Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33 (Part 3)

Addy – Peekaboo.
R-T33 – What happened?
Addy – Nothing you need to worry about.  Time for the toddler to learn things and for you to go to work.  Call the nanny in on your way out!
What really happened is he wouldn’t put her down so I had to reset them both and this is the hilarious result.

Ay-L4 –  *giggles
Addy – No no no no no no..ewww.
Potty Mouth – I sanitize myself.
Addy – Yes but still.  C’mon Ayla.. Let’s go meet the Nanny.  He’s a friend of mine. Shingo help!
and yes stuck in her alien nappy with her adorable flip flops until Daddy comes home from work

Shingo (we love Shingo) – *pulls out basic needs cards* This is a toilet.  This is where big girls and boys sit to go potty.  It is not for playing.
Ay-L4 – *just stares*
Shingo – If you want to play in the water, we go in this.. This is a bathtub.  And if you’re a good little girl, we add bubbles!

Shingo – And when the little girl looked up at the moon in the sky, she knew she wanted to keep the moon forever.
Ay-L4 – Silly.
Shingo – That is silly isn’t it?

R-T33 – Aww my little podling is already asleep.
Addy – Yeah they sleep a lot at this age.
R-T33 – Is the nanny teaching her what she needs to know?
Addy – Shingo is teaching what a normal Sim toddler would learn.  If you want her to learn things about the Techs, that is on you.
R-T33 – Understood.   Why is her hair not different?
Addy – Because everyone was at work and we couldn’t use a mirror.  Maybe we should do that.
R-T33 – Yes and it might be good to perfect her disguise.
Addy – Yeah I’ll do the first one.  After that she can do it.

Addy – Oh no Bells.. You don’t want him to have your cake.
Naoki – I want the cake.
Addy – No you don’t.
Naoki – I’m having this cake!

Naoki – What was that?!
Addy – Bells I told you you didn’t want him to have the cake.  That’s undead meat walking.
Naoki – I didn’t think she would eat me.
Addy – You should read up on cowplants. Oh and milk her please.

Addy – Hey look at you!  Maxing Rocket Science.
R-T33 – *grunts* Yeah.  And now.. *huff* to finish this last.. Upgrade.. *huff* Then Ay-L4 can visit Sixam.

R-T33 – Emilie I finished.. Oh would you look at how big you are getting once more.  Hello our new special offspring.
Addy – Why are we having a second child again?
Emilie – I wanted one.
Addy – Well that explains it.
Emilie – Oooh.
Addy – Oooh?

R-T33 – The baby is coming! The baby is coming!  Why are you not panicking, child caretaker? The baby is coming!
Shingo – Silly fathers.

Emilie – You sure I can’t just go to the hospitalllll.
Addy – This is faster.
Emilie – Doesn’t feel like it.

Emilie – Well hello my little blue offspring.
Addy – It must have been reaaaally uncomfortable.  You’re still glowing orange.
Emilie – It’s okay.  She is worth it.

Addy – Adorable. What did we go with for a name?
Emilie – Chiana after a cousin of mine.
Addy – I wonder how Ayla’s going to take the news.
Emilie – I’m sure it won’t be a problem

New hair for Ay-L4 and PJs! Which means I remembered my sacred vow of new clothes
Addy – Ayla.. What are you doing sweetie?
Ay-L4 – No.
Addy – Yes.  Maybe.
Ay-L4 – Bath!
Addy – Well go ask someone silly.

Ay-L4 – Bath pleeeeaaase?
Naoki – Well since you asked so cutely.. And stink so much.

Like me.. Ay-L4 loves her Uncle Naoki

Ay-L4 – Play now!
Naoki – But you just got in.
Ay-L4 – Play!
Naoki – Lunch
Ay-L4 – Play!
Addy – Lunch and story time.
Ay-L4 – Yay.

Ay-L4 – Oooh. Ishy..
Naoki – And then the puppy looked for his ball over by the swings but there was no ball.  All he could find was a little bird sadly on the seat.  “What’s wrong” said Violet.  Can you guess what’s wrong with the bird?
Ay-L4 – Hungry!
Naoki – No.  “I want to swing because I cannot fly but I’m too small,” said the bird.  So the puppy jumped up and gave the swing a push which made the bird tweet with happiness.
Ay-L4 – Silly.

Naoki – Did you know.. You have a disguise you can put on so people don’t know you’re a.. Well you know.. An alien.
Ay-L4 – Really?
Naoki – You should try it.  If it’s like my dark form, you just have to think about it.  Now think really hard when you’re done eating and think about your disguise.

Ay-L4 – Did I do it Chair Bear?
Naoki – See that’s much better.
Ay-L4 – Feel silly.

Ay-L4 – Unca Naoki.. Why?
Shingo – Don’t watch Ayla.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go see Aunt Maaike.
Ay-L4 – Why?
Shingo – Go!
Maaike – *yells* C’mere Ayla we have blocks for you in here.

Addy – What are you doing out here.. Again.
Artie – You’re gonna be back with me soon right?
Addy – Why miss me? Or worried you’ll lose.
Artie – You gotta get him out of his bassinet, Addy.  He’s driving me nuts.
Addy – I’ll be there later.. Sheesh. And you were already nuts.

You see the green cloud?  That’s not her glowing.. That’s her stinking because nowhere I put Chiana allows Ayla to have a bath!
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – That’s good sweetie.  Now find the triangle.
Ay-L4 – Trangle.
Shingo – Triangle.
Ay-L4 – Square
Shingo – Okay how about we play after I try to change your diaper.
Ay-L4 – Play!

Ay-L4 – Wheee
Shingo – I see the moon, do you see the moon.
Addy – Me too.
Ay-L4 – Silly!

R-T33 – Let me guess. It is time for you to change houses.
Addy – Yes but I will return in two weeks to finish Ayla’s toddler training and age up Chiana.
R-T33 – Then we shall see you then.
Addy – good luck with two kids without me! *evil giggle*

Status Update – Week 2 for Grimtech Alien Bloodline

R-T33 Grimtech – Founder
– Aspirations: Soulmate [√] / Computer Whiz [ ] (64/100 hours left)
– Career: Tech Guru (Pro Gamer) – Level 7
– Skills:  Rocket Science 10 / Video Gaming 9 / Programming 9
– Alien Powers Regained: Antiseptic [√] / Hardly Hungry [ ] / Never Weary [ ] / Steel Bladder [√]
– Fully Upgraded:  Rocket Ship [√] or Wormhole [ ]
– Portrait: Normal [ ] / Disguise [ ]
– Alien Mate? [√] / Heir? [√]

Ay-L4 Grimtech – Gen 2 Heir
– Born?: √
– Potty Training: 2
– Thinking: 4
– Imagination: 2
– Movement: 2
– Communication: 2
– Days until age up: 5


Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33 (Part 2)

Emilie – Oh!  I see what you mean now.
Addy – That’s one way to change a girl’s glow.  Time to go tell T33 that it’s time to leave.
Emilie – I don’t want you at the hospital.
Addy – Any reason why not?
Emilie – This way T33 doesn’t lose the massage he’s getting now.
Addy – You’re such a cute dynasty wife.  Worried about moodlets.

Emilie – My sweet coronary companion.. I have something to tell you. It’s time.
R-T33 – *muffled by table* You will have to speak up.
Emilie – I happen to see your auditory tunnels so I know you can hear me.  It’s time.
Gill – You can’t talk to a pregnant lady like that man.  She’ll mess up all my good work.
Emilie – Shh.  Did you hear me T33? It’s time.

Gill – You’re kind of tense, man.  Take a deep breath of this aroma and maybe that will help.
R-T33 – The time has come.  The time has come!  Why are you making her breathe in such fumes when the baby is coming?!
Emilie – It is a very pleasant aroma.
Gill – Saffron man.  It’s awesome.

R-T33 – What is wrong with you strangely haired therapist? The baby is coming!
Gill – You gotta chill, man, or you’re gonna undo all my hard work.
R-T33 – Work!  How can I think about work if the baby is coming.
Addy – Alright Alright.  Go.. Hospital.. Have baby.. Come back.

Emilie – Yay! The pain is gone.
R-T33 – That was far messier than I had anticipated.
Addy – I know that machine shoots glue everywhere!
Emilie – Time for the baby’s first meal.
Addy – Yes, let’s do that.

Emilie – My sweet coronary companion.  Aren’t you going to give me a moment and go to work?
R-T33 – No.
Addy – T33…

R-T33 – Just one more cuddle and then I will head to work.
Addy – Yes because until you reach level 10.  That little dear can’t leave the house.  The race is on my friend.
R-T33 – You know how to spoil the game.
Emilie – Alright I’ll give you one more minute but then it’s my turn.

R-T33 – I will be back this evening my little lavender lady.
Addy – Considering she’s one of you guys. She’s really cute.  Must be all Emilie.
R-T33 – While she seems to have the skin tone of my mate.  I think I see duplicates of my ocular membranes.
Addy – Yeah she’s cute.  Put her down and go to work.
R-T33 – Right.. The race.  Goodbye little one.
Emilie – Don’t forget me.

Naoki – Oh she’s so…. Cute?
Addy – I heard that.
Naoki – I know I know.  She’s an alien but at the same time I think I was expecting.  Something more Simlish.
Addy – I think she’s adorable.

Addy – Naoki (and forum) meet Ay-L4 Grimtech.  I’m going to call her Ayla  (like Aayla Secura for you SW nerds out there ;))
Naoki – May she be as pretty as her mother.
Addy – Yes.. And less conniving than her father.
Naoki – Oh excuse me.  Stomach issues.
Addy – Uh huh.

Addy – Oh.. Apparently the time for you had nothing to do with the baby.
Emilie – Yes. We decided before Ay-L4 was born that we would have a second offspring to help with some of the household duties.  And while it may not come in handy for Ay-L4. There might be a spot for a well-trained extra in third house.
Addy – You’re absolutely right.

Addy – What are you doing? Stalking the house?
Artie – *mouth full* Heard there was a baby.
Addy – Yes Gen 2 has been born.
Artie – Good to know.. Good burger too.
Addy – Go home.

Gill – I did not push that button.
Maaike – Oh.. Sorry about that.
Gill – That really messed up my groove.
Addy – Would mess up mine too.

Emilie – She seems a little darker than I am.
Addy – She does but she’s still very cute and adorable.
Emilie – I agree. Perhaps she will have a brother that will resemble her.
Addy – Or a sister.  Since we’re not influencing babies.
Emilie-  This is true.  Hopefully the aliens that we meet on Sixam with Ay-L4 is older will provide us with the mate she will need.
Addy – And if it doesn’t, I’ve learned my lesson.

I’m ashamed I forgot to put the walls up!
Addy – What in the world are you two wearing?
R-T33 – This is my new outfit.. Yo.
Ulrike – Please make him stop using that word.
R-T33 – Why… yo.
Ulrike – I’m going to go paint.
R-T33 – I do not comprehend the problem.
Addy – Don’t say it.  It sounds odd coming from you is all.  Leave it to the children.

Naoki – Oh I really don’t feel so good.
Addy – Yes and we know why. You’ve eaten an entire 8 servings of fruit today!
Naoki – No, something’s wrong.
Addy – Ut Oh.

Naoki – What’s happening?
Addy – It’s that time.
Naoki – Oh no am I dying?
Addy – Yes.. But in the way of your choice.

Naoki – Ahhh!
Addy – Ugh.  Need to change the hair.  But the eyes are nice.

Naoki – *hisses all over the place*
Addy – Yeah yeah.. You’re a vamp.  I just left that house.  Change back and hit the mirror.
Naoki – I’m hungry.
Addy – After you go to the mirror.

Naoki – *moans a little while eating*
Tyrone – Hey.. Careful there buddy.
Naoki – Sorry you’re just.. So good. And I was.. So hungry.
Addy – Excuse the baby vamp.  You’re his first.

Addy – So.. Naoki changed.
R-T33 – Today was the day that it was expected.
Addy – That’s true.  And congratulations only one more upgrade to go.
R-T33 – Then we will be able to travel to Sixam with Ay-L4.
Addy – You excited to see it?
R-T33 – I have traveled to Sixam before, Adrasteia.  This will not be my first time.
Addy – Bah.. Nevermind go back to your torch.

Emilie – And you will always be my first.
Addy – Yep nothing can change that.
Emilie – Tomorrow she will be my first toddler.
Addy – But not mine and even though we’ll only have a few days with her I’m sure it will be fine.
Emilie – I concur but I will miss these days of simplicity.
Addy – I won’t.  We had to put her by the door so people could take a soak in the tub!

I thought about ending it right here.. But I’m not
R-T33 – Is my little fang flower ready to toddle?
Addy – We got the notice.  Do the magic bassinet!
R-T33 – I cannot wait!

Ay-L4 -*squeals!*
R-T33 – They grow rather exponentially don’t they?
Addy – Wait til she starts doing requirements to move out.
R-T33 – I may not be prepared.
Addy – No one ever is.

I do leave you with this picture though.  Cute little Ay-L4 learning to walk those first few steps.  That diaper has to go but she still cute!

Grim Rivalries: Week 2 – R-T33

Emilie – My sweet, it seems that our watcher has returned and you know what that means, don’t you?
R-T33 – It means that we can finally finish the mating ritual that we began just before she left us.
Emilie – Yes, we can.  Shall we?
R-T33 – Lead the way my tender little glow orb.

Addy – Where are you two going?
R-T33 – Can’t talk.. Following Emilie.
Addy – Okay you and ‘glow orb’ have fun.

Lots of fun apparently..

Not Pictured: The other 4 times she sat on this toilet with no confetti
Emilie – Yes!
Addy – Finally!

Emilie – T33. I have good news.  It worked!
R-T33 – You’re sure this time?
Emilie – Yes!  There was confetti.
R-T33 – These Sim customs get weirder every day.
Emilie – I think I need to quit my job though so I’m going to go make friends.
R-T33 – *scowls a little* Do not forget there are some that are not allowed by the meeting.
Emilie – Don’t worry.  I won’t forget.

Ulrike – You’re an alien.
Emilie – Yes I am.  How nice of you to notice as is my mate and our child will be too.
Ulrike – That’s interesting.
Emilie – I understand that you and your roommate are very creative.  I was wondering if you would like to become watched Sims in my household and pursue your creative endeavors with us.
Ulrike – Yes.  Yes we would.
Emilie – Don’t want to ask her?
Ulrike – Nope, she gets no say.

Addy – Don’t make that face at me.
Artie – When are you coming back.. Abraham is needy and stuck in a bassinet.  I’d like my sleep back please.
Addy – End of the week.  Just go to the gym or something, it’s only Sunday.

Emilie – This reminds me of the nebula where I grew up.
Addy – Reminds me of my daughter getting a hold of the markers on the living room wall.
Emilie – What do you mean?
Addy – Nothing.  Keep going.  Need a snack?  How’s the back?
Emilie – I am in good health and doing quite well today.  My nausea seems to be over.
Addy – Good!  Someone needs to clean the toilet.

Naoki – I’m on to you.
Maaike – I don’t know what you mean.
Naoki – You’re trying to take my place as the most valuable helper around here.  But I won’t let you.
Maaike – I just moved in because my roommate said I had to.
Naoki – You can’t fool me.
Addy – Naoki.. Leave the girl alone.  I have a job for you.
Naoki – Sure thing.   *mumbles* I’m watching you.

Emilie – Whew.  This is starting to become a little harder on my back.
Addy – You’re doing fine, Mama.  It will all be over soon.
Emilie – Promise?
Addy – Sure!

Maaike – This place is kind of nice.  It has nice atmosphere.  I bet I could use this setting for my next book.
Ulrike – This place is a dump.  All the plants are half dead, the sun doesn’t even shine here.
Emilie – My scans show none of the life forms that I was sent to retrieve.
Ulrike – Wait.. Why are we here?
Emilie – Naoki asked me to come with the two of you.
Addy – Okay change of plans.  Not sure what you’re supposed to be looking for but we have to go head home soon.  People need to paint and write.

Addy – Hey why are you over here?
Naoki – Just visiting my co-worker Eliza.
Addy – Uh huh. I don’t buy that.
Naoki – Oh look they let me in.

Naoki – *waves* Greetings that is a nice shirt you have there.
Anvi White – What do you want?
Naoki – Well I have a proposition for you.
Anvi White – And why should I help you?  You’re with the enemy.
Naoki – Let’s take a short trip back to my side of Newcrest and I’ll show you.
Anvi White – Only because we’re the living old folks in this challenge.. For now.

Anvi White – I have considered your proposal and I agree with your terms.  Not that you and I can directly change anything but I still consider it a boon.
Naoki – I was thinking that you would see the logic in the plan.
Anvi White – It ties you to me and while at this moment there is no advantage.. One day there might be.

Naoki – So.. How do we begin?
Anvi White – You mean you thought of this plan but you don’t know?
Naoki – I was saving my research for later?
Anvi White – That’s actually smart.  Here I will show you.

Anvi White – That’s it.  Drink deep of the essence that is my being.
Dude Jang (can’t remember name) – Wait is he drinking from a vampire?
Anvi White – You can stop now.
Naoki – Mmm
Anvi White – *pushes him away* I said you could stop.
Addy – I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
Dude Jang – Me either!

Addy – I mean why is there a giant pink raccoon in our neighborhood?  And why is it named the same thing as that big boned teenage vampire that hangs by Ankou’s house?
Naoki – Obviously a scavenger hoping for a part.
Addy – She’s no Caleb or Shota in jogging shorts.  Don’t know why she would think this would help.

R-T33 – I can feel the offspring inside of the organ of your pelvic cavity moving.
Emilie – Yes, your child is quite the kicker.
Addy – Wait til that organ tries to push the baby out with sparkles.

R-T33 – I do believe if I manipulate your muscles in this fashion that it will help relieve some of the tension and discomfort.
Emilie – Oh yeah.. That’s the spot.  Don’t stop.
R-T33 – I am happy to have pleased you, mate.

Addy – Look at you all glowy.  Where you headed?
R-T33 – MarianT, First of her name, Queen of the Rivals and Mother of Rotation, explained further within the updated rules compendium that I am the one that finishes all of the upgrades on the rocket of my own household. So I am unable to continue to ask Naoki for his efforts in this endeavor.  Therefore I must go visit the stars where I truly belong anyway.  I shall return.
Addy – Could’ve just said you were going on a quick trip.
R-T33 – I am going on a quick trip.

Naoki – Oh man I don’t feel so good.
Addy – Perhaps it’s the fruit salad you’ve been eating so much of.  No wait.  I know what it is.  You drank a vampire’s plasma!
Naoki – No yelling.. It hurts.
Addy – Just tell me why?
Naoki – I don’t want to die.
Addy – Oh.. Um.  Darn I can’t argue that. Carry on and sorry for yelling.

Ulrike – It’s my first masterpiece.
Addy – It’s… special.  Especially considering the house you’re in.
Ulrike – It’s a masterpiece because in a way it’s a part of me.
Addy – Maybe next time still go for masterpiece but not so deep.  I mean the aliens you live with aren’t exactly going to abduct you.  Trust me but they can still be offended.
Ulrike – I think Emilie will like it.
Addy – It’s T33 I worry about.

Grim Rivalries: Week 1 – R-T33 (Part 4)

R-T33 – Emilie what is it that you wish to tell me that could not wait until I had naturally quit my slumber?
Emilie – Yes I have a formal request with how we’re going to spend the rest of the day.

R-T33 – And just how would you like to spend the rest of the day with me exactly?
Emilie – I want you to drop the disguise and spend the day with me completing the mating ritual. I will not allow you to pollinate me to fertilization without a better reason than your need in this competition.
R-T33 – This is a dirty trick.
Emilie – If you can honestly tell me that there is nothing within your three hearts for me then I will change my terms.

R-T33 – Happy?
Emilie – Quite.  You are very attractive in your true form, just as I knew you would be.
R-T33 – Shall we continue?
Emilie – Let’s.

R-T33 – Why did you invite me on a date?
Emilie – We shall do this as a combination of our own ways and the ways of the Sims that we find ourselves surrounded by. This is the most effective way to bond to each other in our environment.  Don’t you agree?
R-T33 – I cannot argue the logic, so I agree.

Emilie – *scoots closer*  I knew you would not deny me this request.  Now I plan to make your coronary muscles once more spasm with joy and.. other possible emotions.
R-T33 – *makes a move* I cannot argue with that either.

R-T33 – I was wondering if you would like to take a moment to break for a meal?
Emilie – You are a strange creature but yes we should eat before the day grows too long.  We will be busy.

R-T33 – So I was thinking–
Emilie – *goes in for the first kiss*
R-T33 – I .. That was.. I.. Wow.

Addy – Upgrading in your robe I see.
Naoki – I have no shame.  And it’s very manly to wear pink.  Besides who else is going to do these thrusters.
Addy – Exactly.  Thank you.
Naoki – Just enjoying my time in the house.  I have a plan you know.
Addy – Oh?  Do you now.
Naoki – I do!

R-T33 – I enjoy looking into your ocular membranes.  They make me feel as if I am falling into a black hole of warmth and nothingness.
Emilie – I can see that our acquaintance and continued interactions have turned you into something of a romantic.
R-T33 – No, I do believe that is all your fault.

R-T33 – I wish you to take this Simlish token of affection despite us both knowing that it will wilt in a few days.  However, I want you to know that I will still hold that affection many days and weeks beyond the ultimate decay of this flower.
Emilie – Oh T33.  It’s lovely, thank you.

Emilie – Mmm.
R-T33 – Not wishing for the kiss to end?
Emilie – Were you?
R-T33 – No but there is something I want to do.

R-T33 – Will be my official mate, my bonded wife and my legal Sim wife?
Emilie – Oh? I hadn’t expected you to have the ring.  Of course I will!

R-T33 – Now that we are bonded, there is something I’ve been wanting to try.
Emilie – Oh.. T33.
Addy – I’m uhh.. I’ll be back.

Addy – Oh Look it’s Bob Pancakes.  Hi Bob
Bob – Hey Addy.  Miss us?
Addy – Maybe.  That baby better still be there when I get back.
Bob – Armand is very happy, trust me.
Addy – Good.  Well enjoy your walk.
Bob – Will do.

Addy – Oh so I see you two have moved onto other things
Emilie – Oh I’m sorry Adrasteia.
Addy – It’s okay.  I see that you have achieved Soulmate status.
R-T33 – Oh yeah.

Naoki – Hey guys did you know it’s almost midnight? Where has the time gone?
Emilie – Oh we know exactly where the time has gone.
R-T33 – yes we do.
Naoki – Okay then.. Congratulations I’m just going to go back out to the computer now.
Addy – Haha.  Yeah.  And I’m going to go back to Artie.  Have a good two weeks, guys.



Status Update!
R-T33 Grimtech – Founder of the Grimtech Alien Bloodline
– Aspiration: Soulmate √ / Computer Whiz (Tier 1 complete)
– Career: Tech Guru – Level 3
– Skills: Programming Level 3, Rocket Science Level 4, Video Games Level 6
– Rocket Ship Upgades: Thrusters, Cargo Bay
– Alien Spouse: Found √
– Alien Powers Regained: Antiseptic, Steel Bladder

Grim Rivalries: Week 1 – R-T33 (Part 3)

Addy – So we’re in agreement about your position within the household and how to proceed?
Emilie – Yes I believe that we are.  I will hold a pivotal role within the dynamic of the house.  Tonight I will start the plan to catch the eye of my new leader so that he will think of me as more than a ‘baby mama.’
Addy – Perfect.  And once his heart is won, painting.  Lots of painting.
Emilie – Why would I want his heart?  He requires all three to properly function.
Addy – It’s an expression.  I have a book here that I didn’t think you would need but just in case.
Emilie – I see. I shall read it after fertilization though I have lived with Sims for quite some time so I know some things but not others.
Addy – Okay then and yeah he knows nothing so you’re better than him.

Emilie – Waiting for the others to awaken has given me a chance to try painting.  While I find it mentally and creatively stimulating, it’s not very fun.
Addy – Yes something has changed from the old days because my great grandfather always had great time in front of his easels.
Emilie – I’m sure in time I will grow to enjoy it.
Addy – That’s the spirit.

Addy – Oh good you changed into your disguise but you look a lot different.
Emilie – Shh  yes my disguise changed after I joined the household.  Do you not like it?
Addy – Actually I think you’re lovely.
Naoki – *takes a deep breath* Hey where’d you get the lumpia?
Emilie – On the table here.Addy – I am so jealous.  Get some Lumpia for me too.

Bjorn – Weren’t brave enough to try the curry challenge hm?
Emilie – *surprised* There’s a curry challenge?
Bjorn – Yes that table with the flaming plates.  You should try it if you like a challenge.
Emilie – Maybe when I’m done gathering all of the produce the festival has to offer.
Addy – Sadly there was nothing ‘from out of this world’ this time though.
Emilie – We will get it eventually.
Addy – I know but I was hoping for another miracle.

Addy – You’re kind of creepy smiling like that.
R-T33 – Am I not supposed to continue my disguise as a happy normal Sim?
Addy – Could you do it in a way that doesn’t give children nightmares?
R-T33 – Normal Sim Children are scared by smiling?
Addy – It’s more the fact that you seem to be expressing that lumpia has hallucinogenic properties.

Addy – T33.. Please stop with the smile.
R-T33 – I am just waiting for a festival beverage.
Addy – Yes but the ladies seem to be unhappy with you standing there.
R-T33 – But I’m just waiting.
Addy – I think maybe you and Emilie should chat.
R-T33 – Yes I should probably tell her that pollination will begin soon.
Addy – Or you know you could attempt some form of romance.
R-T33 – Romance?
Addy – Get your drink and then let’s have a quick chat.

R-T33 – You are looking particularly luminescent this evening.
Emilie – T33 what are you talking about?  You know that it’s just the glow of the spice festival light strings.
R-T33 – Yes, I do but what I meant to say is that the particular shading of the light upon your disguise’s skin seems to make you glow in a very pleasing manner.

Emilie – Well hello.. T33 are you trying to flirt with me?
R-T33 – I am making the attempt yes.  Do I make you flirty?
Emilie – I could perhaps join you in a flirtatious mood yes if you continue this line of conversation.
R-T33 – You’re not currently attached to someone else, correct?

Emilie – So why do you wear the uniform?
R-T33 – It is comfortable in every form.
Emilie – Yes but it has the ability to look like normal Sim clothing.  Don’t you want to fit in?
R-T33 – I thought I was fitting in.
Emilie – You are very cute and adorable that you think so.

R-T33 – I find that even in your disguise that you exert a gravitational pull upon me much like the sun with the planets.
Emilie – You really find me attractive?
R-T33 – That’s what I just expressed is it not?
Summer – Hey Emilie, this guy bothering you?
Emilie – Does it look like I’m being bothered, Summer?

Pink Anvi – Mind if I sit and enjoy some of the bubbles too?
Naoki – Of course not, us pink people have to stick together?.
Addy – You’re in different houses.. That might get in the way.
Naoki – It’s a festival, I think we’ll be okay.

Emilie – Do you find it pleasing when I pose myself like this?
Summer – Why is he glowing?

R-T33 – Affirmative, I find this position to very positively display the curves of your figure in a way that causes all three of my coronary muscles to tumble within my body and it makes another part of my anatomy
Summer –  Ew.  You can’t talk to her like that.

(Awesome pausing skills.. Check)
Naoki – Anvi, where did you go?
Bat Form Anvi – *giggles then appears in the seat next to him* Here I am!

(yes this looks painful but it fixed itself a second later lol )
R-T33 – *continues the seduction*
Summer – This guy is really weird, Emilie.  I don’t want him to abduct you or something.
Emilie – There is much that I don’t think you understand Summer.  He may look strange but this man is mine.  Please go.
Summer – Fine but if the aliens take you, I won’t feel sorry when you come back.
R-T33 – *tries to not laugh*

Emilie – Summer I am tired of you trying to ruin the mood.  Take your nosy little blond head back to the grill where it belongs.
R-T33 – *tries to ignore the confrontation so it doesn’t ruin his mood.*

R-T33 – Emilie, I would really like to express to you the way you make me feel by offering you the position of my romantic partner.  I believe the sims call this.. ‘boyfriend.’
Emilie – Yes!  I’ll be your girlfriend!
R-T33 – That is the one. You agree to this term?
Emilie – Very much so.

Pink Anvi – Look at you trying the curry challenge.  Finally find a woman?
R-T33 – You.. You are the mate of the vampiric one.  Why are you bothering me?
Pink Anvi – Just trying to make conversation.  It’s a festival, can’t we all get along for the festival?
Addy – Yes.. You can.

R-T33 – I do not appreciate you getting in the way, Watcher.  This is between me and the vampire spawn hatcher.
Addy – That’s rude and you should apologize.
R-T33 – I do not think so.
Addy – Do it.  Then we’re going home.

Naoki – It burns!
Emilie – My mouth is on fire, Ahh!
Addy – Milk. Find some milk.  But it looks like you both lost.  Too bad.  We shall have to try again another time.

Addy – Hey what happened?
Pink Anvi – I don’t know, he just passed out.
Addy – Riight. Uhh.. Guys I don’t know what happened but I think you need to take T33 home. He’ll need his rest for the last day anyway.
Emilie – That he will.

Grim Rivalries: Week 1 – R-T33 (Part 2)

R-T33 – Greetings and Salutations.  I was invited by my friend Mitch to meet him at this location.
Hostess – Oh! You must be Mr. Grimtech.  Yes we’ve been waiting for you.  Let me take you to your table.
R-T33 – Thank you.

Mitch – So how’s your Monday been?
R-T33 – I am still looking to recruit a small household to join me in my quest for Newcrest domination as well as a suitable mate.
Mitch – What are you looking at?
R-T33 – What information do you have on the two individuals that left their table to hover around our own?
Mitch – That’s Clara and she’s in the culinary profession.  Has a husband and two daughters, nice house out on Windenburg Island.  And the other guy is one of those food cart vendor people.  Met him at the Market last week.
R-T33 – Is he a frequenter of alien night?
Mitch – I don’t know.

Clara – So Mitch are you going to introduce me to your strange new friend?
Mitch – Come on Clara, he’s not that strange.  He’s just new.
Clara – Well?
Mitch – Clara Bjergsen meet R-T33 Grimtech.  R-T this is Clara.
Clara – Nice to meet you Artie.
R-T33 – I’m sorry but no that’s R-T. Though I prefer being called T33.
Clara – Well it’s still nice to meet you.  Can I help you with anything?
Mitch – Wouldn’t happen to know any aliens would you?
Clara – Do I look like someone who would know Aliens?
R-T33 – Yes. *chuckles*

*You cannot leave while a vampire is breaking in..*
R-T33 – Ankou. This is an unexpected turn of events.
Ankou – Hello T33.  Have you been enjoying our watcher?
R-T33 – For the most part, can I please ask that you vacate the premises?
Ankou – Aww but I just got here.
R-T33 – Yes but I need to get some sleep before GeekCon tomorrow.
Ankou – No, I think I might stick around a little longer.

R-T33 – Excuse me, restaurant employee.  I was wondering if you knew the secret handshake.
Naoki Mori – No but I know why you’re asking.  Looking for one of your own are you?
R-T33 – Yes, it is in the rules of domination that I mate with one of my own.
Naoki – I’m sorry I’m unable to help you in that regard my friend.  But if you would like dessert, that I can most certainly help with.
R-T33 – Actually, I like you.  I was wondering if I could offer you a chance for other employment and a domicile of my own construction.
Naoki – Do you have a rocket?
R-T33 – Not yet but it’s on the buy list as soon as I can come into enough money for it.
Naoki – I’m in!

R-T33 – Your plan has failed while you think you are keeping me from work you are really just giving me the chance to find a needed roommate and tomorrow is vacation day for that thing called GeekCon.  You should be off bothering the red man, should I count the ways?
Ankou – Go ahead if you think you can but I think I’m done for night anyway.
R-T33 – Then I’m not staying.  Remember to not get on my bad side, magic user.
Ankou – I’m shaking in my loafers.

And this is how we expanded with Naoki’s 20k!

I was kind of going for the Lunar Lunacy home originally but then other opportunities presented themselves so this is how it ended up.  I like it!

Addy – You spent all night building that thing.  Decided to go up huh?
Naoki – I shall return!  And yes it’s almost geek time.  Wanted to try our own before I work on someone else’s.
Addy – Fair point.

Addy – Hey look who’s up.  Did you sleep well?
R-T33 – Hm?  Oh yes, it was satisfactory in my new pod.
Addy – Bed.  But yes I was hoping it would be.  Don’t forget to call in your vacation day while we wait for the Con to start.
R-T33 – That’s what I wanted to look up this morning.  I should do that before the festival begins.

Addy – What in the world are you doing?
R-T33 – I’m bringing it back to life.
Addy – You can do that?
R-T33 – Yes.  We help all life try to live.
Addy – Sometimes.
R-T33 – I will accept that.  We are selective.
Addy – Time to go to the Con.  Let’s go.  Naoki!

Addy – You not having a good time?
R-T33 – I still was unable to find any of my own kind and now I’m exhausted.
Addy – That happens when you spend all day playing video games.   Alright let’s go home.

The next two days were filled with going to work with Naoki, our new scientist and coming home to work on T33’s gaming skill. For some reason, I forgot to take pictures and we missed out on alien night at the bar.. But then a miracle happened!

*Early Friday afternoon*
Addy – Emilie!  We’re all very glad to meet you.  Would you mind showing me what you look like under the disguise?
Emilie – I see no reason to deny you this request.

Addy – Oh how lovely you are!
Emilie – Thank you.
Addy – The boys are taking naps before the festival but I think you and I need to have a small chat.  What do you say?
Emilie – You bring the nectar and I’ll hide in the kitchen.

I know that R-T33 and I are still working on his voice.  I played for 4 hours one night and got from the switch into T33’s house and was on Friday afternoon when Emilie joined the house.  This includes time in build mode and time in CAS when she came in.  I just had difficulty connecting to the game play and it kind of just became.. Play.  I forgot to take pictures too which is unlike me However The next two days in the house were full of pictures and fun so hopefully the story will pick up.  Yea?

Grim Rivalries: Week 1 – R-T33 (Part 1)

Modulated Voice – And that is why we started Project 1297897.
Addy – Been lonely?
Modulated Voice – I have not had very many to chat with beyond the toilet you left me and that red thing you brought around to bust my interface.
Addy – Well I’m yours now for the week.  Would you like to show your disguise face to the others?

R-T33 – Hello and welcome to my domicile. You may not think so but this is the disguise that I have chosen to portray to Sims of this world.
Addy – You’re very handsome.
R-T33 – You would say so.
Addy – Are you saying I’m biased?
R-T33 – If the leather-based footwear accommodates your lower extremity.
Addy – Your homework tonight is to read a book on how to speak like a normal Sim.
R-T33 – You cannot assign me-
Addy – You will or I will make you.

R-T33 – I have heard these establishments are great places to meet new individuals.
Addy – They can be.  It’s 4 am though so I doubt there will be many inside.
R-T33 – I am not required to visit my post today so I believe this would be an appropriate use of my free hours to find a cohabitant or at least individuals that can be persuaded to move in to assist with the progress of my bloodline.
Addy – Alright, let’s find out who is inside then.

Mitch – Hey you must be one of the new people to move.  I haven’t seen you around.
R-T33 – That is a brilliant deduction.
Mitch – Yeah I’m kind of smart.  *turns around to get a look at the guy* Yeah you’re definitely not around here.
R-T33 – How can you tell?
Addy – How’s the Fish & Chips?
Mitch – Well for one cosplay only happens at GeekCon and that’s Tuesday.  The rest of us are just kind of normal usually.
R-T33 – What is this.. “GeekCon”?

Mitch – This guy doesn’t know what GeekCon is.  Can you believe that, dude?
R-T33 – Why is that so unbelievable?
Mitch – Hey does his voice sound a little odd to you?
Bartender – Yes but I’ve heard it’s like before.
R-T33 – Oh and where was this similarly voiced person and do you know where I can find them?

Bartender – Tuesday night’s we have a special night for individuals that sound similar.
R-T33 – Really.  Then by chance I may stop by once again on Tuesday evening.
Mitch – Wait.  That’s alien night. Is this guy an alien?
R-T33 – Who me?  Of course not.

R-T33 – Just when I think you Sims can’t get any weirder.
Addy – It’s not that odd.  He’s a living statue.  Enjoys making faces and what not.
R-T33 – You mean this is a profession.
Addy – Sort of.  I’m not entirely certain but why not tip him and let’s move on.  Still looking for roommates yes?
R-T33 – Yes.
(Did you know that if you tip them you get access to their outfits? Just figured that out)

R-T33 – I retract my earlier statement and restate it once more.
Addy – I got nothing.  I have no diea what that man is doing wearing that.
R-T33 – I do not think he would be a suitable room mate as you called it.
Addy – He might be.
R-T33 – No.

R-T33 – Greetings homeless individual.  Do you know the secret handshake?
Gardener – Hi.. wha?
Bjorn – I think he asked if you know the secret handshake.  Are you looking for a particular club? I know most of the ones from Windenburg I could probably help you out.
R-T33 – No thank you.  Have a good day.

R-T33 – Greetings and Salutations.  How are you on this interesting Sunday Evening?
Diego – I’m doing quite well, thank you.
R-T33 – That is very pleasant to hear.  I understand that you have a nearby domicile.
Diego – Yes, why do you ask?
R-T33 – I would like to see it. I am told that you have ‘awesome digs’

R-T33 – I don’t understand is this your domicile?
Diego – Yes this is where I live.
R-T33 – I don’t see a pod with which you use to sleep at night.

Diego – Oh!  This is the corridor.  My apartment is through that door.
R-T33 – That makes much more sense.  Have you considered living somewhere than at this altitude, perhaps at a ground level suburban lot?
Diego – Well.. not really.
Addy – He may not be interested at this time T33 since he doesn’t know you.

R-T33 – What if I sweeten the deal and offer you unlimited rocket ship usage and all the painting that you could ever want?
Diego – You think that will make me want to move to suburbia?
R-T33 – I find it to be a very well put together offer myself. Your belongings and income will allow me to set up the domicile to both of our likings for my future offspring.
Diego – I am going to have to decline your ‘sweet deal’, my friend.

Addy – Tough break.
R-T33 – Just a minor setback.
Addy – So what do you want to do now?
R-T33 – It’s time to plot and see if I can contact the headquarters myself without you.
Addy – Oh really?
R-T33 – Sleep well, little grimfae.