the Grimfangs lol

I made the mistake with my first child, and I think a lot of RDC players may do it, of holding onto them too long as a child.  So used to getting that A that when you finish that first aspiration in like 24 hrs, you almost feel like you should go for more.  No.. It’s a race and you shouldn’t go for more unless you really think it will help, which to be honest it might not. This is what I keep trying to tell myself so Armand’s lead may be falling a little behind mostly because of that.  Whoops

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Ankou (Part 1)

Ankou – Hey you’re back!  I noticed that we seem to be in the lead.  Let’s keep that going shall we?
Addy – *chuckles* Sure. Just need to get your son to max everything right?
Ankou – That’s the plan.  Excuse me
Addy – Where are you going it’s like 3 am?

Ankou – Huh I swore there were lights here.
Addy – Oh you have to be kidding me.
Ankou – Hey what’s that up there?
Addy – Not sure you really want to know.

Ankou – Uh Oh. They’ve locked on.
Addy – Yep.  Seen it before.

Ankou – Crud.
Addy – Have a nice trip.  Don’t let them stick you with anything.

Armand – Whee Flying!
Shingo – Just like Daddy right now.
Armand – Yea!
Addy – *snickers*

Addy – Oh good you’re back.
Ankou – Why are you looking at me that way?
Addy – I was trying to decide how to delicately ask if you were probed.
Ankou – No, I was not.
Addy – Oh good.  No worries then.
Ankou – Why would there be worries?
Addy – Did T33’s people tell you what they wanted?
Ankou – I… don’t remember actually.
Addy – Oh boy.

Ankou – Argh.  I think I drank something I shouldn’t have earlier.
Addy – Wow. Okay.  Um, that’s going to be interesting.
Ankou – Yeah especially since that part of me hasn’t worked well since I turned.  Ugh it’s just uncomfortable.  Probably my weak stomach.
Addy – Oh it’s definitely your stomach.

Ankou – Well hello little girl.  What are you doing in my home?
Billy – Lorelei said to come over so we all did.
Ankou – Excuse  me.. You all did?
Billy – Yep the whole club!
Ankou – Oh Lorelei…

While Armand is read to by Ankou, the rest of the house works on little things.  Like making music while my pausing skills were on point.
Bob – Ahhh..
Shingo – That is not the kind of music we are writing today, Bob.
Bob – Better out than in I always say.

Armand – Guess what!
Addy – *gasp* Look at you top notch toddler.  You ready to go to the cake now?
Armand – Cake!

Anvi – Take a deep breath and blow really hard.
Armand – Pffbbbbbt.
Anvi – Good boy.
Addy – Don’t forget to put more candles on so we can throw it back in the fridge.
Anvi – Ew.
Addy – You don’t even eat. I don’t see the problem here.

Shingo – Happy Birthday buddy.
Armand – Thanks Shingo.  You’re my best friend.
Shingo – Aww.. You mean it?
Armand – Yep until I find someone better.
Shingo – I accept those terms.

Armand – Hey look! Is that a fire!?
Eliza – Where?!
Anvi – Now just take your horse headed one and think about moving it after that one..
Armand – *swaps pieces*

Eliza – I didn’t see anything.  You sure you saw a fire.
Armand – It could have been Uncle Bob farting again.  Sorry.
Anvi – You know I’m right here and saw the whole thing, right?
Eliza – Hey check out that bug on the desk over there.

Armand – What bug?
Eliza *swaps pieces back*
Anvi – Am I invisible? No I can still see me.

Caleb – Dude we can’t fight right now?
Ankou – What do you mean we can’t fight?
Caleb – I mean it’s physically impossible for a pregnant person to fight.
Ankou – *just laughs* I didn’t know you could get pregnant.
Caleb – You’re not serious..

This is what it looks like when Lorelei sends the League of Adventurers home before school.  Max is so sad that he can’t skip!  And this great beast of a man is also a Bear.  He showed up on Artie’s trip to Granite Falls and stalked Ruby.

Ankou – Oh man. The cramps are coming back.
Addy – Right because when I cramp there are sparks coming out my stomach.

Ankou – Why is this happening? I’m not supposed to be the type of vampire that sparkles!
Addy – *snorts*  You’ll figure it out.

Caleb – Really?
Ankou – What? Sometimes you just need a pick me up.

Lorelei – Okay adventurers let’s take a quick stop over by this nebula really quick.
Redhead – Watch out for that snarlag, captain!
Lorelei – I see it, Mr. Warp.
Billy – Hey Lucas, can I join you.
Lorelei has finished all 4 childhood aspirations so she spends her days hanging out with all the kids of the League of Adventurers in their own floor I made beneath Ankou’s house.

This is the first fire I’ve had since the fatal fire of the Homeless Challenge.. And yes only the drinks caught on fire.
Anvi White – Do I smell fruit burning?
Addy – You do.. Could you maybe handle that please?
Anvi White – What in tarnation is going on around here?

Elsa – C’mon Max.  You’re totally the one that made the llama fall.
Max – Of course a Bjergsen would say that.
Elsa – What’s that supposed to mean?
Lorelei – *internally: No one is even noticing that I’m floating*

All of the above actually happened as it’s written. The person I was chatting with at the time of the house switch can confirm.  I loaded into the house and next thing I knew he was going upstairs to get abducted. I could not have planned this better if had wanted to.  I don’t know what he did to incur the wrath of the aliens but I’m glad we’re all here for the ride!  Haha

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (3)

Anvi White – *plays something slow and mournful*
Addy – That is one thing that can be said for this house.
Ankou – What’s that?
Addy – It’s always filled with interesting music.

Armand – Splash!
Ankou – Ahh!  No.  No Splash Daddy. Now he is all wet.
Armand – Like me!

Ankou – What are you doing, Armand?
Armand – Hugging Queenie
Ankou – Did she do something worthy of a hug?
Armand – She say she wuvs me.
Addy – That is a good reason for a hug.

Ankou – By lunchtime Max is STARVING. “Scrumptious Lice Rice – I can’t wait!” He slurps it SUPER fast before the lice crawl off his plate.*
Armand – Silly Max.
*excerpt from Spider Sandwiches!

I like how he practically had to crawl onto the batbear’s lap to hug him
Armand – And then Max ate a spidy sammich!
Addy – Telling Bearcula about your book?
Armand – Uh huh.
Ankou – Hey Armand.. Do you want to play?
Armand – Bye Bear!

Armand – Plane!
Ankou – Oh trust me son.  One day I shall teach you a better way to fly.
Armand – Bat!

Addy – I didn’t realize that vampires could get sick.  I’ll order some meds for you.
Anvi White – Is it as bad as I think it is?
Addy – Some spots for now.  Best to cure it before you infect someone else.

Armand – *laughs as he streaks through the house*
Ankou – Naked baby!  I’m gonna get you.
Addy – Hey get back in there.  No one wants to see that.

Pink Anvi – Something feels a little strange.
Addy – No.  Something looks a little strange.
Pink Anvi – It’s the pants isn’t it?  I was thinking they were odd.
Addy – Yeah it’s definitely the pants.  Get inside before you burn!

Shingo – One cat in one hat. One big red bow tie. One fish in one owl One teacup Up high.
Armand – One One One.
Shingo – That’s right.
Ankou – We’re hitting up the spice festival really quick then we’ll be back.
Shingo – We’ll be here doing flash cards.

How the mighty have fallen.
Ankou – No UFO plants.. Time to head home even though I would very much enjoy a night off, the little one needs more training.
Anvi White – Wait.  I’m doing the curry challenge.

Ankou – Are you still wearing the spice challenge shirt?
Anvi White – Yeah so?
Ankou – Just wondering.  I couldn’t believe you kept us waiting while you tried curry. What are you up to?
Anvi White – I’m working on a little present that I’m hoping will do wonders compared to Rally the Troops.
Ankou – I look forward to seeing it.
Addy – Me too

Addy – Almost there!
Ankou – Yep now if only I could get faster promotions.
Addy – Be careful what you wish for.
Ankou – that’s what I should do.  I should wish for it!
Addy – Oh I wouldn’t.  Too risky but at least you’re finally in the mixology branch.
Ankou – I know I just feel like I’m failing.
Addy – You’re doing fine, but for now it’s time to go.  Armand technically qualifies for childhood but I don’t want to age him up before the switch.
Ankou – Good call.  We’ll start our next week with a birthday then.
Addy – Or we aim for top notch toddler.
Anvi White – Let’s see how close the competition is then.
Addy – Smart.

Status Update – Week 2 for Grimfang Vampire Bloodline

Ankou Grimfang – Founder
– Aspiration: Good Vampire (Need 14 days of asking for permission to drink)
– Career: Mixologist – Level 6
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mixology 9 / Charisma 5
– Vampire Rank: Grand Master
– Tier 5 Powers: Immortal Pleasure / Tamed Thirst
– Garden: Plasma Fruit [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Sixam Mosquito Trap [√] / Deathflower [√] / Dragonfruit [√] / Cowplant [√]
– Portrait: Normal [√] / Dark Form [ ]
– Vampire Mate? [√] / Heir?  [√]

Armand Grimfang – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: Max
– Thinking: Max
– Imagination: Max
– Movement: 4
– Communication: 4
– Days until age up: 2

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (2)

Ankou – This shape has four sides all just the same. I can guess this shape and I can say its name. It’s a square!
Armand – Nom nom nom.
Ankou – This shape has three sides and looks like an arrow.  One end is wide and the other is narrow. It’s a triangle!
Addy – Don’t forget Ankou.  What goes in has to come out.  Might want to do some training in that regard.
Ankou – Oh.. Right.

Ankou – Don’t strain too much, Armand.  You might hurt something.
Armand – *grunts*
Addy – Whew.  So glad we’re all out of diaper stage here.

Armand – Papa!  I potty!
Ankou – I know. What a big boy you are.
Armand – Messy.
Ankou – It is okay you made a mess.  That happens sometimes.
Armand – *comforted* Okay

Bob – Three little babies danced in the den.
Armand – Dance!
Bob – Four big owls hooted in the yard.
Armand – Hoo Hoo!

Shingo the Nanny – You’re doing a really good job, Lorelei.  You’re almost there.
Addy – Actually, you’re there.  Congratulations on your first level 10 skill sweetheart.
Lorelei – I haven’t even been to school yet!
Addy – I know.  What would you like to try next?
Lorelei – Chess!
Shingo – That’s a fun one but I’m not much help.
Addy – I think we have that covered.

For some reason everyone likes to sit over here on the baby’s bed.
Bob – And while the owls flew away, the babies laid down for a nap.
Armand – Eggs gone too.
Pink Anvi – *tries to not slurp*
Bob – Maybe you should try to sleep sweetheart.
Armand – Okay

Addy – Whatcha doing?
Lorelei – This is the quietest room in the house.  I won’t wake him.  He’s too cute for that.
Addy – He is kind of cute.
Lorelei – Am I being groomed to be his wife?
Addy – What?
Lorelei – I was doing some reading and apparently sometimes kids get brought into dynasty houses to be dynasty wives.  Is that true?
Addy – Well yes but you can’t be Armand’s wife unless you choose to become a vampire.  Do you want to be a vampire?
Lorelei – I don’t know.
Addy – Then neither do I.

Addy – Look you painted your signature color.
Pink Anvi – This painting does kind of speak to me.

Ankou – So what do you want to do today big boy?
Armand – Up Up!
Lorelei – Hey buddy you want to go dancing with me?Addy – We should try to finish some potty training.  The sooner that’s done the better for everyone.

Armand – Unca Bob!
Bob – Hey little guy.  You having fun watching everyone?
Armand – Big fun. Bye Bye now.
Addy – We need to teach him to talk.

Armand – Dance!
Ankou – Look at you my big boy.
Lorelei – Think he’ll do more than bounce?
Ankou – When he’s ready.
Addy – So parenting is a drink in each hand kind of job now huh?
Ankou – I’m preparing for work.  One is a Plasma Jane and the other a Prose & Prop.
Addy – Ahh.

Armand – Whee!
Shingo – There you go big boy.
The sparkles match his pants

Shingo – Hey.. Where did he go?
Armand – *giggles*
Addy – Sneaky monkey is sneaky.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Ankou (1)

Addy – Slacking without me, hm?
Ankou – Ahh you have returned!
Addy – I take it you missed me?
Ankou – Of course I did but it’s time to get back on track, is it not?

The first few days back with Ankou’s brood was random skilling and baby care…
Pink Anvi – You’re Mummy’s little prince. Yes you are.

Lots of Baby care…
Eliza – You’re just so cute I could eat you up.  Yes I could.

Even Anvi White got in on it..
Addy – I thought you hated children.
Anvi White – Who could hate this little angel?  He’s just so precious and smells so good.
Addy – No nibbles.
Anvi White – Vampires do not nibble on their own kind.

She took care of him more than most of the others actually..
Anvi White – Here comes the milk train.
Armand – *squeal*

Addy – Ugh.  That looks.. Wow.
Ankou – *Inhales deep* It smells divine. Plasma Fruit Salad.
Addy – That explains a lot actually.

Bob – I do believe it’s a masterpiece.
Addy – So it says but I’m not sure why it’s a masterpiece.
Bob – Because I painted it thinking of the way my wife was before we moved in here.
Addy – Wow.  Okay then.  Keep going.
Bob – Actually I have a small idea then I’ll get back to painting.

Addy – You’re looking pleased with yourself.
Eliza – Guess who just got promoted.. Again.  I’m good what can I say.
Addy – Hm.  Can you make anything fun yet?
Eliza – Definitely.
Addy – We should work on that one day. For now.. Garden watering time.

Bob – Here you go, how’s this offer?
Eliza – Bob, what are you doing?
Bob – Oh uhh.. Making a wish?
Eliza – A wish for what?
Bob – I want a child, Eliza.

Eliza – There are other ways to get children.  Some that are even more fun, remember?
Bob – Boy do I?  So.. Do you wanna?
Eliza – I am open for negotiations down in our bedroom.  Yes.
Bob – Let’s go. *grabs her hand*

My ability to pause at great moments has not lessened over time.

Bob – Eliza I don’t want to disagree anymore.  Maybe we should just relax.
Eliza – Actually, I’ve decided that you were right.
Bob – I was?
Eliza – We’ll go with your plan with a slight change.
Bob – Sure.. What change?

Bob – Welcome to your new home, sweetie.
Lorelei – Oh thank you for adopting me Daddy!
Addy – And who is this?

Lorelei – Is that mother’s voice?
Bob – No that’s Addy, our watcher.
Lorelei – I’m a watched Sim too!
Addy – Sometimes.  Welcome to the household, Lorelei.

Addy – When you’re done playing with everyone walking by, we have someone new for you to meet.
Ankou – But this is entertaining.
Addy – I’m sure it is but Bob has just adopted a daughter and I thought you would be interested to come greet her.
Ankou – I’ll be there right after Sofia lets me have a small sip.
Addy – Alright and next time leave poor Naoki alone.

Lorelei – And I love to draw.  It’s one of my favorite things to do!
Bob – Really?  Then I think you’ll enjoy the kitchen–
Eliza – Ahem *clears throat* Bob.  Who is this?
Bob – Oh.. Whoops.  Eliza I would like you to meet our daughter, Lorelei. Lorelei, this is your mother and my wife, Eliza.

Lorelei – Oh thank you thank you!
Eliza – Oh careful, you might choke me sweetheart. And You’re welcome.  I’m happy to finally meet you.
Bob – Don’t stress your ankles too much dear.  They look a little odd. I’m going back inside to get the drawing table ready.
Lorelei – A drawing table!  Yay!

Ankou – I can’t believe it, it’s time.
Addy – Yes.. Finally.  Come on little one.  Let’s see what a handsome fellow you turn into.

I thought about ending this update here, but decided against it.

Armand – Whee!
Addy/Ankou – He’s blue!
Addy – And he’s adorable.

Ankou – That’s Papa’s big boy.
Armand – Papa!
Ankou – Oh they grow so fast.
Addy – Well you know it’s a Sims thing.  Now the real fun begins for us all.

except for Shingo.. He’s the local Nanny and currently trying to teach Pink Anvi how to play violin. And she’s exceptionally bad at it.
Addy – Anvi.. Your son has become a toddler.  You might want to come see him before we put him to bed.

Ankou – Hold on tight little one and close your eyes.
Anvi White – Don’t drop him.
Addy – Are you sure it’s safe to turn into a bat with your child in your arms?
Anvi White – Only if you don’t drop them.

How much blue could I fit into one picture? LOTS
Ankou – Good night tomb, Good night goon.  Good night Martians taking over the moon. Good night bones and the black lagoon.  Good night mummies. Good night tummies Goodnight claws And good night jaws.
Addy – What are you reading him?
Armand – Shh!
Ankou – Good night moans and good night groans. Goodnight goo and good night to the old werewolf hollering Boo.  Goodnight You.. Get under there.  Good night monsters.. Everywhere.

Addy – And good night little fangling.  You have much skilling to do when you wake up.
Ankou – No pressure or anything.
Addy – None at all, Mr. I need to finish becoming a Grand Master.
Ankou – Going.. Going. Wait..what does it mean a vampire is breaking in?

Addy – Caleb, Are you really sneaking around another vampire’s house?
Caleb – Oh.. Uh.  Guess I am.  I think I have the wrong address.
Addy – Well since you’re here.  Maybe you should fight with Ankou some.
Caleb – Sure why not.

Grim Rivalries: Week 1 – Ankou (Part 4)

Ankou – Sweet sweet Anvi.  It won’t hurt.  It’s only a small gift. Consider it the first gift that I wish to give you in our eternal lives together.
Pink Anvi – You are a charmer.  Okay.  I’ll do it.
Ankou – I’ll make it quick for you, darling.

Ankou – Bhfianaise ghealach agus teas na gréine, a thabhairt mo ghrá i dteagmháil iontas agus spraoi, a thabhairt di bronntanas de mo nádúr fíor nach féidir a chur ar ceal.
Pink Anvi – What language is that?
Addy – The language of the Fae.. it’s beautiful isn’t it?
Pink Anvi – What’s he asking for?
Addy – Shh.. don’t ruin it.

(Translation from Gaelic:
Light of the moon and warmth of the sun,
bring my love a touch of wonder and fun,
give her a gift of my true nature that can never be undone.)

*The green sparkles swirl around Ankou as he repeats his wish and then they move over towards Pink Anvi to wrap around her as well.  Swirling about her skin until a sudden flash erupts in the room!*

Pink Anvi – What did you do to me?!
Ankou – I didn’t.. I just asked that you be given a gift and you have!
Pink Anvi – You’ve cursed me haven’t you?
Ankou – Not at all darling, check the mirror.

REALLY Pink Anvi – *thinking: wow I look better than ever*
Ankou – Do you hate it?
Pink Anvi – No.. come here, darling.

Ankou – *after a kiss* So you’re not mad.
Pink Anvi – Not at all.
Ankou – Then can I ask for something else..?
Pink Anvi – What more could you possibly want?
Ankou – An heir..
Pink Anvi – That’s what I thought you meant earlier by a gift.

*This is the result of being frustrated that woohooing while bats affords NO PICTURES*
Addy – Where did you two go?  Wait nevermind.. I can see your moodlets.
Pink Anvi – *flies as a bat to the bathroom*

Pink Anvi – Guess what? It worked!
Ankou – Really?! That’s amazing.
Pink Anki – We’re going to have a little fangboo.

Ankou – Oh Anvi.. you’ve made me so happy.
Addy – Good.. hold that thought and start the pre-work routine. Chop Chop.
Pink Anvi – Way to ruin the moment, Adrasteia.
Addy – Hey.  This is kind of a competition and he’s behind on the work score at the moment.
Ankou – She’s right my darling.  I need to get ready but you have made me a very happy vampire.

Ankou – Tyrone my favorite blue mixologist friend.  How are you doing?
Tyrone – Not that bad. I’m not having to sling drinks for Sims at the moment, yanno?
Ankou – I do indeed know.  So I was wondering if we could be friends.
Tyrone – Hey why not!

Addy – Eliza you look tired.. and glitchy.
Eliza – Huh?  Must get to bed.
Addy – Maybe next time stop trying to go through the wall and it will happen faster.
Eliza – Sure.. bed.. need bed.
Addy – Moments like this I wish I could give you a bat form like the others but you’re Ankou’s blood doll.
Eliza – Huh?
Addy – Oh nothing dear.  Off to bed off to bed.

Pink Anvi – How can I be nauseous with a withered stomach?
Addy – Pregnancy is not supposed to be easy no matter what you are.  Have a plasma pack. I’m sure it will help.
Pink Anvi – You’re probably right.

Addy – *disbelief* You put a straw in the plasma fruit.
Ankou – Uh huh.
Addy – And?
Ankou – Sweeter but not as satisfying.
Addy – Hey this is a learning experience for us all..

Ankou – Oh such a strong kick already.  Hey little one.  Be careful not to hurt your Mama too badly.
Pink Anvi – It’s not that bad yet.  Wait til I’m bigger.
Ankou – I can’t this is all so exciting.
Pink Anvi – You know what else is exciting *suddenly starts to pop romantic wishes*

Anvi White – *starts to play the organ louder and slightly discordant*
Addy – Ahh do you have to play it like that?
Anvi White – I can still hear them..
Addy – You could go to the other organ upstairs.
Anvi White – This is much more fun.  *horrifying noises come from the organ.. loudly*
Addy – Ahh.. please stop. You’ll wake the Pancakes.  *So not a phrase she’d ever thought she’d say*

Pink Anvi – Oh I wish this wasn’t something that happened after every nap.
Addy – You’ll be fine.  Go take a bath that always did me wonders.
Pink Anvi – Good idea.

Pink Anvi – So you know today’s my third trimester so I could give birth at any moment.
Ankou – I know and it’s so exciting.
Addy – Due to give birth just hours before I have to switch houses actually..
Ankou – Meaning you won’t get to spend time with us and the baby?
Addy – Meaning you better take care of it while I’m not here..
Pink Anvi – Of course we will.
Pink Anvi – You know if you wanted to see if I could go into labor before you go to work.. there’s something we can try..

*after they fall out of the coffin*
Ankou – Are you okay darling?
Pink Anvi – *laughing* Yes but I don’t think the little one liked the sudden plummet.
Ankou – That’s us giving you your eviction notice, son.  Join us!
Pink Anvi – *laughs again*  Just help me sweetheart.
Addy – Or just turn into a bat..
Ankou – I have to go to work.  Be careful my darling.
Pink Anvi – Of course.

Addy – Are you okay?
Pink Anvi – I’m unsure. I’m in pain.
Addy – Okay.  Do you think it was the fall you took earlier out of the coffin?
Pink Anvi – No, I think the baby’s coming.
Addy – Oh well that’s.. good news.  Let me just buy a bassinet or did you want to go to the hospital?
Pink Anvi – No no.  Let’s do it here.  In the coffin room.
Addy – Okie Dokie Loki.

Pink Anvi – Oh.. I think I’m in pain.  This must be what pain feels like.  It’s been so long.
Addy – Do you need anything?
Pink Anvi – Maybe someone maternal?
Addy – I’ve had seventeen children.  Does that count?
Pink Anvi – We will discuss later why you have so many progeny.  Oooh *huff huff huff*
Addy – Just have the baby already..

Pink Anvi – *Flies as a bat two feet*
Addy – Soon the sparkles will take over.. promise.

Pink Anvi – Oh isn’t he precious?
Addy – He certainly has very blue eyes.  Hello Handsome.
Pink Anvi – We forgot to talk names.
Addy – We did, didn’t we?  Should we wait for Ankou  (translation: Desperately search for an appropriate name online)

Pink Anvi – Hello my little darling.  You are so little but your mother will be strong for you, my darling.  We will teach you all you need to know about being a vampire and all the rules to your Daddy’s silly little game with the red and green men.  And Mommy will always be here to keep you happy.
Little Man – *coos*

Pink Anvi – Oh! Watch those little canines darling.
Addy – Yeah.. So Glad it’s you and not me.

Addy – He seems like such a happy baby..
Pink Anvi – He does, doesn’t he?  Will you wait to switch until Ankou gets to hold him.
Addy – Yes.  I’ll let him be named and held and then I must go.  Be careful for the two weeks I’m gone.
Pink Anvi – We will.

Little Man – *Coos and gurgles*
Ankou – Well isn’t he a wonder.  Does he not have the same gift as my wife?
Addy – Certain skin tones don’t full pigmentize until the toddler stage.
Ankou – Oh.  Well then we shall see just what you might be later than my little Armand.
Addy – Okay.  It’s time for me to go.  Be safe, be careful and I’ll be back in 2 weeks.
Ankou – Two weeks with little man here.
Addy – Yes and then toddler time.

Status Update!
Ankou Grimfang – Founder of the Grimfang Vampire Line
– Aspiration: Good Vampire  (Tier 2 – waiting on the 5 days of not drinking deeply hidden requirement)
– Career:  Culinary – Level 4.95  (he was a breath away from getting his promotion before we switched)
– Skills: Vamp Lore 13, Mixology 4, Gardening 4
– Garden: Half Planted.
– Vampire Level:  Prime Vampire (3 out of 5)
–  Heir: Born! √