Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 3)

Addy – Oh boy.  What are you doing?
Abe – Down.
Addy – I see that.  Be careful.
I swear between wild + stairs his movement skill zoomed across that skill bar

Abe – Fly!!
Mariko – Wow you got some height in those weird little shoes of yours.
Shingo – Hold on Abe!
Mariko – View isn’t bad either.
Addy – *clears throat*

Artie – Addy, Do you hear that giggle?
Addy – Yes I do believe I do.
Artie – I wonder where it’s coming from.
Addy – No idea.
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – See this isn’t so hard.
Addy – I’m gonna tell Aria you said that.
Artie – Go ahead but why am I doing this again?
Addy – Herbs and Mascot learning.
Artie – Right right.  Aha!  Got ’em.

Artie – Ow ow ow ow ow. That hurt!
Addy – *laughs loudly*
Artie – Not funny.
Addy – It is.. I can’t wait to tell Aria you got stung for being cocky.
Artie – I’m going home.
Addy – Not until you go touch that bush over there and grab a few of those flowers. Chop chop.

Addy – Eric! No!
Eric – It’s just cake!
Addy – Fine… But only once.
Sadly this is the last time you may see Eric in the dynasty. My game locked on one of his actions so he stood still for an hour in the kitchen. When I resetSim him he became a tombstone.  I am desperately hoping he shows back up as a ghost or asks for a date!

Alice – Oh.  I guess that serum wasn’t ready after all.
Addy – That’s okay she wasn’t doing anything at the moment.
Alice – *whistles and walks away*
yes I know that’s Eric’s butt in the back. So you did see him one more time.

Artie – This is a penguin. It’s black and white and when you were a tux they call it a penguin suit because it’s the same colors. I don’t know what it sounds like but it likes to dance funny.
Abe – Dance!
Artie – Yes. Just like you.
Abe- Dance Now!
Artie – How about a nap first?
Abe – Fine.

Random shot of Emilie hanging out across the road.

Artie – See… And now you just add a little hand motion or a bootie shake and this is dancing.
Abe – Hmm.

Artie – One day son. This will all be ours.
Abe – The trolley?
Artie – No not the trolley.  I mean the land.
Abe – Oh.. Want Trolley.
Artie – Help me win this kid and I’ll buy you one.
Abe – Okay!

No to the trolley and not the curtains either!

Abe – Dance!   *throws his whole body into it*
Ruby – My son is so cute.
Alice – He is but he needs clothes before the party starts.
Ruby – I have just the thing.

Abe – Penguin!
Addy – Hah.  Yes, it’s a penguin suit but you’re adorable.
Abe – Yep!

Abe – You and Me Tom.  We gon’ to beat the aly-ins.  *starts running around making laser noises with the back of the toy*
Mandatory toddler cuteness

Ruby – It’s okay to blow them out.  It won’t hurt.
Alice – You sure?
Ruby – Fairly certain.
Olivia – C’mon Mom it just tickles.
I just realized in shame you guys never saw Olivia’s makeover haha

Alice – Yeah okay that wasn’t so bad.
Olivia – Dad is sure to come back when he realizes he missed it, Mom.  Don’t worry.
Alice – I’m giving him two cakes.
Addy – *snickers* Alright.  Everyone go mingle let’s get gold while the birthday boy makes a new cake since someone took a slice!
Artie – Having to make my own cake is ridiculous.

Ruby – Dear Mom.  I know you don’t think I should have Mikey Gulligan’s baby iguana when he moves, but here’s why I should.  If I don’t take it, he goes to Stinky and Stinky’s dog, Lurch, will eat it. You don’t want that to happen. Do you? Signed, Your sensitive Son, Alex.
Abe – *Giggles*
Ruby – Dear Alex, I’m glad you’re so compassionate, but I doubt that Stinky’s mother will let Lurch get into the iguana’s cage.  Nice try though, Love Mom.
Abe – Aww.
Ruby – He thought that would work huh?
Abe – Yeah she should let him!
Ruby – Let’s keep reading there’s more.

Addy – I can’t believe you people.
Artie – I was hungry.
Addy – You were supposed to finish baking a cake so you could blow out candles.
Artie – Maybe I don’t want to.
Addy – Then fine… Age up sad and alone with no cake probably right when I swap houses back to you. I’m gone.
Artie – Wait.  Fine.

Artie – And now I can officially say I’ve aged to perfection.
Addy – *groans*
Artie – Hey I bet someone will laugh.
Addy – Maybe.  But I’m leaving you now.  Time to be with the blue guy.
Artie – Goodbye… We won’t miss you.
Addy – You forget your son is a toddler.
Artie – Trust me I haven’t forgotten but it will be better than when he was in the bassinet.
Addy – Says you.  Goodbye for now.

I almost stayed extra time to push for top notch right then but decided not to.

Status Update – Week 3 for Grim Reaper Bloodline

Artie Grim – Founder
– Aspiration: Soulmate [√] / Mansion Baron [√] / Public Enemy [√] / Bodybuilder [√]
– Career: Criminal – Level 8
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mischief 10 / Fitness 10 / Handiness 6 / Wellness 8
– Gold Parties: House Party, Dinner Party, Birthday Party
– Reward Traits: Carefree [√] | Connections [√] | Professional Slacker [√] | Frugal [√]
– Hunter Garden: Garlic [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Plasma Fruit [√]
– Vampires Cured: Genji H / A. Al Arabi / Neelish S
– Portrait:  Yes: §
– Heir?  [√]

Abraham Grim – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 3
– Thinking: 5
– Imagination: 4
– Movement: 5
– Communication: 4
– Days until age up: 2

– gives up keeping the hidden agenda hidden-


Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 2)

obligatory Artie on dooty duty
Artie – Now just let it flow…
Abe – *starts to go*
Artie – It’s okay to watch for now buddy but eventually you’ll have to just trust your own judgment that you’re aiming in the right spot.

Ruby – Well hey little guy.  What are you doing to my blackberry bush?
Abe – Play!
Addy – I think he’s pretending to pull weeks and harvest like you are.
Ruby – So cute.

Addy – Oh no Abe. You can’t play with that.
Abe – Aww… Why?
Addy – Because it’s got an edge.  Why not put that back down?
The Grim line starts earlier and earlier on finding their weapons of choice..?

Addy – Oh well this a familiar feeling.
Artie – It is.. I’m trying to meditate and you’re blabbering about.
Addy – So what are you doing?
Artie – I’m done all the requirements I can other than my job and I can’t learn new skills just in case…so…
Addy – So you’re bored and decided to just meditate.
Artie – Exactly.
Addy – Good. Keep staying out of trouble while I focus on Abe.
Artie – That’s right you focus on Abe.  I’ll meditate

Ruby – And the little dinosaur ran so far that he didn’t know where he was anymore. He called out for his mother but she didn’t answer so the little dinosaur began to cry.
Abe – *internally: I don’t believe this is the end otherwise he’s a wimp.*
Ruby – When he finally stopped crying the little dinosaur noticed that he had left footprints in the dirt. So he started to follow his tracks back the way he had come.  Past the trees with the big green leaves, past the…
Abe – *internally: Yeah I knew that wasn’t going to be the end.*

Addy – Hey Abe you ready… Huh.
Ruby – What happened?
Addy – I think he ate his lunch and decided to take a nap.
Ruby – Well we can’t have that.  C’mon little man it’s bath time.
He literally woke up, ate his grilled cheese and then took a nap! I did not ask him to nap!

Abe – *splashing the bubbles*
Ruby – Hey little guy careful with the bubbles.
Addy – At least you can actually wash him.
Abe – *giggles and splashes again*
Ruby – This is your last warning Abraham Grim.
Abe – *laughs*
Ruby – *takes him out* I’m going to go get your clothes and a new shirt for me.  Here sit in the towel and play with ducky to dry off.

Ruby – Abraham! Get back here! You have to put on clothes!
Abe – No Pants! *gleefully laughing as he streaks*
Addy – Ahh… I see the Grim is strong with this one.

Ruby – I’ve got you now.
Abe – Noooo!
Ruby – If you put on clothes, Daddy will play with you.
Artie (behind bonsai) – I will?
Addy – Yes. You will.
Artie – Okay, let’s play buddy.
Ruby – After he puts on pants.
Artie- Guess that means I should too.
Addy – *facepalm*
Abe – *giggle*

Artie – You’ll have to be vigilant little hunters.  There could be vampires anywhere.
Abe – *gasp*  Look!
Artie – Let’s go get ’em!

Abe – Whee!
Artie – That’s Daddy’s fierce little hunter.
Abe – Again!
Artie – Okay! Time to launch you in the spaceship!

Ruby – Don’t even think about taking a bite…
Cowplant – *feigns innocence and makes a sad growl*
Abe – *just keeps running around for fun and gets away from the giant udders*
Ruby – Good Cowplant. Wanna treat?
Cowplant – *starts drooling and shaking excitedly*

Ruby – Abe… Are you awake?
Abe – *almost asleep while eating* Yes
Ruby – Tired from playing with Daddy?
Abe – *nods* Yes.
Ruby – Okay I’ll stop reading while you finish your sandwich.

Abe – Whee! Faster!
Ruby – This is the fast way.
Abe – Faster!
Ruby – Running around the house to go upstairs is the fast way buddy but Mommy can only run so fast with you.

Ruby – Sweet dreams, little man.
Addy – It’s always odd to see a cute little kid and realize he’s actually a spawn of Artie.
Ruby – Aren’t you his great great great granddaughter?
Addy – it’s a weird story.  If you actually say my grandfather is my mother’s father of body since her mind was from something else.. Then yes I’m related to Artie.  But if you consider the watcher being put into Sim form as a breach of the bloodline then I’m not.
Ruby – Umm.
Addy – I did say it’s a weird story.
Ruby – No kidding.  Time to get back to work before I ask what’s on my mind.
Addy – You can.
Ruby – No it’s best I don’t. Not sure I really want to know.
Addy – Fair enough.

Grim Rivalries: Week 3 – Artie (Part 1)

Addy – Just once I’d like to switch households to find you guys not crying over a grave or in your case.. Gloating.
Artie – We were sworn enemies.  I’m allowed to be happy he’s dead.
Alice – *just keeps crying over Dennis*

Addy – Umm.. I don’t remember bringing you with me.
Pink Anvi – Someone invited me over so I would tutor Olivia in Logic.
Addy – How does that translate to you randomly taking a mud bath in Artie’s bedroom.
Pink Anvi – You’re killing the vibe, Adrasteia.
Addy – When you’re found in here, you’re lucky Artie can’t cure you.
Pink Anvi – He is the enemy.. And doing things that he can’t retaliate for is part of the game isn’t it?
Addy – So glad I’m not in the ‘game’

Ruby – I hear some of the readers are upset that we’re not getting married. Did you want to comment on that?
Artie – You knew what you were getting into and you haven’t exactly asked me have you Ruby?
Ruby – You’re right.. I haven’t and don’t plan to but you know.. We could do other stuff. *whispers*
Artie – Oh yea?  Well that I can definitely help you out with.
Artie would like to point out that he’s so awesome there were two of him in this image.

Pink Anvi – Um.  Shingo. You’re on my boot, you’re touching my thigh and I can’t see Olivia.
Shingo – So Olivia, How’s your day going?
Pink Anvi – I’m very grateful for all the teaching you’ve done my son but I’m going to bite you without permission.
Shingo – Sorry! I can’t reach the other seat to chat with her that way for some reason.
Addy – Just settle down children let me go into build mode and I’ll be back.
I seriously need to remember to take this man in the dresser.  Pale skin is great but pink glasses, red tank and tan camo.. Not my favorite choices he’s made

Artie – So why don’t you crawl in first?
Ruby – Why you chicken?
Artie – No I want to smack your butt as you pass.
Ruby – Boy you really do know how to show a girl how to fill that fun bar.
Artie – What can I say? I’m just a helpful kind of guy.
Ruby – *laughs as she jumps in*

Dinner Party = Gold.  2 down 1 more to go
Kenjo – So decided to cook for us yourself, huh Artie?
Artie – Yeah I mean I can’t max the skill but a salad here or there might be okay.
Kenjo – And there’s no poison?
Artie – We don’t have poison in the Sims.  Though I might have put ear wax on a few leaves by accident but I gave them all to Bob the Vampire Helper.
Bob – *chokes*
Olivia – He’s joking.
Artie – Maybe I am.. Maybe I ain’t.

Mariko – Doesn’t this guy kind of look like Artie?
Shingo – Nah, no facial hair.
Mariko – I could swear there’s a slight resemblance.
Addy – It’s the hair.  He had that same tux and hair when he was young in Lunar Lakes.
Mariko – So I’m not off?
Addy – No, you’re not but he was never allowed in the movies.
Mariko – Why?
Addy – The glow got in the way.
Mariko – huh?
Addy – Nevermind.

Addy – Oh man.  Who was in that?
Ruby – Hey is Artie’s cowplant okay?

Addy – How is that rolling away?  I don’t even know what part that is and I have two of these things.
Artie – That’s part of the boosters I think.
Addy – You didn’t do this did you?
Artie – Would I do that?
Addy – Yes. Hey! Any survivors.

Alice – Well any crash you can walk away from right?
Addy – Yes but now you have to build it again.. Chop chop.
Alice – Sure, anything but painting.

Artie – Who is a cute little nooboo.  Yes you are.. Yes you are.
Addy – Big bad criminal element.. Made an idiot in front of a baby.
Artie – Shush you.
Addy – We ready to age this little guy up.
Artie – I’ve never been more ready for anything..*still using that baby voice*

Artie – Well hello Abraham.  What a handsome little fellow he is.
Addy – He totally breaks your streak too.
Artie – That’s okay.  He has my eyes.
Addy – Your Smile too.
No idea why he’s giving the goofy smile.  But he breaks Artie’s streak of first born always being red! The first born Grim in every game where Artie has been red has always been red TS3 (where red was cool) and now with the CC.  Go Abe!

Mariko was upset at how often Shingo got shown so she refuses to let Shingo be the Nanny of choice for Artie’s house.  Also mandatory potty shot.
Mariko – Do you have to go yet?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Do you feel like you should?
Abe – No?
Mariko – Well you’re staying a little longer til you do okay?

Abe – Ew.
Mariko – Yes.. You did a big ew.
Abe – *just stares like he’s daring her to clean it up*
Addy – Everyone is home let’s get you new clothes big boy.

Artie – Don’t worry, my little hunter.  You’ll have a good first night’s sleep in your toddler bed and then when you wake up we can go downstairs again and have some fun.. Okay?
Addy – Yep and Daddy will finish upgrading the fireplace for you too.
Artie – I.. Yes I will.  I forgot I have to do that for Boss.
Addy – So did I.

Addy – No no no.  No running out there!  The people walking around can see you!
Abe – *giggles and continues to streak in fun wild child fashion*
Addy – Get back here.  A little help would be nice!  Someone come dress this kid!

And extra family shot to show off The family skin tones. 
Artie – And then MaxisMan stopped the villain.
Abe – Yay!
Artie – Wait.. I’m not sure I should be reading this book.
Ruby – Why?
Artie – Because I want to rewrite the ending.
Ruby – It’s MaxisMan Saves the Day so you can’t change that.
Artie – Yes.. You’re right.  I need to write a whole new book. MaxisMan Gets Mashed.
Abe – No.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (5)

It’s always creepy watching Artie have a good time from a distance, but his dinner party was a gold medal event! Two more to go.

Addy – What are you doing?
Ruby – Going upstairs.
Addy – You’re walking around the house to go upstairs?
Ruby – This way I’m avoiding all the people in the kitchen from the party.
Addy  – Yeah.. Probably a good idea.  Though I think a lot of them are hanging out front now.  Trying to get a second gold party.
Ruby – We should tell Artie though maybe.
Addy – Maybe.

Ruby – Oooh this hurts more than I thought it would.
Addy – Just remember to breathe.  That will help.
Ruby – whooo Whoo whoo.  Sure it does.  Just get it out.
Addy – You’re doing fine.
Ruby – Where’s Artie?
Addy – He’s coming had to extract himself from Ulrike.

Addy – It’s a boy!
Ruby – Oh good.. The pain’s gone.
Addy – Do we have a name for him?
Ruby – I think Artie said he had a small list of ideas but I don’t remember what we chose.

Ruby – Oh you’re such a cute little thing aren’t you?
Artie – *belated panicking* Oh my pixels. The baby.. The baby’s coming!
Addy – You know.. I am very aware of how many kids you’ve had.  You’d think after the last batch you’d be used to this.
Artie – Ahh!
Ruby – Isn’t Daddy just the silliest thing?
Addy – Yes.. Yes he is.

Kenjo – So hey Artie.  Didn’t your wife just give birth upstairs?
Artie – Not my wife but yes, I have a cute little boy now.
Kenjo – Wow congrats man.  I mean I feel sorry for the kid being yours but that’s still huge.
Artie – You just reminded me why I don’t like you.
Gym Trainer Sidney – Sometimes you’re not that smart.

Artie – Oh Alice.  That’s the stuff.  I need this to be really good okay.  I want my promotion before Addy abandons us tonight.
Addy – You are such a drama queen.
Masseuse Gil – Excuse me.  You guys are in my way.

Ruby – You’re just a little sweetie, aren’t you?
Addy – He does seem unusually good for a Grim.  And he reminds me of Ankou’s child which I’ll be going back to tonight.
Ruby – But that’s okay, we’ll take care of little Abe while you’re away.
Addy – I know you will.  And then we’ll have some toddler training!  Which I’m not sure how I feel about.
Ruby – Me either but hey that’s what Nannies are for.
Addy – Exactly.

No matter what we did we couldn’t get the birthday party to register things happening so Olivia had fun without a birthday party.
Addy – Happy Birthday sweetie!

Addy – Oh look at you! So pretty.  I almost like that hair.
Olivia – So it’s that bad huh?
Addy – Not what I said at all!

Addy – Naturally the first thing you want to do is take a selfie.
This face is how I look with selfies too.  Glad it’s not just me.”

Artie – And soon we’ll see just what color you are after we’re done being abandoned by the watcher.  And that’s okay isn’t it my prince?
Abe – *gurgles*
Addy – You’re lucky I don’t make you lose somehow.

Artie – We both know she’d never do that huh?
Abe – *coos*
Artie – Yeah because we’re family and family doesn’t do that.  We only backstab everyone else. Yeah.. No one else is safe but family is. *bouncing him*
Addy – Yeah, I’m going to get you..  In two weeks.  I’m off to go check on the other infant.
Artie – Say bye Addy.. Come back with lots of experience how to make you smart super fast!

Status Update – Week 2 for Grim Reaper Bloodline

Artie Grim – Founder
– Aspiration: Soulmate √ / Mansion Baron √ / Public Enemy (Need Level 8 Criminal Career)
– Career: Criminal – Level 7
– Skills:  Vampire Lore 15 / Mischief 10 / Fitness 10 / Handiness 6
– Rocket Ship Upgades: Thrusters, Cargo Bay
– Gold Parties: House Party
– Reward Traits: Carefree √ | Connections √ | Professional Slacker √ | Frugal √
– Portrait:  In the works
– Heir?  √

Abraham Grim – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
Hidden Agenda:
 – Garden: Garlic [√] / Wolfsbane [√] / Plasma Fruit [√]
 – Vampires Cured: Genji H / A. Al Arabi / Neelish S
 – Aspiration: Bodybuilder √ 

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (4)

Addy – What’s going on? Oh!
Alice – Olivia just keep making those potions okay?
Olivia – Okay..
Neelish – I didn’t even know him and I find this sad.
Artie – Wow this is a great day.
Reaper – Where’s the door?

Eric – I can’t believe he’s gone.
Olivia – Can I look yet?
Artie – *clapping* Good show!  Good Show!

Olivia – Granpa? Why is he laying there?
Artie – *maniacal laughter* Because he finally croaked.
Alice & Eric – *groan as they cry*
Reaper Bob – *looking to the 4th wall* It’s like these people don’t know him at all huh?

Artie – Hey Bob.. Don’t you dare break my TV.
Reaper Bob – Would I do that?  I just want to catch this one show. You know Sheila won’t let me watch it at home.
Artie – Okay but then you gotta go.
Reaper Bob – Thanks man.
Ruby Do – I know it’s crazy and I’m pregnant!
Neelish – Really? That’s amazing.  You’re not even fat.
Artie – Hey Neelish.  Let’s go upstairs so I can talk to you about why I invited you over.  Before the old man died.

Neelish – So why are we hanging out in the little girl’s room?
Artie – Well there’s something I wanted us to do but it’s best we do it where no one can see us and you won’t fry and run away.
Neelish – What’s that?

Artie – C’mon Neelish.  I know the rumors are flying and we both know there’s really only one reason why a man like me would want to hang out with a disgusting agent of chaos such as yourself.  I mean I’m a criminal and a generally really bad person, but you’re a bloodsucking low-life.
Neelish – Wait what?

Neelish – Not the garlic!
Artie – *bops him on the head with it*

Neelish – Ahh!  This feels so weird.
Artie – Floating is weird but you get used to it after about seven levels of wellness

Artie – Now get off my property and don’t you ever talk to my girl again!
Neelish – Okay jerk.  I’m gone.

Ruby – I heard you fighting Neelish.
Artie – Yep.
Ruby – Don’t you think you were rude?
Artie – Yep.
Ruby – You’re still wearing your suit.
Artie – Yep.

Ruby – Don’t you think you should sweat in something else?
Artie – Eh.. Maybe.  But I haven’t slipped in these shoes yet.

Addy – For a moment I didn’t think that you were showing but now I see.
Ruby – Yeah I suddenly feel like if I lean too forward I’ll fall over.
Addy – That happens sometimes.  You’ll be okay. What you doing out here?
Ruby – With Dennis gone, someone needs to water the plants and what not and I can’t exactly get my job at the gym back.
Addy – Nope but that’s okay too.  Anything you want just let me know.

Kenjo – Why did you invite me over if you’re just going to be all schizo?
Artie – Because I’m abusing your willingness to come over to max out my mischief skill.
Kenjo – You’re not a nice person.
Artie – Have I ever claimed that I was?

Troll (Lara something I think) – That’s it Artie.  You’re doing it.  Just keep that pace going.
Artie – I’m so close I can feel it!

Troll – You did it Artie. Congratulations on maxing fitness.
Artie – Good I can go and not come back to see your mug again.
Troll – What was that?
Artie – *louder* I think Marcus is going to bust the bag again.
Troll – He better not.

Addy – It’s so weird to see you in the garden..
Artie – I know I know but I have to maintain it right?
Addy – Yes but do you really think no one has figured out the hidden agenda you’ve got going?
Artie – It’s not that hidden.  Just think of it as.. Upping my awesome level.
Addy – Uh huh.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (3)

So this happened.  Thought you guys would find it hilarious like I did.

Artie – So hi.  You’re new around here aren’t you?
Ruby Do (yes her real name) – Yeah how can you tell?
Artie – Oh I would have noticed you around here before.
Ruby – That’s not creepy at all.

Artie – So what brings you around my hood?
Ruby – Your hood huh?Artie – Yeah, this is my house and soon my descendants will live on all these lots and the rest of Newcrest.
Ruby – Oh!  You’re one of those people.
Artie – Hey what’s that supposed to mean?

Ruby – I just mean you’re one of those families the others are talking about that are going for the whole neighborhood domination thing or something like that.
Artie – Hey why is that a bad thing?
Ruby – You make other Sims feel like cattle?
Artie – Have you ever had a watcher before?
Ruby – Can’t say that I have.
Artie – If you think being unwatched it makes you cattle, try having someone that makes you do things you don’t want, removes activities from your club that you do want and constantly harps on you about goals that no one else has to meet.
Ruby – Are you really complaining about getting to live a life?
Artie – I’m just saying it has drawbacks.  But you know, you’re a very pretty lady and I was wondering…

Artie – You have a great body, you’re colorful and sweet.  You have lips that I want to kiss at least once.
Ruby – Are you trying to flirt with me?
Artie – I am.  Is it working? Here how about I give you my number.

Ruby – Hm. Alright I guess I’ll text you back.  You seem like an okay person.
Artie – Oh honey.  I’m more than okay.  Here let me show you.

Ruby – What do y—
Artie – *pulls back*  See..?  And I’m not a troll so that shouldn’t have been horrible.
Ruby – I just.. I wasn’t expecting that.  What do you want from me, Artie?

Artie – Actually, I could offer you some things if you move in with me.  I just want one little thing from you.
Ruby – I knew there was a catch.
Artie – It’s just a small thing then you can garden or do whatever else you want.
Ruby – And I’d get to live here.. with you?
Artie – And Eric, Alice, Olivia and Dennis for another day or two.

Artie – Actually I take it back.  I want two things from.  *leans in to whisper*
Ruby – I’m onto you Grim.
Artie – Just the way I want it.. *kisses her hand*

Ruby – *chuckling and kissing* Think anyone saw us?
Artie – I don’t think I care..

Well that says it all doesn’t it?

Ruby – *fanning self* Wow.. That was.. something.
Artie – I know.  I’m good.
Addy – Why don’t we go tinkle on a stick real quick to see how good you really are and then we can get you a new set of clothes Ruby?
Ruby – uh.. Hello? Who was that.
Artie – That’s just Addy, the watcher.
Addy – Hello, I’m the voice of reason around here.

Addy – Congratulations you’re going to give birth to a Grim.. also known as a hellspawn in some circles.
Ruby – What?
Addy – Congratulations!
Ruby – Oh Right.  I couldn’t hear you from the noise that suddenly happened with the confetti.
Addy – Probably for the best.

Artie – So.. did it work?
Ruby – Yes!  We’re going to have a baby!
Addy – Middle of Saturday too.
Artie – And you’re okay with living here from now until our child moves on?
Ruby – Yes.  I’ll even help with the other stuff we were doing before.

Artie – Yea!   I’m the man!

Eric is broken.  This is the only painting he ever paints for Impressionism.  And that one is a masterpiece!

Addy – Having fun?
Artie – Yes.  Aren’t you happy now?  I have an heir on the way.
Addy – Wasn’t very romantic.
Artie – As we learned last time, it’s not always about the romance.
Addy – Enjoying your bath?
Artie – Yes actually.  I’m glad that I can do the citrus soaks now instead of the bubble baths too.  I’m on my way to being the Boss again.  Oh how I’ve missed it.
Addy – I miss the glow.
Artie – Me too.

Dennis – Hey Artie.
Artie – What do you want, Kim?

Dennis – I know you’re doing your post work workout but I wanted to come up and say a few things.  Just pump your iron and listen to me.
Artie – Okay…
Dennis – I’m going to be dead soon.  I want you to take good care of my daughter and her family.  If you do I won’t come haunt your butt.
Artie – You’re assuming I don’t banish you to the netherworld.
Dennis – That is also true but I’d still like to know before I die that they won’t be your new targets.  I was relieved that one woman moved in so I don’t have to worry about you marrying Olivia.
Artie – No and as soon as my heir leaves the house they can go live on their own if they would prefer.
Dennis – Good. Good.  Then I’ll let you get back to ‘maximizing your body’ or whatever that means.
Artie – *sarcasm*  Thanks..

Addy – Hey.. You take your pink skirt and go back home.
Anvi – I was just stopping by.
Addy – Yeah but don’t.  I’ll be with you in three days.
Anvi – Okay Okay.  But it wouldn’t be very vampire like if I didn’t try.
Addy – That’s true, especially at this house.
Anvi – Besides I was just coming over to sneak a peek at how well he’s doing.
Addy – Spying?! I can’t believe you guys weren’t here earlier in the week.
Anvi – *laughs* See you soon Addy.

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – Artie (2)

Artie – Ahh you smell that.
Addy – Why are you in your party clothes?
Artie – Because I’m about to have a lot of fun.
Addy – Well keep a look out for a wife but enjoy yourself.
Artie – Oh I will.  I’ve been hoping to catch this.  I need the skill boost.
Addy – Right because you’re only doing it for the skill boost.  Right?
Artie – Of course not.  Now go away, woman.  I need to work.

Penny – You’re just a mean-old prankster.
Artie – And you’re just a poor townie who has no hope of ever being watched.
Penny – I don’t like you.
Artie – Good.  That’s the point.  Oh and I hear the tea has been sabotaged.  So you’re not even earning points for your team.  It just looks the right color.  Glowing that stupid yellow.  Looks like all of you are aliens who have to pee.

Artie – Hey Bjorn how about we let bygones be bygones.  Here let’s shake on it.
Bjorn – Sure Ar–EEEEE.
Artie – *maniacal laughter*

Everyone randomly decided to change clothes.  That’s Ulrike in the red thigh highs with the blue dress and the pirate hat is Miss Pizzazz.

Addy – I leave you alone for like 5 minutes while the festival shuts down and you get in a fight.
Artie – Shh.. I’m winning.
Bradford the Massage Therapist – You’re smacking him in the head…

Addy – Now what are you doing?
Artie – Back!  Back you fiend!
Olivia (in the back) – I could have painted that…

Mr Al Arabi (because I forgot his first name) – Ow my head.
Artie – That’s what you get for being a dirty fanger.
Addy – Wow.  Really?  You fought him because he was a vamp?
Artie – Oh hey guess what!

A. Al Arabi – What?
Artie – *gets him right in the face*

Al Arabi – It burns!

Bradford – Hey what’s happening to him?
Eric – Is that guy floating?
Artie – Man that was fun.  Let’s go find another one.

Eric – Dude, you should look behind you.
Artie – Nah.  I’m serious let’s go find some more fun.  Think Alice is done painting.
Eric – I.. I just can’t stop watching.

Artie – Hey Genji.  I heard you might be hanging around this guy’s house.
Genji – Yeah and what of it?
Artie – What do you say you and me go back to my house?
Genji – Yeah okay.

Genji – What is your problem?
Artie – I’m going to hit you and then you’re going to realize you never should have trust me.
Genji – Huh?

Genji – No!  Not the garlic!
Artie – I’m gonna smack you with it!

Genji – Oh man the room is moving.
Artie – Oh yeah well I got more where that came from.
Genji – Huh?

Artie – You know. This is spoiled but I bet it’s still potent.
Genji – You’re the guy who got my friend!
Artie – Oh the mohawk? Yea..

Genji – Aww man, right in my eyes.
Artie – Yeah I have really good aim with drinks.  Been throwing them for years.

Artie – Hm.  I wonder if I can find a third one tonight.
Addy – Aren’t you hard at work.
Artie – I don’t appreciate the lip.
Genji – Hey what’s going on man!

Genji – *cries* I’m a total disgrace as a vampire.
Addy – Well actually you’re not a vampire
Genji – Yeah.. *sniff*
Addy – Go find somewhere else to be before he comes back and beats on you for fun when he realizes there are no more vampires around.

Gym Trainer – Hey you want some training?
Artie – Sure.
Addy – She’s kind of thin to be a trainer.
Eliza – Give her a minute.  They always need a moment to remember they are supposed to be buff.

Addy – What are you looking so smug about?
Artie – Just thinking about how far I’ve gotten.
Addy – Except that whole wife and heir thing.  You know Ankou already has a child when I get back to him.
Artie – How long does it take to have a baby?
Addy – 3 days give or take one.
Artie – Hrm.  That means I need to have someone pregnant in two days to have the baby born by Sunday at midnight. Right?
Addy – Yeah something like that.
Artie – I’ll think about it.

Artie – Hehe. This is so much fun.
Addy – A grown red man playing in the bathtub.
Artie – Shh.  I’m prepping for work.